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Finally!  Mum has catcheded up enough blog for me to tell you about my Big Adventure!  I woz AWESOME!!!

And there aren't any pics cos Mum and the camera were left at home.

So, first off, Mum and Grandma and Grandad had this big boring conversation, all about walks, and were there poo bags, and did G&G have water, and yawn stuff like that.  I wozn't listening, cos Grandad had the leads in his hand and my ears switch off then.

Then it got really exciting, with leads and G&G and going out the door, and the gate and stuff, and it wozn't til we were outside and across the road, that I realised we had left Mum behind!  She wozn't with us!  For the longest time, I thought she woz going to catch up.  Coz she does that sometimes.  Or she is waiting for us.  So I kept looking.  And Cato woz with us, so that woz OK.  And all he woz interested in were the sniffs.

I kept looking for Mum, but she was gone.  And we were being dragged off.  Well, I was.  A bit.  But I didn't struggle much, cos I am too clever and cunning for that!

We walked for ages along the road path thing.   Then we crossed onto the green.  Then we crossed the green and another road.  Then we went along the lane and into the gate and along and along until we came to the field.  The one that Cato likes cos of the mole hills.

Then Grandma PawNapper got some treats out, and we had some.  They were OK for PawNappers.  Actually they tasted just like OUR treats.  So maybe they TreatNapped too!  And they (G&G PawNapper) made a fuss of me and then they let me off the lead wot they had used to steal me away from Mum!!!

So I was clever and brave and a Ninja Pirate, and I danced out of their PawNapping reach!

I told Cato he should do the same, but all he wanted was another treat.

G&GPN tried to tricksy me closer, so they could grab me again, but No!  I foiled their dastardly plan!  And when GrandadPN tried to catch me to trap me, I decided that I wanted my Mum, and I wanted her NOW.  So I set off for home.

I ranandranandran.

I ran out of the field and along the path and through the gate and down the lane and across the road - the cars all stopped, but I was running too fast to notice - and then I ran all the way across the green.  I was a bit puffed by then, so I stopped for a bit and watched GrandadPN running towards me calling me, with a treat in his hand.  But I am lotsandlots too smart to be PawNapped like that EVER AGAIN.  so I waited til he got nearly close enough to grab me, and then I was OFF!  And I ranandranandran again.

I ran off the green and across the road, and a man in a car stopped and called to me!  But he woz a PawNapper too - I can tell - so I just ran on down the road til I found GranandGrandad's house, and I could smell Mum on our car and our path, and I went and sat on the mat until GrandadPN catcheded me up and opened the door and I could find Mum.

Aren't I clever!!!!

And then there woz another yacky human conversation, with hand waving and fussing and I fell asleep cos I had run so far, and cos PawNapping is really exciting, and foiling PawNapping is heroic, and I needed a snooze.


Wed 3rd May: My garden at Grandad's


When we go and stay with G&G I get to have a whole new big garden, and to supervise Grandad when he does plant stuff.  Although sometimes he doesn't do stuff like he should.

Mum says I shouldn't be so bossy.  But it is hard not to be when I see Grandad doing stuff that is wrong.

This is him on the bald bit.  It is good for peeing and pooing, but he is fussing with it, and keeps digging holes and filling them with plants.  I don't mind the holes, but why does he want to put plants in them?  He says it is a new flower bed, but he has enough flowers already.



This is our door.  Mum leaves the slidey thing open for me and Tara to go on patrol.  Only Tara had to squeak and whine to ask Mum to open the slide more.  Cos she is fat.

That bit of carpet is down cos Tara doesn't really understand about doors.  She is good with catflaps, but not doors.  And last time we stayed at G&G's she pooed inside the door, cos she didn't ask for the door to be opened.  So she is silly AND fat.  

This is my 'Tara is silly, isn't she?' face.


See?  Nice holes and sniffy stuff wot I am inspecting.  And then there are plants appearing. :(


This is me coming to tell Grandad he is doing it wrong.


Mum says this is a Ceanothus


I widdled on that plant.  Grandad and I had a bit of a chat about it.  But he shouldn't have left it there, should he?  Black plant pots need widdling on.  They just do.


This place is GREAT.  There are so many sniffs.  Grandad told me about compost and stuff, but he wasn't listening to me when I showed him all the sniffs.  He says that compost needs to be messy, or it doesn't work properly.  I like compost.  There are bugs and worms and beetles and crawley things. And I like widdling on those brick things too.


This is called Tamarisk.  Grandad says.  He and Grandma are usually on holiday when the Tamarisk flowers, so they haven't seen it for ages.  But they did this time.  And we are on holiday too.  So we get to see it too.



Tara likes this garden cos there is lots of PINK in it.

That is the Tamarisk again.  The tall frilly thing at the back.  Sorry it is lying on its side.  That is Mum piccing sideways.


This is Broom.  It is a bit stinky, so I would like Grandad to take it away.  It made me snuffle.


and this is from our slidey door again.  With the Tamarisk frilling in the middle.


I'm not allowed to go in the Front Garden, cos of the road.  I wouldn't mind the road, but Mum says 'No Cato, too dangerous.'  I bet it is sniffy out there though.

Mum took some pics of Grandad's front garden for you.







Mum says maybe we can go out there next time, if I have her on a lead, to be safe.  I will remind her.




Tue 2nd May: Round our lake


Phew!  I finally got Mum to sit down and blogg.  It is hard work!  I'm going to sit on her feet so she can't escape.

This is from AGES ago when we were at Grandma and Grandad's.  We left Dad behind, which was very worrying.  And we sat in the car for agesandages, and then we arrived!  And it was lovely to see G&G, and have cuddles and tug of war and check the garden and the fields and the lake were OK.  Cos, you know, I hadn't been there for ages to make sure.

This is our lake walk.  If was a bit hot and I got a bit puffy.  Tara got puffy too, but it didn't slow her down at all.

This is on the way to the lake


nearly at the lake


and here it is!  It was all sunny and bright, and Mum only had her lunch hour, so we had to get a wiggle on.


Tara never wants to climb DOWN does she?  All those steps, but she only wants to go UP



Mum said there were 14 swans.  I don't know what 14 is, but it sounds a lot, doesn't it?


This made Mum larff


And remember those lovely sniffy wood piles from last time.  All wildlifey, and sniffy.  Well here is one in late spring.  It was even sniffier!  But I couldnt get very close on account of all the green stuff.


that is a swan nest.  that that grandmother woman trying to feed her kids to the swans again.  They tried to stroke me and Tara too.  And they didn't ask first!  The boy chased Tara, but she was faster than him.


These are bluebells.  Mum says so.


This is dark cos it is facing the sun.  or something.  it wasn't really dark.  Mum made a bit thing about the pylon walking across the water.  But I don't know what a pylon is.


I got to sniff this one.


bird hiding stuff.


This Tara puffing


See?  she never goes DOWN.


and this is me, puffing.

we stopped for 2 drinks!


and this was a pigeon!  it was a fresh kill.  Mum said a fox must have got it.  There was blood and EVERYTHING.  But I didn't lick it.  Mum said 'Leave!' and I did, although she gave me a treat.  I didn't actually want to lick it.  I think it must have been sitting in the sun a bit too long.


She LOOKS down though.


this was was REALLY sniffy


Can you see the duck babies.  Just the right size for my tea.


Tara wanted to go through here, until she heard a big paw barking in that field.  Then she came back very quickly.


This was when it got REALLY hot.


See how crunchy the mud had got.  Its no fun when it is like this.


Oh, this is a memory bench.  Grandma knew this lady.  She was nice.


Weird tree stuff


It was so hot I did my exhausted snore all afternoon, and Grandma asked Mum 'what have you done to your paws?'

Haha!  but I was OK by teatime, even though it wasn't pigeon.  Or duck.



Hello Auntiees!

This is Foxy park in the sun.  The daffydillies are all over though.


Tara saw William again.  We have seen William a lot lately, haven't we?  She is shaking her head here.  I spect she thinks he like it, or something.  She is very silly.


this is a Rowan tree with a Rowan flower thing.


and this is Jack.  He is much nicer now.  Although his Dad can't get him to chase balls any more.  He used to.  We used to watch.  But now he doesn't.  Mum thinks he only used to do it cos he was a puppy.  He is half Llasa and half something else.  He used to bounce on me and scare Tara.  But he is all grown up now.


Mum says this is the end of the pink stuff - Yay!


And the beginning of the blue stuff.  That is Woosteria.  There is a lot of it about.



Mum and Auntie Jane always sit at this bench, and natter.  and natter.  and natter.  They were talking about Auntie Jane's dad and stuff this time.  We never met him.  And our trip to Grandma and Grandad - tomorrow!!!!!    It woz a bit hot for me to be excited, and Tara wozn't listening, or she would have been very excited.  She loves her Grandad almost as much as William and our Dad.

I woz showing her how to lie in the middle of the path and make all the humans and paws walk around us.  They usually stop and say hello to me.  Of course Tara mucks it up sometimes cos every time a big paw comes along, she gets up and jumps up onto the bench with Auntie Jane and tries to climb onto a lap to get away from the scary paw.  Except they aren't really scary, cos they don't scare me!


Mum says you need to see the Hosta again.  Cos it is bigger.  I dunno.  seems a waste of a pic to me...



Tricksy Mum

Cato:  So Mum hasn't been blogging like she said she would, has she?  So I told her off.  She still needs to catch up lots and lots of adventures.  Including my terrible tum!!!

But she says 'I can't blog every day, Cato.  No time.  But I am going to try and blog when I can.  And sometimes that means we may be able to do more than one blog in a day.  So that means we will catch up.'


That just sounds like Mum is being tricksy, doesn't it?  I think she should bloggify every day, and tell you about all our walks and stuff.  It is like when she says, 'you had a big breakfast, so you don't need a big dinner.'  That is bad tricksy logging, isn't it.  It is more loggical to say 'have a big breakfast and then have a big dinner, cos your tummy is expecting it.'  Isn't it?

Mum just ain't loggical sometimes.



I remember this one, cos of my amazing mountaining see!:




Mum had cut my piggy tails. :( cos she said they were too long.  And I was back to a boring pony.  In purple.  And we woz on North Beach cos Mum felt bad about me not being able to mountain on the new groiny bit on the main beach.

Cato didn't like the squishy seaweed stuff under his toeses.  But I ran backwards and forwards and bounced on him til he chased me.  Haha!


There were more interesting sniffy mountains too.


and there were slopes and ramps and stuff too.  Look at Cato!  He was leaping up.  Of course he was only copying my athleticalness, but he didn't do badly.  For a short-arse wimpy boy.


I have sand on my face. And my foots are soggy.  And Cato bent my bow.  It woz a good walk.


Mum's boring ripple stuff


This is Cato going around.  He does that a lot.  I go through or over instead.


And this is when he found the sniffy rope.  It was AWESOME.  I wanted it, but he got all funny about it.  I think he wanted Mum to take it home for him.


His boring rope wasn't nearly as good as my lovely log.  Mum says it came off a pirate ship, and since I climbded on it, that makes me a Pirate too.  A Ninja Pirate.


Mum says you have to see this pic of the funny wall.  Curved.  She says it is for when there are storms and it is something to do with breaking the waves.  I know.  Boooooring!


That's Cato standing on top of the bendy wall looking down.  He didn't realise how high he was, or he would have got in a tizz.


Mum says this is for you, AuntieCrystal.


It was starting to rain a bit.



So we promendadoed for ages, and got wet, but then we went to the nice French place, and Mum had a hot choc and we had a sit down and a snuggle and some treats.




Me again.  This is a boring one.  We went for a street walk, which is sniffy but a bit... um... well, we can't bounce, can we?  And then we can't go on the beach any more, cos of tourists.  Mum says.  Cos tourists don't like paws having fun on the beach.  So we did Promendadoing on the the Promendado.  And there were stinky flowers.




and Mum says that she has lived here for ever and ever and ever (Mum: 8 years) and never knew that they put the tide times on this red board.  So that we don't get drowneded splooshed when we go on the beach.


And there are mountains growing at the end of the bit of beach where we can't go.


Mum talked to the man, and he said that it was a new Y shaped groin to replace the old wooden one that sticks out into the estuary.  And the wood one can wash away now, and the new mountains will stay for ever.


Tara wanted to go mountaining, but Mum said it is against the law to go on these mountains til we are allowed back on the beach.  Mum says that is when the weather gets cold again, and is called the 30th September.

Do you think Tara can keep a sulk going til Autumn?



I have to bloggify.  We (Mum and me) just showed the pics to Tara, and she can't remember anything about this day, except that she got to squeak at William again.  She is completely dooolally over William.  That is a Mum word.  It means silly.

It was very bright and sunny and green.  And there were lots of fried egg plants poking up through the grass.


I would have preferred a real fried egg.




This is Tara doing her sniff thing.


This is me showing Tara how to sniff PROPERLY.  And I am standing on the sprouty things too.  That always helps.


Have you seen us with our new haircuts?  I can't remember.  It is nice and cool.  But Mum thinks she needs to cut Tara's silly hair stuff a bit, cos you can't see her ears at all.  Just her big floppy bobbly piggy tails.


This paw is stopped to think.  She is a bit old, and she didn't want to walk past us to her Mum.  But she did in the end.  We wouldn't have hurt her.


Hawthorn flowers


Pink flowers.  Mum says she had to show you these, cos they look better than the week before, on account of the sun being out and the sky being blue.  But they don't sniff any better.




Mum took so long phaffing with the tulip pic that we went and sat at the bench waiting for our treat.


This is the view from the bench.




This is William again.  William's Mum is this man's Mum, and this woman's Mum.  So I think that makes them William's litter mates, doesn't it?


We met lots of friends.




So Tara beat me up after, like she always does, when there are too many paws around.  See how floppy her pigtails are?




White stuff


and this is a beech hedge.  Mum says the baby beech leaves are all green and fresh and crinkly as they slide out of their brown winter blankets.




Hi Aunties.  We have done lots of sniffy walks this week, but mainly with Dad, and he is dodging the camera (so Mum says).  So the only blog pics we have are when Mum took us to the Centre of the Universe today.  It was a bit grey, but it was warm and lovely and sniffy.




There is pink stuff EVERYWHERE, isn't there?  Mum doesn't know wot this is, but she says it is pretty.  Yeah, well...


This is Tara at the beginning, wanting me and Mum to hurry up.


We usually bring Dad on these Centre of Universe walks, cos he likes to go mountaineering with Tara.  But he didn't come today, cos he was working. :(  and Tara missed him terribly. :( she didn't even go up the biglongtall mountain range and walk along the top. :(

This is one of Mum's weird pics.  It is some kind of bug thing.  There were lots of them.  And she thinks they are bug nests, but not spider nests.  Something to do with the caterpillar things.  They were a bit too high for me to see, so I don't really find them very interesting.


This is Tara doing one of her sneaky tail attacks.  :angry2:  I had to tell her off.


This is in a gap in the attacks.  We both got a bit hot.


But it was fun chasing her.


This is her cooling her tummy on the grass.  There were lotsandlotsandlots of dandelions!


We came along this path on the way home.  It was sniffier.  And there were some bees.  I think bees are a bit... um... mean.  I try and stay away from them.  When I remember.





I stopped running about when I got hot.  But Tara can't help herself.  And then she goes all floppy.


So we all sat down and had a big drink.









This is me and AuntieJane and all the pink stuff.  She said Mum could take the pic and show all of you.  I was supposed to be with AuntieJane in the shot, but I forgot and went and sniffed something.

Cos it was BunniDay, and cos the sun was out, there were lots and lots and lots of paws around.  Mum made muttery noises about why do we only see people when it is sunny?  Don't they walk their dogs the rest of the year?  But I just liked meeting people and making new friends.    There were paws everywhere!  and we had never seen lots of them before.

We also saw William, and Tara did her squeaky flirty silly thing.


She even tried standing on my back, to stop me from talking to William, because she wanted all his attention.


This is me meeting some of my new friends.


Can you see me in the middle, near the yellow bag?  I made friends with the two little humans and the big girl and the black cockapoo, and everyone liked me.  I didn't want to leave them, when Mum called.

These are more of my friends.  They are 7 and 11 years old.  They were nice, and their Mum was nice to us too.  I wish we had a big pack.


And this is Daisy, and um... a black paw... and Daisy's Mum is tickling Tara's tummy.  She says that the pink bows in Tara's hair are terrible, and that Mum is abusing her.   But she says it in a larffy way, and she tries to persuade Tara to escape the torture, and go and live with Daisy and her.  I think Tara could go and stay with her sometimes, don't you?  I wouldn't mind. And it would be lovely and peaceful.


Mum says I am the Handsomest Little Man in the History of The World.


and she says that Tara is the Prettiest Little Terror on The Planet.


This is some white stuff.  It looked all grey and manky, but Mum did some picture magic to make it look whiter.  I think that is cheating a bit, don't you?


Pink pink pink.  


Mum says we have to appreciate the pink stuff as much as we can, cos by next week it will all be on the ground.  Spring has been FAST this year.



These are little tulip things.  Baby ones.  Mum doesn't like us walking on them.


And this is Tara with her stick.  I didn't really want it, but she kept poking it at me.  She obviously wanted me to try and steal it from her.


But it didn't seem worth the effort, cos she always cheats.


These are more tulips.


A big Dalmation came and walked all over the tulips just after this photo. :(


Mum:  Remember that HUGE hosta from last year? Well here it is, starting again.  I love seeing this.  It delights me the way Nature is so... magnificent.





Today we had sausages AND bacon bits!  They were delicious!  I had bigger bits than Cato!

This is me waiting for my sausage and bacon.  


Mum had just realised that we had left home in such a hurry that she hadn't done my hair!  I didn't mind though.  I wanted sausages more than I wanted my hair done.  We went to a sausage place with outside tables, and we were allowed to sit on the bench while Mum and Dad ate.  Mum said that we would have had to sit on the ground if anyone else had been there.  Not fair!

This is when we set off on our walk.


It was a really nice long walk, with lots of bouncing.  This place is called Buck Beck and we walk along and along and along it.  There is lots of sniffing.

and things to climb


and then we arrived at Big Lake Park.


only we normally go to the carpark bit.  But this time we got there on the other side.  Mum told me why.  Something about mad running people doing mad running stuff around the lake, and us not wanting to be trampled by mad runners and mad runner car parkerers.  So we left the car a long way away, and walked, and didn't go near any mad people.


Can you see them?  All running along in a line?

There were some mad cycling people too.  Although I like the orange and yellow.  Orange and yellow suit me, don't they?


So we went along here too.  And I tried to push Cato into the reeds and into the water, but he was boring and didn't let me.


Can you see the pink lady?  She was running, and she had four paws with her, all running too.  I like running, but I like to beat Cato up and rest and sniff and stuff too.  Just running and running doesn't sound like much fun, does it?


The mud is going crunchy :( so we went round all the bits that used to be squelchy.


and Cato knew the way to the Donkey Field.  Only there STILL aren't any donkeys, so there isn't any donkey poo, either. :(


This is near the carpark.  It is where all the mad runners start and finish.  Dad wanted to get the leads out, cos he said that I might cause havoc.  But Mum said not to worry, they look plenty havocy already.  One small Tzu can't really add to it.  Haha!

So I was veryveryvery good and I didn't havocify.  At all.


But it was really difficult and boring being good for so long.  So after that, Cato needed beating up.





and then I felt better.

This is some boring pic stuff that Mum thinks is interesting


and this is the golf course on the way back along Buck Beck.


I wasn't allowed to havocify there, either. :(

But is was OK, cos I just bounced on Cato again instead. :)



Today we went to Pops and Nana, and had chew sticks and cuddles, and Pops larffed at Tara's yellow bows.

Then we went to walk in the Town Park with Mum and Dad so it was a proper pack walk.  Lots of boring flowers and not many pics of me and Tara, although there were lots and lots of sniffs too.  We met a few paws, including a very nice black Lab and some barky SausagePaws.  Mum says the light was bad, so you can't really see how nice the flowers were.

These are the boring flower picks.  We will get them over first so you can see my Duck Hunt at the end.  It is the best bit.

This is first sniff


Mum says this is a Mahonia, and those are berry things.


Can you see me?  And the pigeons?  I wanted Tara to do a Pack Circling Scissor Manoeuvre.  I gave her the signals, and EVERYTHING - and all she did was wander off!  She is hopeless!


I was a bit cross


So Mum took some flower pics while I calmed down.


This is that same pink stuff Mum obsessified over last year.  She is doing it again.


Pity is was such a grey day.




and this is some white stuff too.


Mum says the roses were given a really hard prune (wots a prune?) and they are starting to come back all green.  


This is a memory bench.  And that is Tara's tail.  She got on the bench, as usual.


Look at all these pigeons and ducks!  I was in Hunting Mode, of course.  After the Pigeon Disaster.  And I didn't want Tara mucking everything up again.  Mum wouldn't let me get these ones.  She said I might frighten them.  And the children. :(  So I had to bide my time.  Good thing we Hunters are known for our patience, eh?


and then I saw it... perfick position.  split off from the herd.  doesn't it look nervous?

I really wanted Duck for my tea, I can tell you!

But then... DISASTER!  - Tara saw it.  You can see her seeing it, can't you Aunties?


...and of course, she mucked it up again, and the duck escaped back into the pond. :(


Then we all went for a drink at the cafe.  Me and Tara had our water, and some treats, while Mum and Dad had tea.  

I would have preferred duck.



Wed 12th Mar: Bye Bye Beach


We went to the beach again today, on account of it being time to say goodbye.  Cos when the Easter Bunni appears, us paws aren't allowed on the beach any more, until it gets cold and blowy again. :(  (Mum: dogs banned on the tourist main beach from Good Friday til 30th Sept.  But they are still permitted at the North Beach, and The Centre of the Universe beaches).

But it is OK, cos I don't really like the beach that much.  Tara gets bored, and then all she wants to do is Ninja me.  And the sand gets in my eyes, and if you try and wipe it out, it just gets worse and worse...

Mum has started making squeaky noises about flowers again.  Sigh.  So today there were lots and lots and lots of flower pics, and almost none of us.  So I have asked Mum to do this blog, cos... you know... flowers aren't very interesting, are they?



Cato has gone for a little lie down to digest his breakfast.  And Tara is already asleep, so I will give you the Floral Tour. :roflmao:

Most of the tulips in this flowerbed were already over.  And the daffs.  But these little yellow and burgundy ones were exquisite


and a red and yellow one, nestling in the weeds


lovely to see this tree trained against a West facing wall.  Not sure what it is.  Maybe a cherry?



We were walking from the market place to the beach, through the small park, and there has been a BURST of glorious colour in the last few days.  A riot of spring flowers





of course, the paws were FAR more interested in the grass and the sniffs.

See how short their coats are?  They had a spa day on Monday, and seem to think it is a bit drafty!  But I asked for a summer clip, since they were overheating a lot with all the Ninja action.



more lovely flowers.  The red white and blue combo was stunning, but hasn't really shown up in the pic





The tide was so far in, that we had to say goodbye to the beach from up on the Promenade.  Wasn't worth going down onto the sand.  

Cato is looking forward to more sniffy walks in Bear Woods, now that the mud is drying up.  And Tunnelling.  And of course Tara doesn't care where we go, so long as there is something to climb up.



Mum did me pigtails today.  I look supercool and Ninjaey.  And Mum says that me and Lacey are going to skool at St Trinians.

This is me before I Ninjaed.


And this is me after.


It woz a bit hot.  Mum says we are having our winter coats off, so I can be cool.  I think she means less panty, cos I am always cool, aren't I?

I got some little matts in my armpit yesterday.  Ow!  Mum said I was too delicate a pwincess to have them brushed out, so she got the skissers.


Cato didn't want to blog today.  He said that there was too much PINK, and PINK is my department.  But I'm not really interested in PINK when it is up high.


Mum says the PINKNESS is only just starting.




These little bobbly bits are called Elderflower.


and these little bobbly bits are Rowan.  It all seems pretty pointless to me.  I mean, who cares!!!


More dangly stuff


This is where my mud usually lives, but it has gone!  But it is a good spot to do charging and bumping and Ninjaing


sunny stuff.


more pink stuff


and Mum says she can see all the trees in the distance starting to wake up.  Yawn.




Bloggifying to catch up


My turn!  My turn!  Cato did typing stuff all by himself, so now it is my turn to do blog stuff.  Mum says.  So there, Cato!

Mum has been too busy to blog for AGES, she says.  Cos of the computer and work stuff.  She has been whinging a lot about it.  And goes and sits in the splashy pool to sleep it off.  All seems a lot of fuss to me.  If she didn't want to computer, then all she has to do is come out for a walk with me.  She does too much computering and not enough walking!

Anyway, we went for a walk on the beach and saw stinky flowers.



and this is First Sniff


and this was a hole.  Cato likes holes more than me.  I like MOUNTAINS.


I did some ACE bouncing.  Look how off balance and non-Ninjarey Cato is.  And see how Athletical I am!


This is a fantastic Ninja move that I have been practicing.  I runandrunandrun to Cato, and then I BOUNCE and my bottom goes even higher and bouncier than normal.  Cato says I look silly, but I don't, do I Aunties?  I look like a finely honed Athletical Beach Ninja.  Cato is just jealous.


This is me getting told off by Mum for something or other.  Can't remember wot.  Do you like my yellow bow?


Cato says this is Beachcombering.  It is like hunting, but more boring.


This is beachcombering too.  I am not in the pic cos I had got bored.


The sky is grey, but it was HOT.  Mum says we need to take our Winter Coats off soon. :)


This is Cato trying to look cute, but he can't, on account of having a huge growth of fur on his face between his eyes.  I am cuter, aren't I?  Mum says that his unnatural face growth will all disappear soon.


I am showing Dad how to climb mountains.


and then we walked home.  The bins are soooooo sniffy.






I came tooo telll u that I told Mum she is a bbad Mum xoz shee hazunt bloggified for aggez    so shee saz sheez goin t tryy harder ova wen MrBunni iz visitng.  luv u.  wev got greeen bunni eggz wiv paw chocclat stufff. Cato


New washing machine


We did important DIY stuff today, with both Mum and Dad.

It was VERY exciting.

The washy machine has been making very loud washy machine noises for a while.  And Mum finally had The Discussion with Dad about it.  Cos the engineer inside the phone said it was too expensive to be worth mending.

So new washy machine is coming tomorrow.  And today we all got ready!  Me and Mum and Tara did a specially careful poo pickup in the garden cos washymachines come in through the back.  Did you know that Tara has started hiding her poos under big green stuff?  Mum knows where to look now. :)

And I helped Dad with the snake pipe things behind the washy machine.  That was FUN!

And Tara kept getting in the way, so she and Mum went and did girl stuff in the front room, while Dad and I did manly stuff with the pipes.

So now we are all ready for our nice Mr Delivery Men tomorrow.  I want to meet them, this time.  Mum sometimes puts us in the front room, but I reallyreallyreally want to meet them this time, and show them my toys, and help with the snakes again.


Mum's new splashy pool


Well you know how I don't like Mum splashing a lot, on account of all that water being dangerous and scary and frightening.  And Mum's body disappearing, and her being just a talking head?  And me preferring her to have a lap, and for me to be on her lap?

Well her old splashy pool died a bit back, and she was happy, cos they did something called a refund.  And she saved and saved and saved her pocket money, and she got a new splashy pool.  And it arrived last week.

I don't see why we have to have one on holiday AND at home, it seems like FAR too much B*THING to me.

But here it is.


All big and noisy and splashy, and stinky.

Mum says that she is sorry, but I will have to get used to it.  And she has builded me a set of steps so I can join her when she splashes.  I can climb up and see her in the horrible stinky water.  She says it is so I don't worry too much.  Bailey has a chair, doesn't he?  AuntieSophiesHaven?  A special Bailey chair to stop him worrying.  Well now I have special Cato Steps to stop me worrying too.

And look!  I can drag out my favourite brown humping bed, and hump when Mum is splashing!

You can't see my special CatoSteps in Mum's pic cos they are in the corner, but here is another pic to show you.


They don't sniff right yet, so I am still getting used to them.

Tara loves them!  she goes up and down the steps just for the fun of it, but I have only gone up two steps so far, with Mum's help.  But I am going to keep trying.  If I have to get used to them, I will.  And they do give a good view out into the garden.

Do you know, we had a black and white cat invading the catmint yesterday!?! I have had to step up my patrols!



We went to Foxy Park lots and lots this week.  It was on account of meeting AuntieJane, and traffic stuff stopping us from going to the Big Lake, and that kind of thing.  I didn't mind, but Tara whinged about not enough mountains.   Or something.

So Mum has asked me to do something special and new and REALLY DIFFICULT and tell you about all our walks alltogether.  She says she will help, if I get stuck.

This is the daffydillys


I love the sniff of daffydillys.  It is deliciously sniffy.  I have to sniff A LOT!


this is a grapey hyacinth thing


and those funny little flowerbeds with little growing things in, that Mum thought was something bit isn't, cos it is something else.


more blue stuff


did you spot Tara?

it was really boring while Mum was taking all these pics, so we were off exploring and sniffing and Hunting and stuff.

More blue and yellow stuff


and then, this is a week later.  Here I am, catching up after my Important First Sniff.


and now there are more of these flower things to widdle on


all along by the daffydillys that look the same.  Mum didn't pic those again cos they are all samey.


AuntieLuna's funny blue star things, from last year


us running past the Entmoot.  I didn't even have time to widdle!






Ha!  Tara thought she won, but she didn'tdidn'tdidn't!

This mud was AWESOME


Mum says this is a baby Rowan tree sproutling



Dad came with us last time we went to Foxy, and there were LOTS of paws to meet.  All the right size too.  That is GrumpyPug talking to Dad.  And Tara didn't like it, and went scooting off to see Mum away from all my paw friends, with her tail down. :(


This is a pink thing


and Mum says this is to show you that the FattyPlant has started to sprout after the massacre.


Phew!  telling you about all those walks at once made my ears hurt!  Can I do and have a snooze now Mum?



Cato wanted to patrol our beach and everything, to make sure it was OK after we had been away.  We all told him it was fine, but he still needed to see and sniff it all anyway.  Funny how the sun comes out when we leave the mountains!

Mum says the sky pics are for you AuntiePipsMom




this was REALLY sniffy


This was YumYum.  At least, I think that was her name.  She is a Peke.  I decided she wozn't scary.  And then I decided I quite like her.  She sniffed like family.




This bit of wood was interesting too.



Oh yes, and Mum says she thinks you want to see these.  They are on the Promendado.




and it was really weird cos there woz no wind at all.  so the flags didn't do their windy thing.


There weren't any mountains though, Aunties.  So I was a bit sad.

I wonder if we could go and live in the mountains all the time?

Mum and Dad have been talking about our next hols.  We are going to have a week in the Summer playing with Cornish rock pools.  Mum says there are mountains on the beach.  I don't know how that would work.  And then in a longlonglong time when it is not Summer any more, we are going to see where Count Dracula landed.  I don't know who that is, but Mum says she will explain it all.  If I stay awake.


Sat 24th Mar: Where we stayed


These are lllllamas.  They were living over the wall from Mum's splashy pool.


and this was the view from our window.  The big window that we could see out of cos it goes down to the floor.


and this was Tara's bench.  And my widdle tree.


This was when it had just started snowing on the Snow Day.  Looking out through our window.


and this is looking out through the door.


this is when I needed a wee, and Dad pushed the snowdrift away so I could go out and get all cold and wet and shivery.


and this was Mum's splashy pool, what she sat in nearly all the time, which made me worried.  She sat in it in the storm, and the wind and the rain and the sleet, as well as the sun.  I had to stay with Dad when she did, cos he said that otherwise I just worried.

This is during the hail storm.  Mum says I have to point that that this wasn't snow.  All that white stuff is hail stones, all hard and hurty and the size of peas.


Mum is very very mad in the head.   Dad and me and Tara stayed in all day that day.  Snuggled and comfy (til Tara went stir crazy and bounced a lot), but Mum went out, in the hail, and sat in the splashy pool.  Her face and shoulders were all red and stingy from the hail, and the rest of her was all toasty wet from the splashes!  I was very worried about her.  But Dad said not to worry, cos 'we all knew she was mad before.  A bit of hail in a hot tub is neither here nor there, is it?'

And I kind of agree.  But it doesn't stop me from worrying a bit.

Mum didn't take any pics of the peacocks, ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys.  I wanted her to.  Actually, I wanted her to take action pics of me Hunting them.  That would have been ACE.  But she said that because of the grim weather most of the time, it was either too wet or too dark to take good pics.  So I never got my hunt. :(

But we did get to bark at them through the fence, which was nearly as good!



So Mum and Dad wanted to give me a nice big mountain walk after we had a wet and windy day, and didn't walk AT ALL.  They said that I NEEDED it, and Mum said that if I didn't get a walk then she was going to spend the night in the hot tub, cos I was all Ninja and Amazing and a Little Madam.  Which is good, isn't it?  Although I didn't want Mum to go to sleep in all that splashy stuff, so it was good we had a walk, wozn't it?

Anyway, there are lots of pics, so this is going to be a long one.  If I get tired, I will let Cato take over.

This is the starting off.  Up the mountain from the car park.  We knew this woz going to be a good one, cos both Mum and Dad had their walking boots on.


My first mountain.  You can't see my bow.  It is orange.


The first mud.  It is all mushy leafy and squelchy.  Dad said 'but this is supposed to be the high path.  there shouldn't be any mud.'



This bit was good.  We were on top of one mountain, and there was an interesting wall.


and lots more mud!


See how high we are?  I went into the field cos it looked interesting, and Mum said, right, we are on the top now, so we should start going down soon.



This is me on a log, above a pool of mud.  I wanted to go and see the wall, but it was a bit squishy.  So I came back.


And then we went up another mountain behind the first one.  Mum said 'Goodness, doesn't it ever end?' and made squeaking noises about her knees.

Cato was OK, although Dad did carry him over a bit of mud, while I walked along the top of the wall.  That was fun.


I am a Mountain Ninja, aren't I, Aunties?  This is a mountain on a mountain.


See how high we are?  Mum was talking about altitoodsickymess.  But I woz OK cos I am indestructabubble.  She said that too.


And another one!


Mum said the path was very piccyesque, but they should have health warnings on it.  And Dad said 'the map didn't give gradients, did it?'


There were so many mountains to climb I couldn't do them all! :(


We could hear some water.


And there it is!  This pic is looking back.  Cato had to be carried, but I did the steppy stones all by myself.  AND I had a drink.



And then we went up AGAIN.  Isn't this the mostest bestest most awesome walk ever ever EVER?


But then we had to start going down. :(


And Mum said 'I don't know if my knees are up to this.' 

And Dad said 'well I hope they are, cos I think Cato may need carrying more than you do.'



See?  He got stuck.

Dad had to go back and fetch him.

Mum says that no one can see from the pics quite how squelchy and slippy everything was, and it is a miracle that no one got to slide down the mountain on their backside.

That would have been fun, wouldn't it?


This is me scouting in a statuskew way. 


And this is looking back up the hill wot we had just clambered down.


So then we had a sit down and a drink.  We had some treats too.  And that big dog was rescued from Spain.  She was very big!




This is where we had lunch.  It is a woolly mill that isn't woollying any more.  It has eleccy stuff on the roof and the toilets have worms in them so that it has a small footyprint.  Or something.  I squeaked a bit when Mum went upstairs to widdle.  She had to go upstairs because the widdle needed to fall down on top of the wormy house.


Mum is mad about trees, isn't she?


This was sniffy.  We think this is the same water I drank at last time. It was running down the mountain all the way to here. I wanted another drink but I couldn't reach.  So Dad got the bottle out.  But bottle water Isn't fresh and splashy, is it?


Then I saw another path, and wanted to up it.  See that mountain behind me?  We woz on top of that!


Dad had to come and get me, cos I wanted to go UP!  

Cato just wanted to walk with Mum.  See how dirty his foots are?  Haha!


Funny moss stuff.


It was very boring along the road.  I wanted more mountains!!!


This tree woz OK.  There was a cave under it.  We would all have fitted in.  We could have stayed out all night in our under tree cave den.


But then I found another wall and climbed on it.  Dad said 'It is a sheer drop on the other side!  20 foots!'

and Mum said 'She won't fall.  She doesn't know HOW to fall.'


And I didn't, did I Aunties?


And this woz another path.  I went up it to see if Mum and Dad would come too.

They didn't. :(


And up this one too.

But Dad just came to get me down. :(


And then we went back to the car, so I beat Cato up in the car park.

And then we came home.


Mum:  The whole walk was about 3 miles on the map, but with all that vertical mountaineering, and slipping, and clambering down and up and down and up, zig zagging and sliding down from tree to rock to tree, it must have been nearer 5-6 miles.  Cato probably did 8-10 miles, and Little Miss Mountain Goat must have done about 15 miles.  We didn't pass a rock she didn't climb on.  Or a wall.  Or a tree stump.  And she was as fresh as a daisy at the end.  She was exhausting to watch!

My knees managed to survive the ordeal.  Just.

And Cato did MAGNIFICENTLY.  He is a far different beastie from the poor gluten-poisoned sluggard of last summer.  He was tired by the end, but all he needed was a snooze, and then he was fine.  If we had taken him on that walk during his gluten phase, he would have slept for 24 hours after.  This time, he was good to do it all over again, next morning. :)



So when we left the castle, we went down the street past the church that is being used nowadays, and we found a fab pub!

We all had burger!  and Dad had beer and Mum and me and Tara had water.  Mum wanted not-water, but someone has to drive home.  I wouldn't mind driving, but it is nice to snooze in the back after a lot of castling and pubbing, isn't it?

Anyway, we stayed in the pub with Mum, while Dad went churching, and museuming, and then we stayed in the pub with him, while Mum went churching.  

Dad said that there was a 1st Folio of Shakespeare's works in the museum.  But it was shut today for maintenance. :(  He was sad.  So he is going to go down to somewhere called London to sniff another Folio thing, one day.

This is inside the pub.


and this is outside the pub.  the stone thing is called a mounting block.  I widdled on it.  That is burger in Dad's hand.  We had to save our burger til after we left the pub.  Tara doesn't think it is fair!  I agree!





I think it is best if I take over at this point, since Cato didn't actually see the church, so he won't be able to describe it properly. :)


This is inside, standing just inside the door, looking towards the altar.


the altar, with painted carving behind it.  Medieval churches all used to have bright painting on statues and across the walls.  Then after the Civil War, Cromwell's men came through and destroyed a lot of the bright colourful stuff, and the ornate carving, and the walls were all whitewashed to cover up the paintings.  Sometimes we get an article in the news of a new discovery of medieval paintings being discovered behind centuries of layers of white. :)


closer view of the altar


seats for the choir


Sorry this is blurred.  The camera always takes blurred pics when there isn't quite enough light.  I should turn the flash on, but I hate the washed out look of flash photos, and it drains the battery very quickly.

This is a Clifford tomb (the Cliffords owned the castle)




This is another Clifford tomb on the other side of the altar.  Family coats of arms on display, and the family tree.

I wanted to take more closeups, but there were some people sitting nearby, and I thought they wanted to come in and see the icon (see next pics) so I didn't linger.


This icon was on special display.  The languages are Greek, English, Hebrew and Arabic (I think), showing how international and universal faith is.


The card below shows a poem written to promote peace.  On the other side of the card is a print of the icon on display.


and now for some rather nice stained glass. :)








After the church, and Dad's wander to the closed museum, we had a quick sniff round the town - which is lovely.

And look what we found!  Shih Tzu sized doors.  We think they are hiding fire hydrants.




Tue 21st Mar: Skipton Castle


Hello aunties.  I have to blog this, cos Tara didn't like the castle.  She says that Dad kept wandering off, up stairs and stuff and leaving her with me and Mum, and she was all squeaky and whiney.

So I get to blog :)

We had a nice short car journey, which was nice.  You can have too much of cars, can't you?  Even when you have your own crate and bed.

And then a bit of a walk.  Very sniffy.  Old places are lovely and sniffy.

This is just inside the gatehouse.  Gatehouse is a techy term.  Like my Hunting terms.  It means a house with a gate in it.  Only this one wasn't a house.  It just had gate people living in it.  Anyway, the gatehouse isn't in the pic, cos Mum stood under the gatehouse arch to take the pic.  Those steps go into the castle.


The guard lady in the gatehouse said 'the dogs can go anywhere except the cafe and the shop.  And Mum didn't believe her and had to ask twice.  Cos we aren't usually allowed into castles.  but this time we were.  But Mum still told us we had to behave.  And not widdle on things.  And not bark.  And not trip people up.  And not something else that I have forgotten.  There were a lot of nots.  And Dad had to listen too.

The castle is the big bit.  with window things and bulgy walls.


Mum says you need the boring word pics, because then I don't have to tell you all about it.  I think that is a very good idea.  The red dotty bit is up the steps and in the next pic.


So we came through here, 


and this is the courtyard in the middle.  I don't know why they builded the wall around the tree. I had to widdle on the wall, when I wanted to widdle on the tree.  Mum didn't see me.  Dad did.  But he said we needn't tell Mum, cos what she doesn't know won't hurt her.


There, I peed on the corner.


This is a coat of arms.  Mum says.


and then we went through all the doors and round all the bits.  They were sniffy.


This is a window


and this is an arrow slit.  I went and sniffed it.  Mum said 'goodness, they must have been short bowmen!'


Mum wishes she had a floor like this.  I would like that too.




Mum says that this is a stove.  for cooking.  with a fire underneath.


and this is an old range.  sorry about the blurry pics.  Mum says that it goes like this when the flash is trying to work.  She doesn't like the flash cos it flattens the battery.  I don't know what she is talking about so I just look at her until she stops explaining.


another stove.




curing stuff.  I hope you know what curing stuff is, cos I don't.


There are lots of towers, aren't there?  Dad left us and went up every single one.  Tara didn't like that.










This was big.  There was a whole class of school kids in one corner.  We didn't spend long in here, cos as soon as we arrived, all the little girls when 'Ooooh!  Aren't they cute!' about me and Tara, and Mum said we shouldn't disturb them.


Dad could walk into the fireplace!!!






This is the pic out the window.  Tara wanted to see, so Mum picked her up and held her out the window.  I didn't want to see, cos I don't like heights.




There was another class of school kids in here.  More 'ooohh!'s and 'aaahhhhh!'s




Mum sat on this ledge thing, while Dad went up to the third floor.  Tara whined.




That is the guardhouse what I told you about before.


And these are our footprints.  There are mine and Tara's and Mum's and Dads.  As you can see, it had started to rain again.


Dad set off to wee, and we stayed taking pics.  The white windows are the cafe and shop, but we couldn't go in there.


This is the castle church.  it is old and not used.  we could go in here too.





Mum says that this is where they used to b*th the human pups.  poor things!




We were a bit tired by now, so Dad said we could go and find a burger pub for lunch!  Yay!

On the way out, we saw there was more castle what we hadn't seen.  But there were signs saying that it was 'private' and still lived in!  Mum would love to live in a castle.


That is Tara, heading off for her burger in the pub.


But Mum and me stopped to read this.  Cos it is interesting.  I still got some burger though.







It was a fun holiday, but it was a weird holiday too!

It kept raining.  Mum says she has never had such a wet holiday, and a sleety one too.  although she has had more snow.  We only had a bit of snow.  We travelled all the way there, in the rain.  I don't mind long journeys, cos I sleep a lot.  We always know it is going to be a long one cos Mum sets up a second crate and we have one each.  That way Tara can't trample on me and sit on me all the way there.

Mum says it was too wet and grey and manky for pics, even though we had a good walk when we stopped for a break.  And treats.  Dad gave us treats too.

Then it was back into our crates for the rest of the long way.  It was OK though, cos we had nice things piled around the crates that sniffed of home.  There were our fleece blankets, and our bag with treats in.  And Mum's coat that smells of stinky perfume.  I was very glad Mum had packed a python and some pigs ears.  It isn't the same without them, is it?

It was all wet when we got there too.  And we got carried from the car to our new home-den.  There was a tree, and a bench and a big outdoor splashy pool for mum.  And a really nice leather sofa.  All low and wide and soft and snuggly.  Mum and Dad found it difficult to stand up, but me and Tara loved it.

It was too grey and wet for pics.  And then it rained the next day too!  All day.  We went out to a town and sat in a pub and sat in a cafe, and watched it rain.  And Dad didn't have wifi, and Mum didn't have wifi, and Dad wanted to come home!  But Tara said she wanted to see some mountains.  And I wanted to stay with Mum.  So then Dad decided that if he could sleep better he would stay, so he made a nest-den on the sofa, and we slept with Mum on the bed.  And Dad cheered up cos his back and hips didn't hurt any more.



In the end, we went out and found some mountains!  In the rain!  Dad and Cato followed me.  See:

This is the park.  All wet and grey and splooshy.  I was wearing my purple bow wot Dad picked out for me.  And I rolled Cato in the puddles!  Haha!


See this is him trying to stand up to my Ninjaness.


Oooh look!  this is my first sight of a mountain.  It is high, isn't it?


Me and Dad went exploring the mountain range, and Cato tagged along.


Mum says the pics are blurry cos of the downpour.  Wot is downpour?  I thought it was raining.




I came over to see Mum.  she is very little, isn't she?


This woz a pack of very bouncy dogs.  Their Dad shouted at them a lot, and they didn't take much notice.  I decided to go and stand behind Dad til they went away.  Cato just stood and watched them.


It got wetter and wetter, and Dad said he wished he had remembered his lovely red hat wot I gave him for Xmas last year.  Cos his head fur was getting even soggier than my tummy fur.


There were ducks too!  (Mum: geese actually) All swimming uphill against the river.  It was all floody and fast, and Cato didn't fit through the fence, or he would have gone Hunting.


Mum thought you would like to see this pic.  Something about flowers growing out of the trunk.  Yawn.


We both had a drink.


This is called a canal.  Says Mum.  Not as interesting as the park though.


a sniffy euphorbia.


and another mountain!


Then we walked along the canal for a bit.  which was boring.


except when I found some duck poo to sniff.

I think Cato wanted to get on the boat thing.


some forsythia, Mum says.


And this is when we were going over the canal bridge.

That man is chopping trees off the bank.  I wanted to go and say hello and help, but Mum was a spoilsport and put me on a lead. :( she said something about 'the last thing that poor man needs on a day like today, is you Tara.' :(  Not Fair!  I would have made his day, wouldn't I Aunties?


We walked along some streets, and talked to a lady with a black Lab who woz quite nice.  And then we went over old Hebden Bridge.  We had seen it before.  Ages ago. (Mum: last year when we stayed around here for a few days - remember when Tara was climbing dry stone walls?), but I don't remember the sniffs.


This is me showing Dad how to cross the bridge, and Cato trying to trip Dad up.


And see that building with the benches outside?  That is our Paw Cafe.  It is called The Lamppost.  http://www.thelamppostcafe.co.uk/

They like having paw customers.  Last time we came they had been flooded and were closed down, but they were open and we went and sat inside.


It was great.

There were hessian dog beds for us to use, and menus http://www.thelamppostcafe.co.uk/menu with pupcakes on them, and dog beer.  We even had a menu for us, and a menu for Mum and Dad.  They had scrambled eggs and stuff, and we had a cheese pupcake and a beer!  http://stories.barkpost.com/beers-for-dogs/  we had this one http://snuffle-dogbeer.com/

They were a bit weird.  The pubcake sniffed of banana, and the dog beer had animal deri-derva-teeves in it, so Mum only gave us a little, but it was exciting.  And the Sausage Lady came and said hello and made sure we had water, and stroked us, and liked my purple bow.

Mum said that it was a long drive from our holiday-den, but she was glad we came back, cos we like Hebden Bridge.  And wot else are you going to do in a downpour?

And then the sun came out. :)