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First Blog with Pip and Abby

Something I always wanted to do but never got around writing one...circumstances evolved today and now have discovered the Blog.......

"THE BLOG" ....funny word.... sounds like something you come down with, along with rashes, hives and scratching your bottom :roflmao:

The day started funny enough with bright sunshine..something we don't see a lot of in the cold winter month's here...but soon short lived as dark sky's yet again settled upon us and the sky turned dark...rain I thought...we get rain a lot here...I hate it......The hubby shouted up to me..Hey it's snowing....Later on the temps rose and what had settled soon melted away..blahhhh

This is the my back garden...tiny, wet, over grown and ugly in winter...I don't like my garden but the paws do in summer....they get to watch for cats and bark like mad when they see one.......Abby hates kids...so she barks at the neighborhood kids out back ...even though they tell her she's pretty....she's to terrified to trust a child again.



The kids Pip and Abby had been sleeping since they had their breakfast of eggs and bacon and settled down at my feet upstairs for a nap. 

When the snow came our talking woke them up and they started their F1 race around the bed, flying over the top, to the bathroom and back to the bed...around and around they went.....they were distracting me as I had two computers going at the same time....

First mistake.....I was trying to copy some entry for Crinkly and got the wrong page posted first...delete it but couldn't re enter where I had left off....Grrrrr........:bomb:......started over....

Second Mistake.....Posted the wrong set of events out of order......deleted.....started over :bomb:

Third Mistake...The merger wasn't letting me continuously thread paste after three tries.....:pullhair:


The paws zoomed over my arm and Poof....everything was gone...kaput...dead...lost...I was close to :blink: crazy by now....but I had to get back in there....:noway:

First things first.....get the paws back to sleep....nice treat...Zonk! They were out for the count :sleep_1:

Few quick PM's to Crinkly and we got to posting .....:aktion033:....

Fifth and final mistake.....two days were missing that didn't merge again....Quick Quick Look it up fast...:sad?:

Finally got it added...even though those two days are out of order...it's done.....Whew! :chickendance:

So this is the beginning of my blog...what a day... I got to laugh at myself though...Old dog still can learn new tricks :blush:



Living with Arthritis

Instead of carrying on with a earlier post I decided to make a new one so other sufferers could add their pain management and ways of coping with the pain of all arthritis's. Feel free to add your notes as it might help someone else thats going through or just starting suffering.

Update 11-18-17

I have religiously been attending physical therapy to exercise the muscles in my affected joints and back to build muscle to support the areas. I am lucky to have a caring woman that modifies standard exercises so I can do them twice daily at home without hurting worse. she's been a angel. My pain medicine was paracedimol plus codeine and it just took the edge off but over months of use became useless as I was taking 2 ever 4 hrs around the clock. The physical therapist quizzed me why I was giving only that when there was more alternatives. Explaining to her that no amount of talking or moaning I did the doctors didn't want to even give me that as it is habit forming and didn't care to do any further. She informed me that she understood that complaint about GP's as she had heard it many times before and I could now be treated and the appropriate  medication could be prescribed through the hospital. She then set up appointment with a pain management doctor their in their department. 

I met the doctor who went over my notes with a fine tooth comb and asked many questions then decided I would benefit from a patch that administers pain medication through the skin like those  nicotine patches do, worn for 7 days straight then change and apply a fresh one. It is non habit forming and little if any side affects,....If my skin tolerates it I will be on this for life.  The aim is to get a strength that allows me to get back involved and active in life and able to walk again and sleep longer than 4 hours every night. The drug is used orginally treat nerve pain but from what I have been reading on those sorts of patches it been given to chronic elderly arthritis sufferers with great success for a while now

There was another medicine but a pill but side affects caused great stomach upset and vomiting it right back up so we choice together the patch. Starting off at the lowest dose and slowly raising it up if it wasn't strong enough would be done through the GP but Did Not have the authority to stop it or alter it without the pain managements approval.

Finally I have found someone to help, listen and work with me as I have been getting steadily worse very year and more immobile. I start the patch next Tuesday and it will take several weeks to get the full benefits felt from it....For the first time I am very hopeful and have something to look forward to.

I will post the name of the patch once I receive it, maybe someone else here already uses it also.


8-20-17 Spa Day


We had a Spa Day too Aunties ( seems a lot of that madness going around with my cousins too)....but it wasn't so bad as our shorter hair means mommie gets through a lot fast...then its treat time and a sleep. Mommie went crazy and clipped off all of Abby's top knot as it was all broken in front from her rubbing it constantly then kept falling into her eyes and she looked like she was crying all the time...She never did like her top knot this time around so guess she will be happy and not cry so much

This is us afterwards smelling all Panteney and think we will take a nap now, spa day is hard work ya know :hysterical:




I'm telling on you mommie

Aunties! Well mommie done gone and did something new to me and I'm telling on her cause I didn't know what she was doing to me.



Just look, it's all gone! Mommie said I'd be much cooler being a one inch girl and not have to go through pulling out tangles and mats every morning now so guess that's a plus. At least she saved my top knot, girls gotta have somewhere to hang her bows don't they? I already been digging at my top knot cause mommie did it in a hurry so she could get on with it as she said...that'll teach her 



Phew is hot out here today, already feeling cooler mom



Think I will sit here in the shade awhile, this new hair cut isn't so bad after all. Pip keeps following me around trying to figure out what's different...just like a man not to notice I had my hair done.....Last laugh will be on him though....Yours if coming off tomarrow big brother



Case of the missing Knickers by Abby Lane

Aunties :o It's horriable what's happened to me just horrible...... Someone has stole my knickers and I can't find them anywhere. Mom said it's probably Matt...who ever that is cause after my bath and mom was grooming me she said something about someone called Matt. I think there were two or more of them that stole my knickers cause she said it plural..Matt's.  :sad?:

My tummy is so cold when I go outside to pee and I hold it and hold it till I am busting....but all I do is lay down so it can stay warm, it's horriable Aunties and I don't know what I'm going to do. Mom says it's alright it will grow back but what is a girl to do when she hasn't got her drawers on to stay warm? Can you find those Matt guys and tell them to bring back my knickers? 

I posted a picture of my knickers..they are pink lace  and fur....so if you see them please bring them back? :crying:



Jewel's of January

We went out for a  walk in the sun this morning full of crisp air and the paws were such hyena's we didn't stay long before we turned back to the sanitary of a warm home instead.

Feeling slightly guilty for a short walk...  I did let them play outside and found these jewels right in my own back yard....Temps have been up and down and the vegetation is in turmoil is it spring or is it winter defying that it's only January and cold weather is here to stay.

The ruby red globes were on a type of honey suckle that hubby planted a few years ago....It did bloom a few pink blossoms this summer for the first time but nothing spectacular....green shoots sprouting on it and the freshia. Jasmine and another unknown green bush is sprouting new growth also....Such a weird and wonderful sight on a cold winters day...made me smile 



Santa brought me a HOLE


We had a great day on what mommie called Christamas...What ever that waz but it was different than the other days as mommie and daddy had all sorts of nice thinks around to munch on. Pip and I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about really. Usually after breakfast mom takes us upstairs so she can play fix the picture on her computer all day....I'm a stickler for routine and mommie definitely wasn't on routine...It just wasn't normal I tell you...And I Don't Like Change ....no sir ree :ranting: Mom forgets, so I tried telling her by sitting at the bottom of the stairs and talking in my highest voice....and all she said was not today sweetheart...WELL Why Not?

Humans had brought sniffy boxes and bags into the house and they appeared out of thin air this morning too .......:uhm:   ......And I didn't know what they were but I sure wanted to tear into those boxes....Amazon always comes in boxes and its always for ME.....so why didn't they let me tear into them? Humans are weird I tell you....I want my routine back :o


Guess what mom and dad did? They tore the paper off themselves off of MY boxes...It was shocking to watch...not fair I say...Thats My boxes and MY bags...mine, mine, mine :taz:

Finally mommie set down 2 bags......One for ME and one for Pip on the floor...... WELL!!!! .......let me tell you Aunties.......Pip must have been peed off by this time too...cause he wouldn't have anything to do with the sniffy bags but I am Zina Super Amazon Woman....so I inspected the suspicious bags and there were a little green man inside both bags.....I'm not lying...It was a little green man I tell you..2 of the buggers. :wacko:



Now I don't now who sneaked into our house but they were still here cause I found them hiding inside the bags still...So I attacked them.....Watch me in action here   IMG_4173.MOV

Slick moves even Tara would have been impressed...she's my Ninja moves fighting hero ya know

After I beat them into submission they just sat quietly and did as they were told



Watch it you two or I will use my moves on you again and wipe that stupid grin off your face...

Pip never did trust them and yet to even sniff it ....so mom put one by him on the sofa and had dad to hold and protect him in case they pounced....Its alright Big Brother, I have already taught it a lesson so there is nothing to be frightened of


I got bored so mom let us outside....It was lovely all sunny and warm...just a like spring day........ except our back yard is full of mud cause Pip and I killed all the grass but we didnt care it was Spring...well I think its spring what ever that is cause mom kept saying its spring today.

We played so hard and boy did we have a good time running around..Us getting so muddy mom couldn't bear to look........Thats when I found IT ...At the base of a small tree thingy where I like to sniff and bury my nose into wet dirt sniffing out any dangerous worm creatues that might come out and Grab us under......I can hear you creature scum and I'm gonna have you TODAY! I dug a huge deep hole straight down to China mom says........boy did that sniffy dirt taste good..... I came inside and tell to tell mom they are safe cause I killed the worm creature and found in trying to escape out in China...But she wasn't impressed with my digging skills and guess what she said Aunties? All she said was OH Abby..just look at your face..all that wet dirt :crying: She goes off mumbling someting about bathes and brushing out when we dry...you know unimportant stuff

Look at me Aunties.....Santa brought me a huge hole and I am proud I saved the day



Happy Birthdays at Uncles


Aunties you should have seen us, we went down to our favorite Uncles for his birthday dinner....Mom forgot her phone so no pictures...(sorry) :yeahrite:

I learned to fly in his great big garden...yep I sure did! Mom says I was flying 90mph round and round as brother tried to catch me...but he couldn't :dog: I was flying I tell ya...my hair blowing in the breeze as I raced around...brought a tear to mom's eyes....don't know why though...silly mommie .....

Mom:  I had a tear in my eye because of how she was acting last night...all shaking and scared in a dark corner from kids setting off fireworks...it was like day one when I got her...all scared and insecure)....she slept near my head all night as she was still scared.....It was good seeing her back to being herself running and having fun.

Cousin Oscar wouldn't play at all though ...he has really turned into a right grumpy butt and mom had to separate him and brother twice.....Pip wasn't backing down and stood in to protect little ole me......Oscar isn't fun anymore :( 

I was so tired of flying by the time mom said we had to go home...I could bearly make it up the big hill and kept sitting down......It's hard work flying ya know.

Brother and and I were so glad to be back in our dens where we went straight to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Recall blessings

We always thought it  best to teach some sort of recall and enforce it constantly daily with simple command words.....We'll today it was needed big time. Hubby took our next door neighbors trash bins around and forgot to close our gate. I have a phobia and always look out to check it whenever I let the terriable two out for a wee and play time...This time to my horror it was OPEN and they were headed down the path but at the end our other neighbors house.......They must have thought they were going for another walkie and happy as Larry about it......... They stopped and look back like in innocent expectation......You coming mom?

I always say when time to go indoors....Inside.... and  most of time they come clambering in right away.....So I sternly said "inside" and pointed.....Abby came right back and went to her dad who was at the door by then, frozen in place by shock! But Pip looked back again and went right on around the corner. I had to try to run before he got to the road...these feet don't run good anymore....When I reached the corner I again said.... Pip Inside...and he stopped and crouched down for me to pick him up.

I tell you I was literally shaking after what could have been but remembered to praise them for good Inside....Thank goodness I taught them one thing that could save them....it could have turned out so much worse. 


Canned Dog Food (warning)

We had a funny old day here filled with worry for our dear Abby.

She was fine at first but 30 minutes after waking she ran to the bathroom to proceed to vomit then dirrehea on her pad. She then laid on the top landing and vomited more but all mucous..... Then to the lower landing she vomited even more still mucous and lumps ..... Took her outside where she vomited even more stingy mucous. She stopped momentarily for 15 minutes and suddenly rushed upstairs....(something she does when she has the upset tummy is go to the bathroom to be sick on her puppy pad instead of the floor). But she stayed quite so I came up to find her on the bed and sick again. So pitiful was her little eyes....never mind the duvet would wash I told her.

Retracing what she ate last night there was nothing out the ordinary except a new chew I bought her as a treat....Pip didn't like them so he was unaffected....picked up her old one and threw the rest of the chews away.....She didn't eat nor drink till supper time and suffered no more throwing up but obviously didn't feel good so I left her sleeping to recover on the sofa.

It wasn't till supper time I was going to warm up the remaining canned dog food she has been eating for Pip...First thing I noticed it didn't look right..not the usual meat color. Sniff!  OMG is was foul!

Then I started beating myself up for not noticing the off Color last night..she ate from the can last night but Pip didn't want any and had homecooked food only....that's why he wasn't sick. I had served my own paw food poisoning..... Tell you I was feeling lowest of the lows....only thing I remember about opening the foul can last night  was it was over packed to the rim and no head space..no other sign was present.

So opening another can tonight I sniffed...smelled like meat, looked of meat and she ate heartily. From now on any canned dog food gets the nose test first time, everytime. 


I got bit 😜

Yep I sure did. Two nasty holes and a tear on the little bone on my wrist, boy did it hurt. But I wasn't mad because it was ME that was responsiable for her reaction...

I know how Abby has always been while sleeping heavily...Learned real quick how she reacted when we first got her if Pip even sniffed close to her or I'd move her over in bed at night...you just don't mess with her while she's sleeping.........She'd turn into Cujo snarling and biting......Well a year had passed and she about gave up that response to being disturbed. I have always thought in her previous puppy mill atmosphere a dog had jumped her sleeping and it must have been pretty nasty because her reaction is over the top.

Last week she was in a hard sleep in her day bed and I was waking her gently by talking to her to wake up time to go cook tea......No response...she was out like a light. I made the mistake of reaching down and jiggled her saying Abby wake up darling.....Her response was fast and immediate to the hand touching her...she bit me.

Just as fast as it happened she must have come to her senses and the look on her face was of horror at what she did to her mommie. She was so pathetic clammering up to get in my lap to see if I was ok. But I had to stop the bleeding first before I took her so I just walked away and began disinfecting and bandaging to stop the blood. She waited with those innocent pathetic eyes watching my every move.

After I finished I sat down and let her come up where she showered me in kisses on my bandage ....Bless her....lesson learned.......You can take the dog out the puppy mill but you can't take all the puppy mill out the dog. 


Bath Day & a mini shirt

Look what mommie did ....Yep she did, she gave me a mini skirt and a clean belly! I'm so much cooler now. :) 

Watch out brother....mommie's going to make you wear a kilt image.jpegimage.jpeg


Testing Area Retouched Photo's 📷

Editing photo's for fun...I am not a professional and only learning as a hobby. Photo submissions welcome as I practice so I can become better and help anyone out with their photo's 

Pet Red Eye Removal



Rain and dogs

It's been chunking it down with rain and the paws are going a little stir crazy today....So they broke out of their puppy jail when dad let them out for a pee.....But they stayed and stayed......and stayed.......and stayed.....

Then a quick race around the living room slinging water everywhere........then back onside.....another round inside ......I was scramblng like a mad woman to get the big box back in front of the door to end their chase then go for towels to dry them and And the floor :o they carried on their play fight. Water, water everywhere and they actually were so please with themselves ....snug innocent looks...you know that look.



I must have three dogs now

I had a visitor this evening..even though we had no guests.

Often wondering about the pups seeing fairys we call them.....

Now let  me tell you what I saw. While preparing to cook I washed a few dishes in the sink and out of the corner of my eye I saw Pip at the bottom of the stairs then took off running upstairs.....I recon he was following Abby up and got the nerve up to try it.......Now, we know Pip don't do stairs, he's terrified of them and won't go up or down on them. So with great excitement I grabbed the iPad to take a picture of him at the top and was going to make a big deal of it and celebrate his achievement. I called up .....Pip come show mommie what you've done and aimed the iPad up for quick picture.

But instead of peeking his head around the corner at the landing.......he came running in from the back door....He had been outside the whole time. I stood there dumbfounded. I told hubby I knew we had visitors and Fairey but now I know we got ghost. I told him what I saw and of course he called me crazy :noway:

But I saw it, swear I saw what I saw. So suppose the fairys have moved in and brought their Shih Tzu with them. One good thing, at least I don't have to bath and groom a third dog  :roflmao:



The Fairies are back

Little Miss Abby has spent the whole morning upstairs by herself in bed... She's scared of the fairies that's obviously flying around our living room ceiling. Trouble is when I check on her she's seeing them up,there too :( Pip see's them too but he's very brave and sits with mom instead.

She just joined us in the living room at 2pm but wihining upwards at the ceiling ....Naughty fairies...go somewhere else will ya.

What a bonkers day it is :blink:



Cato & Tara Message

Abby mail...

Pssst! Send mom out the room and don't let her read this ok Tara? Cato you run outside and bark like crazy so she's not reading this. 

Pip and I have 2 extra tickets to a mud party tonight.. Can you sneak out the house and join us? Just look at this paw..it's it glorious? :roflmao:




Making Changes

Well it's day 1 for a healthier me..... Journey to lower my cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lose pounds and stop smoking. That's a lot isnt it....hope to look back in the coming months and say it was all worth it.

Started last night sipping cinnamon tea instead of coffee..Good for arthritis inflammation ....... I'm a die hard all day long coffee-holic and this isn't going to be easy so let's see how bad the withdrawal is going to be this time around .....I've done this before and the first three days are the worst with headaches from hell and crankiness. :noway: 

Started the morning off and replaced coffee with Chaomine Tea and a tsp of honey...very soothing. Cooked breakfast for the hounds and hubby...I didn't even miss the toast and eggs I usually have. Last night I made the oatmeal yogurt recipe everyone is talking about..Now that isnt half bad if you have never made it......Layered oatmeal, Greek no fat yogurt, blueberrys, 2 tsp applesauce, one sliced banana, drizzle of honey, flax seeds and soy no fat milk..covered and refrigerated over night. Breakfast felt like I was cheating.......yummy surprises of cool fruit and a hint of sweetness from the honey. I actually enjoyed it very much and will play around with the fruit combo so I don't get bored with it.

Mid morning I was getting antsy from sugar and caffeine withdrawal. So off the kitchen armed with new recipes I've found on Pinderest. I baked 9 oatmeal, banana and applesauce muffins...I don't know who loved them better...me or Pip....Abby refused. 

I wasn't hungry at 4 but the pups were gathering for their 3:30 stare telling me it was time for supper....wasnt as hard as I imagined cooking theirs, hubby's  and mine so it all come up at the same time...Baby steps I kept it simple. Paws has boiled chicken breasts and veg, hubby had  chicken tikka and a baked potato. I had vegetarian...sweet potato, Brussel sprouts and 1 oat cake. Best thing is I don't feel bloated like I usually do after a meal.

End of day one and I haven't snapped nobody's head off yet ...not nervous but a little anxious ...hoping for a good nights sleep and start my day 2.

Must remember to weigh and log down weight tomarrow morning...slipped up and forgot ,


Crispy Creme Donuts

Copy Kat recipe that's guaranteed to pack on the pounds..... :dede:

Glazed Donuts (Krispy Kreme Recipe Copycat)
Serves: 18 donuts

For the donuts
* 1¼ cups (300ml) whole milk
* 2¼ teaspoon (one packet, 7g) instant (quick-rise) yeast
* 2 large eggs
* 8 tablespoons (113g) unsalted butter, melted and cooled
* ¼ cup (50g) granulated sugar
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 4¼ (535g) cups bread flour, plus more for rolling out the dough
* oil, for frying
For the glaze
* 4 cups (500g) powdered (icing) sugar
* ½ cup (120ml) milk
* pinch of salt

To make the donuts
1. In a medium bowl, heat the milk in the microwave until it is warm to the touch, about 45 seconds. Add in the yeast and give it gentle stir. Let the mixture sit until there is some foam on top, about 5 minutes.

2. Using a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook, beat together the yeast mixture, the eggs, butter, sugar and salt until combined. Add in about half of the flour and mix until combined. Add in the remaining flour and mix until combined. During the mixing process, you may need to stop the mixer and scrape down the sides. If the dough is too wet to handle, add in flour 1 tablespoon at a time. Cover the bowl with a large kitchen towel, and leave it in a warm place to let it rise until it doubles in size, about 1 hour.

3. When the dough is done rising, pour it onto a well-floured surface and roll it to ½-inch thickness. Cut the donuts with a donut cutter, or with 2 different sized round cookie cutters (the large cutter should be about 3-inches in diameter). Save the donut holes. Knead scraps together, being careful not to overwork the dough, and repeat the process of rolling it out and cutting the donuts.

4. Place the cut donuts on parchment paper, leaving room to rise between each one. (TIP: I place each donut on an individual piece of parchment paper, so it is easy to transfer into the hot oil for frying. See picture.) Cover the donuts with a kitchen towel and let them rise in a warm place until they are puffed up, about 45 minutes.

5. About 15 minutes before the donuts are done rising, heat oil in a deep-fryer or large heavy-bottomed pot to 375°F/190°C. Place cooling racks on top of sheets of paper towels parchment paper, or line plates with paper towels.

6. When the donuts are ready and the oil is hot, carefully add the donuts to the oil, a few at a time without overcrowding your deep-fryer or pot. (TIP: I find that it is easier to place the entire parchment paper in the oil with the donuts, so I don't accidentally "stretch" out the donuts. Once the donuts are in the oil, you can easily remove the parchment paper with tongs.)

When the bottom of the donuts are golden, about 45 seconds, flip the donuts over using a spatula. Cook until the other side is also golden. Donut holes will cook quicker. Remove donuts with a tong or slotted spatula, and place on the prepared racks or plates. Repeat with the remaining donuts, making sure to keep the oil at the right temperature.

To make the glaze
1. In a large bowl, mix together the sugar, milk and salt until smooth. If you prefer a thinner glaze on the donuts, add in more milk one teaspoon at a time.

To serve
1. Place a cooling rack on top of paper towels or parchment paper for easy clean up.
2. Dip one side of the fried donuts into the glaze. Flip the donut over using a fork. Carefully transfer the glazed donut to the prepared cooking rack. The glaze will slowly drip off the donuts as it sets. Repeat with remaining donuts.



It's Official

Abby declared its too hot to do nothing but sleep away the heat....But Abby aren't you sitting in the sun mom asked :whistling:



Day Out ( sorta)


Moms called the vet and I get a trip out on the bus at lunch time. The brat won't be coming along so it will just be me and mom :) 

My eye is no better and keeps watering. Mom see's broken off lashes handing down and she thinks that's rubbing against my eye ball..it's been miserable watering constantly and I want to scratch it...So off for my trip soon..


At long last Bath Day

Well it's been almost 9 weeks my two hasn't had a bath and today was spa day with some good and some bad.... but we got there.

First I stole a piece of wood from the recent decorating....measured out four sections and marked the center of each, then using a wood spade bit drilled in to make a shallow well....then cut off  the 4 sections .... Set the legs of my grooming table in the shallow wells and set it up. It's now the perfect height so I'm not bending over anymore and I can do all my grooming with a straight back. The extra clearance also allows me to store my clipper case underneath in easy reach...and also my multi plug extension lives there to plug anything in easily.



Modified the baby bath first....added a front loop to clip the collar to so they can't turn around and have to stay stationary.....did this with the tub and it really works well so I stayed with that idea.......Enlarged drain and used existing pipe for drainage since the one I ordered was to large...needs more work and a larger drainage pipe......The pipe from the pump is too large...way to large...Too much is pumped out to fast....need a smaller pipe. So ended up not using it till all my modifications are made.....I need to ask Pam what size pipes she uses...


So ended up using the bath and existing drain but using the shower head only for bathing. Poured extra Secret Weapon into the Spectrum 10 shampoo bottle and shook well. Measured out 1 ounce into mixing bottle and added warm water. I chose Spectrum 10 because it conditions the hair so well and I needed everything  I had to get all the tangles out when dry. It worked a miracle along side the secret weapon and I had no trouble working out knots and matts.

Pip was good in the bath and since he's scared of heights he didn't move a muscle. Abby on the other hand freaked out and showed her butt trying to get out. I gave her a stiff talking to and she calmed down within a minute and gave me no more trouble. 

Both needed a full groom but my back was ok because of the height of the bath and the new height grooming table...So glad I made those little changes.

I found out why Pip has been snapping at my hands or growling when I touched his front paws. He had two tight mats in the groove behind the toes...the SW had relaxed them and I scissored and clipped them out. He had gotten some of the construction goo between the pad walking around while we worked and I had failed to see it forming..luckily everything dissolved or softened to cut them out. Sorry Pip.  After removing the lumps he allowed me to cut his extra long nails without incident. Abby also had long nails but no mats between the toes.

Pip also has been growing yeast and red dye in his fold again....what a mess he was....He has one eye that has watered constantly from dust we made but inspecting it closer after clipping the long hair away I saw two broken off lashes it looked like and it's resting against his eye......so everytime  he blinks it must scratch which makes the eye water more......I see no reason why the other eye waters......so thinking Monday morning I shall make him a appointment with the vet and get this sorted out before it scratches his cornea......He got a close cut around the eyes and between to cut away the stained hair..but he looks better with it short anyway.



Miss Abby just got a facial trim and her hair has grown out enough to start back with her top knot...only a sprout now but it will grow....I was surprised she remembered how to lay her head down and be still while I made the two knots and tied them together and didn't even try to rub or scratch them..Good girl ❤️  She was rewarded for being good with a chew...her Favorite. Lol


Both are exhausted and after supper all they wanted to do was sleep...So hard day of ups and downs but it's been worth it all to see them soft and silky again. 


Our New Bathroom

It's been a long build from scratch but happily we can say it's 99% finished and only a few minor extra's to add as we get time. Starting from scratch in a very, very old house is no joy...nothing is square and floors are never level...but hey you work with what you got.

The ugly green suite was installed by my hubby over 45 years ago and was still in complete working order but it didn't fit our needs any longer....plus washing the baby's was a back breaking effort in the tub and I won't even go into the slow immersion heater that took a hour to preheat just to have a hot water......Also we're to a age of arthritis and aches and pains which will increase with each year now so with that in mind we set about tearing out the old and inserting the new.

So I'll walk you through our efforts with pictures to show you the room I call S. P. A........(S)pa  for (P)ip  and (A)bby

A few photos beginning to today....

















Pip and Abbys favorite spot to lie belly down....we added a few files of marble on the floor at the entrance ....so they can stay cool in summer and catch a breeze at the same time....they are very happen with this little extra for them.