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Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance


hello Aunties!  How are you? I am very well thank you!  

It was all wet and soggy today, so Mum and Dad said ‘no walk!’ :compress: but they said they would go out Hunting and bring some prey back.

i wanted to help, cos i am an excellent Hunter, but i think they were sensible to leave Tara behind, cos she always mucks everything up, and doesn’t have proper Hunting Instincts, like me.  So then I had to stay with her! Cos she always gets silly if she is left alone.

But even without my help, Mum and Dad did some excellent Hunting!  They brought back some lovely 100%-beef-burger and some juicy-beef-rib-off-the-bone.  Me and Tara had it for tea.  It was lush!

and now i am trying to have a nice snooze on Mum’s lap while my tummy is full, only Mum keeps moving, and saying ‘i can’t stand this! You are never having that again!’  And ‘this is unbearable! How is is possible for 2 small paws to produce Such horrendous flatulence?  Never again!’

it is very disruptive.  I will never get my tea digestified if she keeps on fidgeting like this!

it is very important to follow the right way of doing things.  Hunt.  Eat.  Sleep. Mums should respect the tradition, shouldn’t they?


Horrble Mum Stuff


Oh Aunties!  It was awful.

usually when Mum stops her Work Stuff at lunchtime, we have a nice sniffy walk.  I thought we were going to have TWO walks today, cos Dad took us for breakfast at the Sausage Place.  So I was getting all waggy excited and thinking about that lamp post on the corner that needs A LOT of sniffing.

But then lunchtime comes, and Mum GRABS me!  And she carries me through to the grooming table!  And she does footsie torture!  No walk!  No sniffing!  There was only brushing and skissers and that horrid buzzy thing.  And those mean clippers that do snappy clacky stuff and pinch my toes.

I didn’t like it.

But there is a good side :dribble:  cos its Tara’s turn tomorrow!!!


I’m perfick!


I just got back from a trip to Mrs Vet.

it was ACE!!!

I took Dad there.  For my nasty prickle jab wot i have to have every year.  I don’t like that bit.

But I had to sit in the waiting room for agesandagesandages and i got masses of fuss and attention.  One nice lady said i had ‘rad piggies!’ (They are purple and pink stripey ones today).  And then we went in to see Mrs V and she woz nice too.  She says i have excellenty toofies for my age, all clean and white and shiney.  And i am the perfick weight!  Cato is always saying i am all heffalumpy and chunky.  But I’m not!!!  I am Perfick.  Mrs Vet says so.    And she says that if I am this weight in 2years then she will be even happierer.

I’ve had my brekkie now.  So I’m going to have an after-breakfast snoozle.  But I wanted to tell you all how perfick I am :cheezy:



Just been watching an episode of Elementary.  There was a scene in a cat cafe, with a male tabby sitting bolt upright proudly  recieving worship.

It was Sidney.  Size, posture, head angle, markings.  Hit me like a bolt form the blue.

of course, it wasn’t him.  As soon as he turned his face towards the camera his face was wider, and the eyes narrower.

but my goodness, do we ever get over it?



Hello Aunties!  And especially AuntieCrystal @PipsMom, cos we are blogging so that she has something to read when she feels like it.  And for UncleMartin @megabit so that he can read it too.

So we went away on holiday.  It was AGES ago, so I don't know if I can really remember all that much.  But Mum says she will show me the pics and then I can try and tell you all about it.

We stayed in this place.


You have to click on the linky thing and have a look, cos there are lots of pics there that you can see, and it tells you all about our holiday cottage.  We liked living there.  Tara had no neighbours to bark at, and we slept on a Big Bed called a Four Poster Bed.  It was great.  And it was so high up that even Tara didn't like jumping on and off it, and had to be lifted up and down like me.  Didn't stop her whining and fussing though!

There was a pub in the village with a very nice barmaid who made lotsandlotsandlots of fuss of me.  And she had a chihuahua who had just had puppies, and she sniffed really interesting.  And we had gammon and egg there.  I like gammon and egg.

And we went to Whitby which is a cold blowy town by the sea.  Don't think that just cos the sun was shining that it was warm.  It wasn't.  It was very very very cold.  I wanted to go into a warm place, but Mum wasn't listening and made us go out onto this pier thing.  It was very high, and Tara wanted to stand on the edge and jump onto benches and be all silly,



but I wanted Mum to carry me cos it was scary high. See:


This is the pier thing.  There was water on both sides.  And the wind kept trying to grab me and blow me off.  It was horrible.


There were a few things to sniff.  A bit.  But I never forgot how awful-dangerous it all was!


You can see the sea rushing and pushing and being a LOT bigger and stronger than I liked.  See how the sea is all churny in one pic and not in the other?  That is cos it is scary and any Tzu with any sense doesn't want to go anywhere near cold wet churny water sea stuff, do they?



Of course Tara wanted to go swimming.  Or diving.  Or skydiving.  Or swimdiving.  Or something silly.  She was standing right on the edge!!!

This is a tall tower thing.  Mum says that the wind has made the stone all interesting and melty.  Just goes to show you that wind is dangerous too. :(


this is a gate on the pier thing.  They shut it during storms so that silly people can't go out and get blown off and drowned, like wot nearly happened to me and Mum and Dad and Tara.



And this is when Tara nearly pushed me off into the sea!


She says I have to tell you that she was wearing her pink coat.  Like that matters when we were all nearly blown to death!  And I was wearing my manly brown cableknit.  I did look good though.  Very rugged and fisherman-like.

Nobody believed me when I told them how dangerous it all was.  Then Mum saw this, and she believed me then!


So we went back on the land.  Thank goodness!  And I led everyone to a nice warm pub and we had burger and I had a little restorative snooze in Mum's coat under the table.  And I felt better then.  

This is Whitby.



And this weird thing is a plant hanging thing.  They hang baskets of stinky flowers off the hooks, and then the black pipes water the plants.  Mum said she was very impressed with it.  So I widdled on it.


And I widdled on the lobster pots too.  There were lots and lots and lots of lobster pots.  I ran out of widdle.



Dad did take us up the 99 steps to see the Abbey too.  That was good.  I went on strike on Step no 20, so he carried me up 21-99.  But Tara walked all the way leading Dad up by extending lead.  She liked it.  The Abbey was interesting and sniffy and old, but Mum had forgot to charge the camera (haha!) so it died and we don't have any pics.  Mum brought the car round so we didn't need to walk down the 99 steps again.  I wouldn't have minded.  Cos Dad would have carried me.


Sat 18th Nov 17: Our FAB stormy walk


So, this walk happened AGES AGO, but I was too busy being me and sleeping and stuff to blog it before now.  I mean, we have been on holiday and stuff, and I want to tell you all about that, but Mum says I have to tell you about our stormy walk first.  Booorrrriiiingggg!  But I am going to, cos I am a good girl.

Mum says she put the stormy skypics up already, so I just need to tell you about my benches and my mud and my mountains.

This is the firstest mountain of the day.  Cato stayed on the boring sand.


And this is some science stuff in action (Mum says).  Sedimentary deposits depositing their sediments in layers.  Muddy layers.  But not nice squishy mud.  This stuff is hard.



And this is one of the groins (Mum says) wot has been stormed until it broke.



This is Cato when he realised that we couldn't get around the end of the next groin-thing and we were going to have to mountaineer.  He wasn't happy!  Haha!


We were looking at this.  It is cos the water channel-thing has moved itself, and now the slope down to the water is all slippy and muddy and squelchy, and Mum says if we try to go around it we will all go splooosh into the cold water.  I wouldn't mind, cos I am an olympific swimmer (as you know), but Wimpy Cato would probably sink.  And Mum would get all muddy-cross.  Sigh.


So we decided to go up this lumpy concrete mountain onto the Dunes.  :(  I like the mountain.  But it would have meant the beach walk was over.


Only half way up, Mum could see this - and said 'Hold it troops!  I think I can see a way over the groins at the top ends!  But it will take some clambering.'


Well, I love clambering.  Only it isn't really clambering - it is mountaining, isn't it?

This is looking back at the mountain after we had gone over it.  I went first!  I let Mum help me a bit, but only over the top bit.  Then Mum came over carrying Cato.  She put him down on one of the big rocks in case she fell over and squished him, and he didn't move.  He just stood there shivering.  But them Mum got down on the sand again and lifted him down, and he woz OK again.  I woz OK all the time.


We did more groin mountains, and I found this extra mountain too.  Mum said I wozn't to cause an avalanche with my heffalumping, so I didn't.


This is the sign saying how clever and brave we are mountaineering on this beach.


And this is a sign wot Mum read out to us, telling us how we have to be boring-sensible and boring-stick to the safe bits.  


And look!  There woz mud too.


And memory stuff.


It woz a nice walk. Especially with the rain bits and the stormy skies, and the wind and my wet fur.  We haven't been there for AGES, and lots of the sniffs had changed.  At one point me and Mum were sitting on a bench, and Cato woz on the ground, and Mum woz drinking her drink, and Cato had some water.  And a woman came running by.  She woz in funny running clothes, and bounced on the spot while she had a boring Mum-chat all about the weather and the plants and then she said that she had moved back to this area cos she loved running by the sea.  I liked the lady.  She woz even bouncier than me!  And she liked running!



This is the path to the stickingoutplatform


And this is a memory stone beside the platform, there is paint on front and back of it.



and this is the view from the platform



Bestest food day EVER!!!


Oh Aunties, yesterday my tummy was sooooo full.  It was FAB!!!

It started off with breakfast.  Cos Mum was doing chicken wings, and she knows that I like the pointy triangle bits wot are on the end.  So she skissers them off for me.  There were some on the floor, so I hoovered them up.  Cato missed out cos he doesn't like raw chicken bits.  He is weird.

So then it woz breakfast proper time.  And Mum puts our food in the bowls and stands back.  Only she made some kind of mistake, cos there woz less food in my bowl than usual?!?!  Cato's bowl had the normal amount, and mine was half empty!  But I ate it anyway, cos you never know when the next food is coming, do you?

Meanwhile, Cato is sitting there blinking at his bowl, cos he was just waking up, and he doesn't really like chicken/beef and we have been eating the chicken/beef dinner for 2 days now.  I keep telling him the faster he eats up his chicken/beef dinner, the faster we get on to the tripe and lamb and venison ones.  But he is stupid.

So, then the doorbell goes, which is very exciting!  And we all rush to the door to say hello to the nice parcel man, and Mum won't let us bounce on him, and has a chat with him.  And I suddenly remembered that there was a food bowl with food still in it!  So I left Cato and Mum dealing with the parcel man, and I went back into the kitchen and tidied up the left over food.  Cos I am good like that.

Then Mum comes back and says 'Oh Tara!' in that weird voice that she uses sometimes when I am supposed to have done something wrong, but I woz just tidying up, wozn't I?  And Cato didn't want it.

So then a bit later Cato does his silly sicky bile throwup and gets hand fed cooked chicken!  Not fair!  I was still starving, and I only got one piece of cooked chicken, and he got lotsandlotsandlots.  He is such an attentionseekar.

Mum gave me a cuddle and poked my tummy a bit and said 'I am surprised you haven't burst, young lady!'

And then I went to sleep cos I woz suddenly veryveryvery tired.



Stormy Skies


Today's walk was a beach walk.

I will let Tara tell you all about it later, but I just wanted to post a few of the sky pics I took because they are pretty amazing.

We set off in the car to a blue sky and high white clouds, but in the 10 minutes it took to drive to the beach the dark rainclouds were rolling in...



It was a proper bank of cloud, carrying rain (but not a downpour).  Hardly more than a shower.

And then it rolled away again.



leaving lovely skies in every direction





and a beautiful crisp horizon, which meant I could get the best zoomed picture so far of the old fort.



Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum


Dad had to go do shifty stuff, so we took Mum round the big lake and down the tunnel.  It was just starting to muddify, and the sky was really grey.

To start with, Mum said 'We are sticking to the path today, cos of all that rain we had.'  


But then we walked past the tunnel entrance, and she stopped and had a think.  And she decided that maybe we could try the tunnel and see if we sank in the mud.


But it really wasn't very muddy at all!  I think Tara was a bit disappointed, but it made Mum happy.  Mum took one pic of Tara squatting for a big fat poo.  She was so busy piccing green stuff and leaves and stuff that she didn't notice the poo happening in the corner of the pic.  But when we got home me and Mum had a larff about it.  And Dad too.  But Tara kicked up such a fuss that Mum deleted the pic so we can't show you.  It was a very big poo though.  I don't do big fat poos like that.  I can't.  But then I am not a heffalump, am I?


This is more of the boring green stuff.


And this is more tunnel, and me showing Mum the way out of the tunnel into the field.



We did a lot of off road field stuff.  Last time we came this way it was hothothot and Mum had to carry me over the mounds of cut hay.  This time it was all sniffy and soggy.


Mum says you have to notice the trees in the distance.  Those aren't bird in the top branches.  They are leaves.  Why are there leaves stuck on the top of each tree?  Why only the top?  Mum says it is weird, cos the top bits are the windy bits, aren't they?  So the leaves should have fallen off by now.  Stands to reason.

These are the same trees but the bottom bits where they grow out of the ground.


Did you see the people in the distance.  They had lots of paws with them.  One of them was called Reg, and he fell in love with Tara.  He was sniffing and bowing, and yelping and inviting her to play, and desperately in love.  Only she got a bit freaked out and ran to Mum.  In the end Reg went off with a broken heart.  He didn't want to play with me.  I think he liked Tara cos of her silly bows.  He wouldn't feel like that if he had seen that poo.

Oh, and this is one of our lake bridges.  The sniffy bits, of course.  



And here is Mum doing lake pics, cos she is still fussing with the new camera.  I mean, I don't mind.  Cos it means we can show you our walks again.  But... you can have too many pics, can't you?



These are interesting men building an interesting memory bench.  This one is made of bits of tree.  So it is different and will be sniffier than normal memory benches.  The bright green stuff was a barrier so me and Tara couldn't go and investigate the new bench properly, but Mum says the barrier won't be there for ever, and one day I will be able to go sniff and widdle on it properly.


This is us playing Truffle Hound while Mum sits and looks at the lake, and people walk past and say how cute we are.   They try and walk along where my TruffleTreats are sometimes :(


Hawthorn berries with few rosehips mixed in.


Pussy willow buds ready for next spring.


A duck I couldn't reach to hunt.


A gull I couldn't reach to hunt.  It was looking right at me.  Cheeky bird!


And us looking down at the ducks from the end of the bridge.



Cato would qualify for Mensa


Tara found a bone under the couch this evening.

I am not proud of this, but there we are.  I run the kind of house where bones are, occasionally, found under couches.  At least it made Tara happy.

One bone. Two dogs.  Finders keepers.  So obviously Cato wasn't quite so cheerful.

It took a while, but eventually he managed to organise things to his satisfaction:  First he sat and watched Tara chewing.  Then he sat and had a think.  Then he went over to the doorway and sat down facing me.  The pressure of his gaze was quite impressive.

When I failed to produce Bone no 2, he had another little think and moved on to Plan B:  This time he did his Wanna Play barklet, with the mini Play Bow and slight hop.  So he either wanted food (already eaten), a brush (already brushed) or A Game (oh yeah!).  So I grabbed a python and started waggling it... er... wrestling for my life.

Hero that he is, he rushed in to save me from the monster and we had a good ol' tug o war, complete with growling, snarling, leaps and pirouettes.  It was an epic battle.

So epic that Tara found it irrisistable, and came to join in.

Which was, of course, exactly what Cato had intended all along.  For all the noise and bluster, Tara had moved less than 18 inches away from that bone before Cato dropped the Python, abandoned me, and swooped in like a stealth commando to scoop the bone to the safety of the hearth.   Where he is still chewing it with intensity.

Meanwhile, Tara and I played Python for at least 10 minutes before there was enough of a lull for her to notice him chewing.

She is now lying, bereft and boneless with her back to Our Hero.


Sun 12th Nov 17: Storm incoming!


It was FAB!!!!

We went out to the sausage place with Mum and Dad.  It woz windy and cold and blue sky sunny and sniffy and fun.  The wind swirled around my knickers and I was all bouncy and hoppy, and nearly tripped Mum up.  And we were looking for cats EVERYWHERE!!!


The floor is always too clean! :(

But then when we had sat under the table for AGES and had our water and our treats and our sausages, we went outside and look!

The sun had disappeared!


There woz a blig black rainy stormcloud rolling in!!!

So we had to dash (well, if you count slow human walking as dashing) home!  It was a long way, and 'no time for sniffing Cato!' and 'hurry up Tara, you can widdle at home!' and we trotted and trotted and trotted and got home just before the big fat splatty rain drops started splooshing on me!

And it woz too runrunrun to take any more picses, so just two today, and none of me or Cato!


Sat 11th Nov 17: Sniffy alley


My turn!  Dad has to go and do his shifty work today really early - like just after lunch.  So we had to take him and Mum out for our walk this morning.  It was sniffy road walking too, not running-about-on-grass, cos Dad needed to get some bread stuff for his tea at work.  But I love my Dad and I didn't mind.  Besides.  There were CATS!!!

This is cat 1.


we couldn't see it, but we could sniff it!  Cato did his Hunting Thing.  All quivery and pulling at the leash.  And Mum didn't help.  She could have pointed out the cat, couldn't she?

we have seen that cat before.  it is all cool and superior.  it just sits in the sun and looks at us, while we tryandtryandtry to GET IT!

Snot fair!

This is a sky pic for AuntieCrystal.  Mum was sitting in her chair behind Costa (the place that doesn't have sausages :( ) and she leaned back in her chair and pointed the camera at the sky.


This is the tree behind Costa.  Mum says there are hardly any leaves left now.


Oooh look!  A cousin.  He didn't see us at all.


This is my water bottle, and my jaffa cake treats, and Mum's hot choc.  She only drinks half of it on account of there being too much of some sugar stuff in it.  And I am not allowed to finish it on account of there being some choc in it wot I can't eat.


Mum did a special close pic of her choc bubbles, just because she could.


Mum says I shouldn't call them jaffa cakes cos they will confuddle you aunties.  But that is wot we call them.  They are really yummy.  Made of squished up dried meat and veggies.  We get one ripped up into pieces when the drinks arrive.  and we get another one when we leave the cafe if I haven't been a pest.  I am never a pest.  So I always get a jaffa cake. :cheezy:

(Mum says: for those of you not in the UK, you may not have heard of Jaffa Cakes.  They are like cookies, but different.  A small cookieshaped piece of cake, with a blob of orange jelly on top, covered with chocolate, with the same markings as those dog treats)


So then we went and got bread for Dad.  Mum went in shopping and Dad stayed out with us and we met some nice people.  They always want to stop and say hello cos I am so cute in my blue bows, and Cato is just Cato.

This is the way home.  It is the sniffiest alley ever!



And there are side alleys behind the houses.



And look!  two more CATS.  They were too far away for us to GET THEM.  So we let them stay looking all cool.  This time.


This was a really good sniff.  Cato sniffed for longer than me cos he is sniffier.


This is me realising that we are close to home again!  Yay!  I was busting for a widdle, cos I don't like widdling in public.  That's cos I am a girl.  Boyz like showing off their widdle.  Cos they are weird.  Like Cato.




I have to blog this one Aunties, cos Tara is sulking.  She says there aren't enuff pics of her.  But I think there are more pics of her than me - and lots of pics of flowers.  But I mustn't complain, cos it meant Mum and her new camera and me and Tara and Dad all had a really nice walk.



Mum says that everyone should notice the focus n stuff.  Just nod.  That is what I do.  It makes her happy.

This was some very good sniffing.  And those leaves on the path are getting lovely and squishy squelchy underfoot.  Mud is coming!


Lots of Autumny colours and sniffs



And look at these ducks!  I really wanted to Hunt them and Eat them!  But they were all scared of me!  ha!  Tara didn't want to hunt them, and she stayed back or she would be in the pic too.


All these ducks are coming to see Mum and Dad cos they think we have bread and boring old duck food.  But we don't.



This was near the ducks.  This is the only pic of Tara, so make the most of it.  She says I have to point out the blue bows.


Mum likes this pic of me, even though she trimmed my eyebrows this morning, and I am a bit lopsided.  She wants to do my tail next.  Gulp.


This pic is with the zoomy thing.  It is Ted and Lola with their humans.  They are 5andahalfmonths and they are half Shih Tzu and half Bichon.  They were nice.


This is Archie.  He was very interested in Tara's knickers!  She put her tail down to cover them up.


Then Mum decided to do some stuff with the camera, and me and Tara and Dad went and had a sit down at a bench, with water and treats and Truffle Hound.  Dad had a cup of tea in a paper cup too.  And a slice of carrot cake.  Tara wanted some carrot cake until she got some.  But then she decided she didn't and spat out soggy carrot cake.  Dad said 'What a waste'.  But Tara didn't care.

This is with the zoomy thing too.  Cos Mum and Dad couldn't read the sign until they zoomified.  Haha!  It is HUGE in the pic, but it was really a loooong way away.


These are Mums pics






Bet you were waiting to see how this camera takes rose pics, eh?


in the shade


same rose, in the sun.  what a difference!  All I did was shift 2 feet to the right so that I was no longer blocking the sun on the flower.




The last camera struggled with subtle shades of green, and used to saturate with bright reds.  This one seems to do much better







As we were walking round the park, we noticed a couple of houses for sale.  This one looked nice.  Very big.  Way outside our price range, I am sure!




and it has a view of the fountain through the trees.




Mum's new camera delight

Yesterday the light was awful, so I just played with the software.  Had to download new Firmware, which was a new experience!

Anyway, these were taken in the garden during my lunch break 10 mins ago, and now here they are for your delectation.

The sky really is that grey, and the light really is that dull.  But the colours seem very true.  I didn't phaff with zooming in or anything, just bent down close to the flowers and snapped away.

These are my pretty little cyclamen, valiantly blooming


This is (astonishingly) an oriental poppy which stopped flowering a couple of months ago, died back, and has now resprouted and thrown out a single lushious bud and flower.  It was so windy that it took 4 shots before I got one that wasn't blurred.


This is a wind action shot.  These grass heads are marvelous, but it is really too windy to get anything useful.


Self seeded wall fern.  I LOVE them.


And a brave little primrose flowering about 5 months early, bless it.


All those were closeups, so I decided to go for one distance shot to compare with the dreadful ones in the last blog.  Still dull, but it is in focus, and the light really is like this.  No pink tones or blue tones.  


Looking forward to using it in sunlight, and on Cato and Tara - who, incidently, were offered a photoshoot in the garden but preferred to stay snuggled up in the warm, reclining on their beds.  Little brats.  I bet they will be whinging later, cos it is all so booooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!

So far, the camera is working out great.


Mum's camera woes


Going to show you one of the reasons why the blogging has been missing lately. :(

About a month ago my lovely Nikon Coolpix S33 camera died.  It had been losing battery charge very rapidly, and I had changed the rechargeable battery once, to no improvement.  Then it decided to not switch off, and just blink a light at me until the battery ran down.  It still charged, but then it just ran the battery flat immediately afterwards.

So, new camera.  Which arrived and I instantly thought, hmmm this may have been a mistake.  V cheap flimsy case, the door to get at the memory card, battery and charging socket wouldn't open to start with.  And then it wouldn't close easily.  But I charged it up and went out with the beasties, and not one of those first day's pics was good enough for blogging.  Not one.  All were out of focus.  All looked shaky.  The light was dull and cold.

But I kept trying, adjusting settings, trying different conditions, and believe me when I say that the pics below are the best I have ever taken with it - and I think they are terrible.  Nothing is properly crisp and in focus.  It was a dull day, but not as dull as it looks... I mean, you can barely make out C&T's faces!  And what is the weird pink tone on the tarmac path?











Anyway, the camera is going back 'faulty', because I don't think that a camera that takes every pic out of focus, dark and grey-pink is working properly.

Next one is already ordered.

Fingers crossed for it, eh?


Aunties, it isn't right!


You know how much we love Mum and Dad.  We do!  And we love walking and sniffing and snuggling and wrestling with pythons and EVERYTHING.  So we are happy.   We are.

But... we used to do more walks.  Back when Mum was taking dictation and me and Tara were blogging every day, it was HARD work! But we got to go out all the time, and went to interesting sniffy places.  Different every day.  And it was hot and sunny and nice.  And muddy and fun.

For ages and ages and ages we haven't been doing that.  :(  We don't get big long sunny rambles.  And we don't get to go to new places.  It is all rushing to go to the square field, or Foxy park, or street walking, and sometimes the big Lake Park.  We haven't been to the sand dunes for EVER.  Or Bear Park.  Or our big soggy rocky beach with seagulls and seaweed. :(

Mum says it is cos of Work Stuff.  And short lunchtimes.  And Autumn weather and stuff.

But it is just sad. :(  And I think it is cos her camera died, and the new camera is horribubble and she can't make it work properly.  All blurry.

I miss our walks.  






Grandad's Garden


Hello Aunties.  This blog is me cos Tara can't remember so far back.  I can remember cos these pics were taken the day that my wonky leg was unwonked.  So I will never ever ever forget.  We went out for a pic walk in Grandad's Garden just before I met nice MrMcT and he unwonked me.

Last time we went to stay with Grandad and Grandma, the garden looked very different.  There was a whole new flowerbed wot was all bare earth which is good for widdling and scratting, cos Grandad had only just laid the big yellow slabs for the path, and he had hardly put in any boring green stuff.  He had bigbigbig plans for the flowerbed.  Which wasn't very interesting, really.  Cos I was busy sniffing the fox poo and the pigeon poo and the fallen bird food!

This time there was green stuff EVERYWHERE, and hardly any space to widdle in the new flowerbed.  And lots of boring old established green stuff.  But Mum says you will find it interesting, so we have to show you.

This is the new flowerbed from the patio doors where me and Mum and Tara slept.  Well, Mum did work stuff and me and Tara slept.


And this is closer.  Those stone things are something called a bubbly fountain wot Grandad put in.  Sometimes it bubblified and sometimes it didn't.  And sometimes it lit up.  And sometimes Tara licked it.


This is us doing our investigation sniffs.  Tara liked widdling near here.  Grandad kept talking about brown patches on the lawn.  Haha!


These are the big yellow path slabs.  I like walking on them, when I do my patrols.


Boring bearded iris stuff.  Grandad says they did well cos this is their first summer.  They will get biggerer and biggerer.


These are the runner beans.  Grandma loves runner beans.  She even gave me some.  Yuck!  I licked them and then spat them out.  I bet Carrera would LOVE them.


This blue bench is Auntie's. 


Auntie is Mum's sister.  Auntie and Uncle moved a bit ago, and they have left a lot of plant stuff and blue benches and blue pots all over Grandma and Grandad's garden.  They are going to take them to their new house when they have time.  

See all the brown patches?  Tara says it isn't her.  She says she couldn't widdle that much.  


This is more plant stuff.  Mum did tell me all about it all, but I kind of wasn't listening.






Tara climbs everywhere. 


See those little black pots?  Those are something called Grandma's Special Roesmary Seedlings, and I wasn't allowed to widdle on them.

All the other pots belong to Auntie and will go with the blue bench to Aunties place soon.  I did widdle on them.


On the last night, while I was doing my Late Night Patrol and Last Widdle, I had a Cat Adventure!  It was very exciting.

I like to go out of the patio doors, and go all the way around the perimiter (that is a technical patrolling term).  I go along the path all around the peryimeter, and sniff everything, and Mum stands in the doorway and says things like 'Come on Cato, it hasn't changed since your last patrol' and 'Hurry up, bedtime'.  And stuff like that.  But I have to do my patrols properly.  You never know what might have happened, or who you might meet.  And this time I met a HUGE big fluffy Persian Siamese cat thing.  In MY garden.  On MY patrol!!!  I stood still and looked at it.  And it stood still and looked at me.  And it was a kind of standoff.  Then Mum said 'What is going on Cato?  Am I going to have to come and fetch you?'  And the cat knew that I was part of a big brave Pack with Mum as a Pack Leader and me as the Very Important Scout and Patroller, and it knew that it would be in BIG TROUBLE if it didn't run away veryveryvery fast.  So it did.  Run away I mean.

So then I finished my Patrol and everything was OK.

Tara didn't even see the cat.

She is such a girl, isn't she?


My antenner


Hello Aunties!

We had a FAB walk yesterday.  We only went out to do an Autumn Photo Shoot for me, so I can be a Supermodel again, and look fab.  Mum did my hair up in a new style and everything.

Cato larffed at me and said that Carrera rocks this look much better than me.  But he is just jealous.  Cato I mean, not Carrera.  

Can you see my hair?


This is when we were catching up with Mum.  Cato was doing a silly walk at the time, and worrying Mum in case his wonky leg was wonky again.  But it turned out he had a prickle in his knickers.  So Mum took it out and he un-wonked.


Boring berries.  Mum pretends they are interesting and (you have to imagine Mum's posh gardening voice) indicative of a harsh winter to come.  Woteva that means.


This is that big tree of AuntieAngel's


Cos we love her.  And we love Donte too.  And he is in the hospital at the moment and we are all worried about him. Very worried.

This is our usual pic of the trees changing colour, but it isn't from the right place.  There woz someone sitting on our bench so we had to take the pic from a different place.


This is me beating up Cato.  He needs lots of practice being beaten up, cos of his wonky leg.  He is all out of condition and needs training and stuff.  I know all this cos of my athletical Ninja Balletic Piratical experience.  But he doesn't do wot I tell him, so then I have to beat him up some more.


This is me sniffing.  In the Autumn sun.  Only I am not on a bench at the moment.


Cato is playing Truffle Hound 


And this is me on the bench with my Antenner, like Carreras.  Only I have one Antyenner, and two bows.  Aren't I clever?

Mum says she is disappointed that the green bench is reflecting the blue sky, so there isn't enuff contrast between my bows and the bench.  And she is sorry that the sun went in too.

But I think I look FAB!!!  You can even see my black beauty spot on my left hand-paw, and my nice beardstains from my dinner.  I look great don't I Aunties? 


Anyway.  Mum said I could have my Special Hair as a Special Day, cos it needed cutting and it could look Magnificent for one day.  And then when we came home she chopped it all off!  I now have a tiny little stumpy stump sprout.  Like back in the days when I woz growing it.  Mum says that she might have taken a wee bit too much off, but that it will grow. :(

Can I come and live you @Carrera? Cos your Mum knows how to let a girl have decent hairstyles.  My stump looks AWFUL now. :(


My MrMcT treatment


Hello Aunties!  Now that Tara has stopped fussing about her feet, I can tell you about my visit to my new VetDoctor.  Mum says he is called MrMcT which is short for him being a McTimoney somethingorother.

He was nice.

Tara didn't come in with me!  Yay!  So she wasn't squeaking and getting in the way and wanting fuss, and I had Mr MrMcT all to myself.  He got down on the floor to see me, which I liked, so I didn't have to stand on that horrible high vet table.

He did stuff to me, and stroked me and rubbed me and lifted my leg and did proddy stuff on my feet and everything.  I didn't mind.  Even when he made by back-leg go crunch, and feel funny for a bit.

Mum said cos I was sore I didn't have to go for a walk, but I hope I don't miss any more!


Mum: in case that made no sense whatsoever, I have written about Cato's McTimoney treatment here, in a slightly more coherent and human way.  :roflmao::



Ticklish Foots


Me again!

Cato says he needs a whole blog to himself to tell you all the boring stuff about his Special VetDoctor stuff wot I didn't go to, and they won't tell me all about cos it is so dull i just fall asleep.

Anyway, cos he's going to be hogging the blogging talking all about him, i can squeezify in first and tell you about my ticklish foots.

No pics again.  Even though Mum says my foots are Perfick and pink and black and fluffy white and she wants to kiss my paw pads cos they are so cute.  Cato's paw pads are boring black, so that is less cute, isn't it?

Well, i like it more now Mum agrees that my back foots are ticklish.  I've been telling her this FOR EVER!!! But now she believes me.  And my brushing is nicer.  I don't mind her doing my front foots.  That is nice.  I lie on my back and she does my chin and chest and tummy and bikini, and armpits and front foots.  I love it.  But then when she goes down my back legses and the tickle stuff starts i have to squiggle and squirm and i curl up like a hedgepiggy and lick and lick and it TICKLES!!!

Only now it is better.  Cos Mum believes me now, and she is less tickly and does it faster, and lets me lickandlickandlick until it stops the TICKLING and she does my tail, and then my chest and tummy again, cos that is the best bit.

But i still don't like the buzzy thing on my toeses when Mum is cutting my foots fur!


Walk stuff


My turn!  Cato has been hogging the blogging lately, so I get to tell you all how awesome I am.  And wot fun we had.  and stuff like that.  And there are more skypics for AuntieCrystal too.

This bloggification is about 2 different walks, cos that is how clever I am!  I can do two walks at once!

This is when we went the Big Lake Park, and Mum accidentally picced all the wrong things.  She picced birds and flowers and Cato and all the boring stuff.  But there isn't a single pic of ME!  Isn't that awful!  But I don't mind, cos you know I woz there, and I can tell you all about it.

Boring thistles


Boring Vetch


Horrible bouncy big splashy dogs in the swimming area wot I won't go in cos they are scary.  Mum says that you can see wot a lovely day it woz from the sun and the sky and stuff.  It was very sniffy too!


Cato pretending that he wanted to go swimming.  And he says I have to point out his tail to you.  Cos he says it is looking particularly good.  Not as good as mine, of course, but then you can't see it, can you?  Cos Mum didn't pic it.  Bad Mum!


Scary swans





Interesting ducks.  Mum says she likes this pic cos of the light and the water and stuff.  YAWN!


This is something called Duckweed.  Ducks eat it.  Only there weren't any ducks eating it cos if there had been I would have eaten the ducks!!! haha!


These are the sky picses for AuntieCrystal.




And these are more ducks wot were being cowards and not letting me eat them.  Wimps!



Right, so that woz walk number 1.

This is walk number 2 in Town Park.  This woz the walk where Mum took all the Rose pics for AuntieCrystal's birthday (my birthday is coming up soon!  I want cake and pink fish and Dad to stay home ALL DAY) so you have seen all the Rose pics before, so I don't have to be boring and tell you all about them, and I can tell you all about the interesting sniffy stuff!

Cato showing off his tail AGAIN


Cato catching up.  I am still not in this pic, on account of me being good and staying near Mum and Dad and not wandering off sniffing everything and getting left behind and having to catch up.  That is cos I am a good girl and Cato isn't.  Good I mean, not a girl.  Of course he isn't a girl.  He's a boy.



These are me having sniffing adventures and exploring and stuff.  Cato is tagging along.




This pic is all about the MUD and not about Cato's tail.  He is very boring about his tail.


See my fountain?  And my bench?  And Cato asking for a drink and treats.  Mum had to give him a drink to stop him drinking the lake.  She said 'Noooooo Cato!  That lake is full of duck poo!  Have this nice clean water instead.'  But he really wanted to drink duck poo.


This is my fountain again.  And the sky.  And a big giant bird thing in the tree.  I thought about going swimming but then I decided not to.



Mum went away!


it was terrible!  Mum and Dad went out, and only Dad came back!  

Dad came and sat on the sofa and we watched snooker stuff.  And we had treats and more dinner than usual.  But she hadn't come home by the time we went up to the Big Bed.  It was very worrying!

We went out for breakfast, and i wanted to get home really fast in case she arrived and didn't know where the pack was!  But she still didn't come home!

Then all of a sudden we could hear her!  And smell her!  And then she was on the floor saying hello!  And it was all OK again.

I'm going to sit on her ALL DAY in case she disappears again.



Mum's home!

she woz gone for EVER, and we had sausages and Dad watched TV with me, and my hair fell down, and the Big Bed was even bigger, and i missed her and Cato was all soppy.  I am glad she is home.  I am going to wear my red bows next.  I like it when Mum does my hair, cos i can get really close and look at her, and she brushes me, and it is lovely.


Flowers for AuntieCrystal's Birthday


We have been walking, and Mum has been piccing a bit, but we thought you would like these flowers, AuntieCrystal.  cos you are having a sad time. :(

We did lots of sniffy interesting stuff at the park that day as well, of course.









Oh, and I have to tell you that Tara is silly.

She was all fussy and fidgety on the sofa with Mum this evening, and now she has got two legs that haven't been brushed.  So she is walking all lopsided.

I have been brushed everywhere, cos I am a Good Little Man and I lay on my back in Mum's arms and let her brush all the nooksandcrevices wotever they are.  I like it.  

Tara is nearly 3 and she still has ticklish foots.


Rude Word


you know how clever I am?  I mean I am clever all the time.  But i am extra specially clever climbing stairs.  And this morning Mum helped me down off the Big Bed and we went downstairs for out widdles.  Of course Cato has to be carried down cos he isn't stair-clever.

so then we came in again and boring Cato just got into his crate bed to sleep.  He sleeps all morning if you let him.  And Mum did her boring drink making and computer sitting.  Yawn!

but - remember i am so clever - i went for a sniff patrol, just to see wot had happened over night.  In the garden and the front room.  All over.  Anyway, i found the stairs!  And that horrid gate thing was open!

so OBVIOUSLY i had to show how clever i am and go and see Dad. He was still on the Big Bed all snortley and snuffley and snuggly.  And i went up and woke him up cos he was missing all the lovely morning sniffs and widdles and clevernesses.

and he was sooooo pleased to see me climb on his middle that he said a Rude Word!  But then Mum came and got me and we had to go downstairs again :( and the horrid gate clanged shut :( and Dad went back to snortleing :(  Sometimes Mum is such a spoilsport!


Spa Day Worries


Aunties i am worried.

i heard Mum and Dad talking about it.  They said the we are due those horrible stinky flea drops :(

and then they said they would wait til after our Spa Day!  Not today.  And not when we wake up. But the one after that.

isn't that AWFUL?

there will be Mum going away.  And horrible wet stuff bath stinky bubbles.  And hot blowy noisy air stuff.  And those horrible buzzy bitey clippy things.


Tara doen't know.  Cos she was chewing a pigs ear.  Not that she listens even if she isn't chewing a pigs ear.  But i know, and i am a bit worried.