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Mum went away!


it was terrible!  Mum and Dad went out, and only Dad came back!  

Dad came and sat on the sofa and we watched snooker stuff.  And we had treats and more dinner than usual.  But she hadn't come home by the time we went up to the Big Bed.  It was very worrying!

We went out for breakfast, and i wanted to get home really fast in case she arrived and didn't know where the pack was!  But she still didn't come home!

Then all of a sudden we could hear her!  And smell her!  And then she was on the floor saying hello!  And it was all OK again.

I'm going to sit on her ALL DAY in case she disappears again.



Mum's home!

she woz gone for EVER, and we had sausages and Dad watched TV with me, and my hair fell down, and the Big Bed was even bigger, and i missed her and Cato was all soppy.  I am glad she is home.  I am going to wear my red bows next.  I like it when Mum does my hair, cos i can get really close and look at her, and she brushes me, and it is lovely.



We have been walking, and Mum has been piccing a bit, but we thought you would like these flowers, AuntieCrystal.  cos you are having a sad time. :(

We did lots of sniffy interesting stuff at the park that day as well, of course.









Oh, and I have to tell you that Tara is silly.

She was all fussy and fidgety on the sofa with Mum this evening, and now she has got two legs that haven't been brushed.  So she is walking all lopsided.

I have been brushed everywhere, cos I am a Good Little Man and I lay on my back in Mum's arms and let her brush all the nooksandcrevices wotever they are.  I like it.  

Tara is nearly 3 and she still has ticklish foots.


Rude Word


you know how clever I am?  I mean I am clever all the time.  But i am extra specially clever climbing stairs.  And this morning Mum helped me down off the Big Bed and we went downstairs for out widdles.  Of course Cato has to be carried down cos he isn't stair-clever.

so then we came in again and boring Cato just got into his crate bed to sleep.  He sleeps all morning if you let him.  And Mum did her boring drink making and computer sitting.  Yawn!

but - remember i am so clever - i went for a sniff patrol, just to see wot had happened over night.  In the garden and the front room.  All over.  Anyway, i found the stairs!  And that horrid gate thing was open!

so OBVIOUSLY i had to show how clever i am and go and see Dad. He was still on the Big Bed all snortley and snuffley and snuggly.  And i went up and woke him up cos he was missing all the lovely morning sniffs and widdles and clevernesses.

and he was sooooo pleased to see me climb on his middle that he said a Rude Word!  But then Mum came and got me and we had to go downstairs again :( and the horrid gate clanged shut :( and Dad went back to snortleing :(  Sometimes Mum is such a spoilsport!


Spa Day Worries


Aunties i am worried.

i heard Mum and Dad talking about it.  They said the we are due those horrible stinky flea drops :(

and then they said they would wait til after our Spa Day!  Not today.  And not when we wake up. But the one after that.

isn't that AWFUL?

there will be Mum going away.  And horrible wet stuff bath stinky bubbles.  And hot blowy noisy air stuff.  And those horrible buzzy bitey clippy things.


Tara doen't know.  Cos she was chewing a pigs ear.  Not that she listens even if she isn't chewing a pigs ear.  But i know, and i am a bit worried.


More pics from the lost camera


This was in Foxy Park again.  With Tara being a pain again.  See, my tummy is furry, NOT fat!!!




Mum says this year they have let the grass and wildflowers grow up properly, so they all grew and flowered and seeded and stuff.  She likes this.  But then she doesn't get seeds in her knickers, does she?  Last year the man cut the wildflowers down, and Mum and AuntieJane got cross about it, cos the buzzy bugs had nowhere to go.


This is baby Rowan berries.  They will be bright red later.


More Ninjaing.



The view in High Summer


The Hosta


The rose wot Mum loves.


And then we went again with Dad, a few days later, so you get to see the tall grass again.


And us running about, again.




And the Buddleia again.


And these Marigold things.  They sniff funny.


Oh, and this bit has been mowed.  But Mum doesn't mind about that.





Bad Mum


Aunties I'm sorry.  You know how I like Mum to write wot I say so that you can see my tail, and see how silly Tara is, and see our adventures?  Well Mum has been doing so much stuff that she hasn't been taking dictation!

There was the office chair Thing, where Dad's chair broke, and Mum's chair went to live with Dad, and Mum now sits on the grooming stool, which is hard, and her bum hurted until she got a cushion.  And that meant she didn't like sitting at the desk for dictation.  Though she always sits at it for her horrible Work Stuff. :angry2:

And there was the Lost Camera Thing, where Mum and Dad both thought they had lost the pic camera, but it turned up under the passenger seat of the car.  That is on Tara's side, so obviously that was her fault.

And there was the Lots of Boring Work Stuff Thing that has been going on since before my birthday!  Agesandagesandages.

But I have telled Mum that she HAS to start blogging again, or we won't let her come on our walks with us.  And she says she will.

Anyway, here are some of the pics that you have missed, from the lotsandlotsandlots of walks we haven't bloggified about, cos Mum is a BAD Mum.

That is Tara slobber on the lens again, says Mum.


Me having a pee on the buddleia


Bees on the Buddleia.  Do you think they are weeing too?


This is elder.  those bobbles are going to be berries.


Tara being a pest.


a lot


and a lot more



I just got bored, in the end


but then she went for my tail!!!!! :angry2:


the Entmoot




Lamb hearts YUM


So Mum woz doing lamb hearts tonight for our tea.

She stood chopping them up for AGES.  They have these lovely chewy pipe things on the top end, and Mum was cutting them off and throwing them for us.  I was good and sat on the rug, like I am supposed to, and Tara was almost good and sat closer, near the water bowl.  So I got extra bits, and Tara didn't :)  until she came and sat with me, then we got the same amount of bits. :) 

Then, at the end, we each had a nice big juicy bit of lovely bloody chewy heart.

All the rest went into Mum's slow cooker thing :( with veg stuff and wine stuff.  But she says that if we are good we will get a bit of cooked heart when it is all hotted and finished.

Lamb hearts are very very yummy.

Mum likes them too.  And Dad.  But I like them best!


Back home after holiday


So we got home and it woz nice to be back with Home Sniffs, but the BEST bit is that I learneded how to climb stairs!

Aren't I clever?

The day after we got home I followed Mum up the stairs.  Our stairs are different from the holiday stairs.  They were wood and brown and slippy and really steep!  Our home stairs are soft and carpety and narrower, but still steep.  So I was really brilliant of me to know about holiday stairs and then go up the home stairs, wozn't it?

So now I can go up and sit on the Big Bed if I like!  All by myself!!!  Without Cato.  He waits at the bottom and is all wimpy and not brave enough to follow me.

But there is one weird thing.

They change.

They are all nice and interesting and mountainy when I go up them.  It is exciting and I am clever.

But then when I get to the top and I have had a sniff around, when I go to the top of the stairs to come back down... well they change.  They get all steep and a bit dangerous-like and I don't want to go down them by myself.  So I have to sit up there until Mum or Dad come and fetch me.  I can climb down when they are with me, but I can't do it by myself.  Cos of the steep dangerosity.

Oh, and it is funny.  Sometimes I can't climb them.  There is this thing that has appeared at the bottom of the stairs.  It is white and metal and barred.  And sometimes it is open, and I can go up and come down again with Mum, but sometimes is it closed!  And then I can't get up. (Mum: that'll be the child stair gate then ;) )

But I am really clever, aren't I?  Learninging how to climb the stairs.  It is really good fun!


Holiday 7: Golitha Falls


It was very exciting.  First we went to an old Cornish slate mine.  Me and Tara were only allowed in the first big cave, and we had to be carried.  Tara got mud all over Dad's jacket.  Haha!  And it was all wet and drippy.  Then Mum and Tara and me had a drink while Dad did the thousandsandthousands of steps down to the other caves and the underground lake.  Wish we could have gone, but there were No Paws down there. :(

Dad said that the life of a Cornish slate miner was horrible cruel.  He says that they used to take their sons down the pit when they were 12 to train them up, cos by the time the Dad's were 35 they were so crippled with arthritis from the harsh wet mine conditions, that they couldn't work any more, and they needed the son's to earn the living to support them!  That is hard, isn't it?

And then we went to Golitha Falls.  It was ACE!!!



Mum says it isn't really Falls, because Falls are splooshier.  But that didn't matter.  It was amazingly sniffy, and green, and we didn't have to keep Mum and Dad on the lead.  And it was incredible!  It had been raining so everything was soggy and lovely.


The water is all brown because it comes down off Bodmin Moor and has brown peat stuff in it.


We did lotsandlotsandlots of exploring and sniffing.  There was soggy mud and soggy leafmold and sand and tree roots and splashy water and old mossy trees.



And cows.  But they were cowering (pun!) on the other side of the water. 


Interesting carved things




And of course, Tara found mountains EVERYWHERE!







There were two really scary bits though. :(  I didn't like them.

One bit was when we all got stuck, and Dad had to jump across a bit of fast splashy water.  And then Mum picked up Tara, and I saw Mum pass her over the scary water to Dad.  And I got into a bit of a tizz, cos I knew that was going to happen to me too.  And I ran about a bit, cos I couldn't think and I was afraid.  And I wouldn't come to Mum which was terrible.  But I couldn't.  And Dad was a bit cross.  And Tara jumped back over to see what was going on.  But I still couldn't stand still and it was awful.

But then Mum said it would be OK, and we could walk back up and go around, until we didn't have to go over water.

And that was much better.  I love Mum.  Tara came with us, cos she just likes scrambling everywhere, and Dad was left on his own.  And I didn't like that either!




Then the next scary bit was here.  Dad and Tara climbed up the mountain, but I couldn't.  It was vertical steep and very high.  Mum wanted to pick me up to help, but that was awful, and I panicked a bit again.  So she found another way we could go around, and it was OK.


I know I am not very brave, but I did try.  It was just a bit too much.  And Mum understands.  I did want to come to her, but I couldn't cos of all the panic in my tummy.  I love Mum.  Dad said he thought I was being silly, but I couldn't help it.  And it was so scary that I had nightmares that night.  I howled and was afraid, but Mum was there and she stroked me, and she made it better.

This is the way we took going around.  


And this.


And this is Tara on a mountain by the side of the path.


Dad found this mountain for her too, but then she hopped off it before Mum could take a pic.



And before we got in the car Mum had to wash her feet in the water, cos of all the peat and mud and stuff that had squidged into her sandals.  That was funny!  She had to stand in the water with her skirt up by her knees, swishing her foots around.

On the way home we stopped at St Doniert's Stone




we didn't go into the tunnel though.  Mum said that we had had enough for one day.

And then we went and had a pub lunch.  It was very very nice, Mum said.   And we had some burger too!


Holiday 6: Looe and Polperro


My turn!  I wore my Rainbow Bows again today, cos Mum says I am a dippy hippy rainbow child.  Can you get rainbow Ninja?  I like that idea.

So today Mum draggled us all the way to somewhere called Looe.  She spend lots of holidays in Looe when she woz a pup, cos her Grandpa's family come from Looe.

This is where we parked.  It is called the Millpool carpark, and Mum knew the tricksy shortcuts to get to the interesting sniffy bits.


This is the sea.  Paws aren't allowed on the beach. :( so we sat on a wall, talking to strangers (strangers always like me!) while Dad went into the museoum place.  He said it woz good and all smugglery.  And there woz a prison cell and everything.

A family came up and said hello to me and Cato, and Cato did his thing and they wanted to take him home!  haha! but Mum larffed and said 'no thank you! he is our pack.'  They were nice people, and they said that their Shih Tzu would look nice in my bows too.


From where we were sitting we could see these houses.  They are where Mum's mum (our Grandma) used to stay when she woz a pup.  She lived on the end one next to the chapel.


Then we walked out on the Banjo Pier.  Cato was a bit weird.  He woz OK til he realised we were all high up and it was scary, and then he sort of froze and Dad had to carry him.  I loved it.  Cos it woz all sniffy and interesting, and we met the nice people again.

This is wot it looked like from the end of the pier.  Mum lifted me up so I could see.  Mum says this is a panorama series woteva that is.


DSCN5956.jpg DSCN5957.jpg DSCN5958.jpg

That is Rame Head in the last pic

Then we walked back through the old bits.  The little bendy streets.  Mum wanted this pic cos she says that her great-great-great Grandma was born in the room over that arch.


And then we stopped for lunch here.  


Cato is very floppy, isn't he?  Mum said he needed a day off from holidaying, so that he could rest and sleep and be boring.  But I LOVE holidays.  I wouldn't mind if we left Cato behind one day, but I don't want to miss anything.  Holidays are FUN!!!


This is Martin's Dairy.  


Mum says they do nice pasties and saffron cake and stuff.  Dad got some, but me and Cato and Mum didn't.  On account of Cato's tummy and Mum's food thingies too.  I can eat everything, but Dad says no, it has to be fair.  Not fair!


Then we went by car to Polperro what is even smaller than Looe, and had even more smugglers.  I know that cos it had a museoum all about it.  We parked up the hill, and walked down to the harbour.  Cato needed a rest too.  And I might have been a bit sleepy too.  This is us sitting on the harbour wall while Dad gave us a drink.  Doesn't Cato look floppy?


Mum says there woz no water cos the tide woz out.  It all fills up again with the salty stuff.


Then we beachified.  There is a cave!  We saw a dead crab, and a big fish skin, and we went into the cave, 





Cornish beaches smell different from our home beaches.  Mum says that Cornish beaches smell proper, and Lincolnshire beaches smell weird.  But she is wrong.  Lincolnshire beaches smell proper, don't they Aunties?

Mum thinks you want to see this rock too.  No idea why.


This is us standing inside the cave.


Mum couldn't take other cave pics, cos there was a big family in there pretending to be pirates, and it was all shouty and echoey and we didn't go in properly.

This is more town stuff.



And then we stopped outside a pub and me and Cato had a sleep while Mum and Dad had special Once-In-A-Holiday Treats.  Dad says that cream teas should ALWAYS have clotted cream.  Haha.


This is wot we could see from under our table.


Today woz OK, but it was all town and stuff, and not much fun for paws.  Especially cos we couldn't do the beach, in Looe.  Cato got a lift all the way back up the hill to the car, and he woz nearly asleep in Dad's arms.  Mum said he needed a proper rest so she went up for a snooze on the bed with him when we got back.  I stayed downstairs with Dad and bounced and fetched and wrestled.  That is more fun than sleeping!



Hello Aunties.  Today I am blogging about some great big human den called Lanhydrock.  It was enormous.  And I was a bit tired.  We did a lotlotlot of walking on holiday, and I was worn out by this time.  I mean, I do love sniffing, but all this hot walking and sun and new places and Tara bouncing is very tiring.

Mum says that Lanhydrock is so humungously enormous that it has its own park, with cows and sheep that poo all over the place.  There was horse poo too, I am sure of it, but Mum doesn't believe me.  And deer.  I could definitely sniff deer.  This is Dad and me and Tara trekking in the hotness through the park.


And this is more park.  There was poo everywhere.  It was very sniffy.  And Tara wanted to eat it.  Well, I did too, but Mum says we shouldn't talk about eating poo.  Dad doesn't mind though.  He says we (paws) are all loggical and need to know our enemy.  And he is right!  But Mum doesn't understand.


This used to be a tree.  Tara had to climb it, of course.


And this is the first sight we had of Lanhydrok gatehouse.


Mum found this pic of the whole place, so you would see how eenorrmous it is.  And that is just the front!  It went on and on and on round the back too.


This is boring National Trust stuff, if you want to know more about it. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lanhydrock

These are more bits that we saw.  



And then Mum found a table and had a cup of tea, and we had a snooze underneath it.  Dad went round the house. I think Tara was bored, cos she hunted ants, and cuteified at people (she was wearing her rainbow bows), but I just slept.  On account of being tired.  And even the ants didn't keep me awake.

Then Dad came back and Mum went round the house.  Dad took us for a walk in the park (more poo!) and then had an icecream.  I don't like icecream, but I had lots of water, and another snooze before Mum came back.

This is the stuff she was doing when she was away.



The entrance hall


The dining room



The kitchens.

See the amazing way they had to open the windows (the house is very modern, in comparison with most big stately homes, so they had a lot of fancy mod cons that you might not expect)


The kitchen range


Various other kitchen related rooms - staff dining area, dairy, scullery, bread ovens, etc.







And this is the bell system for summoning servants


Then the route took us into the Family's living and working areas.


The estate office



The billiard room including an incredible fireplace!



Someone's private ManCave




A glimpse at the family ancestry


The nursery suite, including the nurse's bed and the nursery bathroom and schoolroom








Fire and safety rules


An entire room just for the processing and cleaning of chamber pots!!!




The servant's quarters (a typical room)


sorry about the blurred focus here.  A couple of young ladies kept trying to get in the way!  This is an entire room for the Family's various pieces of luggage for when they went to stay with friends or went up to London.


Then we went down one flight of stairs to the main rooms.  


This was the Master suite for Him




And for Her





Her private sitting room


This was a main living area/drawing room


Some familiar tapestries that FAR predate this part of the house





And now this is the older part of the house.  I will let the photographs explain the ceiling.  Incredible, isn't it?







All in all, I think we only saw about half the house.  Yup.  There were just as many rooms left that we didn't see.  :roflmao:

And then back outside and round through the formal gardens towards the church.



this is what happens if you get a bit too enthusiastic trimming your topiary!



This is the back door from the second story, which goes over that stone 'bridge' and gives a shortcut to the church.








These pics are the back of the house.  The ground rose sharply behind the house, and there was a walkway level with the roofline.  You can see how rambling it is, and how the front facing part of the building is just part of it.  The action really happened in the kitchens and servants areas at the back.



Can you see Dad?  He is seated at a table near the far wall, just to the left of the icecream stall.


Cato was ever so pleased to see me.  He hates it when the pack splits up.

(and yes, he got a lift from Dad on the way back up the hill to the car.  It was a very hot day, even though it was quite overcast.  And Cato really was tired)




Holiday 4: Cotehele House


Hello Aunties!

Mum says she wants to do this blog bit.  That is OK, isn't it?  I hope you don't mind.  Only we were asleep under a picnic table with Dad when Mum took all these pics, and they are ever so dull.  And un-sniffy.  But it was OK cos we had some of the eggy bit of his quiche, and Tara was allowed a finger lick of icecream!  I didn't want it.

So Mum is going to try and make them interesting for you, and then I will blog the next interesting bit.



:) well, I hope you enjoy this as much as Dad and I did.  Cotehele is a wonderful place.  Absolutely beautiful, and very very old.



This is walking towards the gate into the courtyard/quad


and inside the courtyard looking towards the arched chapel window in the corner.  Always good to have a chapel in your home, ready for those rainy days when you can't be bothered to actually step outside to go to church, eh?


This one is looking straight across the quad to the main door into the great hall.


Views of the great hall




All around Cotehele are the most amazing tapestries.  A lot of them made for elsewhere, then brought here.  They are constantly being restored and cared for, since the wool and threads are permanently under stress from light and moths, and so on.  There is a lot of info about the tapestries themselves and the restoration activities available, but it is worth remembering that these things have been hung on the walls of a lived in house for over 500 years - woodsmoke, sun, cigarette smoke, cooking smells, damp, cold, heat... it is incredible that any of them have survived!


This is the chapel.  That metal cogged thing through the far doorway is a clock.



This is an alcove/cupboard off a living room.  Each little arch held a different kind of wine or spirit and the door was kept locked by the butler.


This was a room off a bedroom - where they kept the china!



Most of the bedrooms were in the big square tower you can see in the first picture.


There was a light airy landing, half way up, which had several of these bizarre chairs.  They are Tudor.  Some of the chairs have a strap lying over the seat, to discourage visitors from parking their bums.  Too old and too fragile for a sit down!



This is the main bedroom


Tapestries hung over doors to cut down the drafts.

And in this case, to hide the peephole (see the clover leaf hole?).  This was the main bedroom, and the peephole allowed the occupants to look down into the great hall and see who had arrived.


This was another small room off the main bedroom.  In this case, the window looks down into the chapel.  So you didn't even have to get dressed to attend chapel.


Fire extinguishers were not easy to come by in the 1600s


There were some stunning pieces of furniture.  Incredible.



and some freakily creaky floorboards!



And, as always, I was interested in the kitchens.



No haute cuisine here.  These are very functional, basic rooms for cooking and storing, with a small interior courtyard for outside food prep and laundry drying, away from the eyes of The Family.


Dad wanted to take this chest home with him.


There was another whole room devoted to The Family's actions in wars over the last 2-300 years.  Momentos, guns, letters, documents, etc. but I didn't take any pics.  It was too dark without the flash, and I didn't want the flash to damage anything.

Tara would have loved the stairs (4 floors with lots of little steps up and down) and Cato would have loved the sniffs.  Just think of all those corners and legs of furniture, fireplaces and alcoves!



My turn!  I can tell you lotsandlots about our adventures and sniffs and EVERYTHING.

We went to this Cotehele place by boring car, with Mum and Dad squeaking about SatNav stuff.  Yawn.  But it was fun when we got there!

There was some sign up saying we had to keep them on leads in the Formal Gardens or something.  But as soon as we got out of sight of everyone we let them off the lead.  I figured Dad couldn't get lost if I woz with him, so he would be safe.


This woz a bit of the garden we couldn't go in.  Not fair!


But then it got better!  Look how high up this mountain we got!


Cato was staying with Mum.  Of course.  But me and Dad did proper explorations.



This is my new bench.  Isn't it high?  Dad lifted me up.  I love my Dad!


This is the green stuff Mum could see when she sat on MY bench


Then we found this


Yawn stuff


the door wot is thousandsandthousandsandthousands of years old.  That is old, isn't it?  Everything in Cornwall is old.  Even older than Cato.


This is Cato peeing.  Hahaha!


Inside the chapel place.  I woz sniffing outside, but Cato likes to stick with Mum.






Then we went alongandalongandalong to see the boat stuff.  This is by the river.


See?  This is the river.


And this is something called the Estate Port Office or something.  Mum did take a pic of the outside, but she wobbled, so it didn't come out.  Haha!






They did the office all old and like the bloke had back in the olden days.  Dad said you had to see the pics of ladies with no knickers, cos that is realistic.  And there were always ladies with no knickers.



And this is the meuseo-museum place.  Mum said I can snooze while you read all the pics, cos it isn't stuff I like.








And then we had a snooze while Mum and Dad had tea and scones and a glutenfree choc brownie and we didn't get any!! :(  Not fair!!!




Holiday 2: SatNav Stress


I don't know if you have ever driven in Cornwall?

Maybe you don't know where Cornwall is?  It is a smallish county on the SE pointy bit of England (the orange triangle on the bottom left)


It is a tiny, lovely, rural place, with a slightly softer warmer climate than the rest of the UK.  Small towns, moorland, rolling hills, sheep and cattle farming, fishing villages, disused tin mines, old china clay mines, tourists, lots of cliffs, a few bays and sandy beaches, and every eatery serves fish. :ohyeah:

Here is a link to some pics of the place (just remember that the sun only shines on Tourist Pics. ;)  the rest of the time it is grey, overcast, with a soft vertical rain, or a blustery horizontal rain)



There are a few main roads, and LOTS of small country lanes.

And our SatNav can't tell the difference.

Our old SatNav used to ask us to pick a route, giving options for Fastest or Main Roads, or Scenic.  So it was easy to make a choice.

This new SatNav (which came with the car) just gives Fastest, Eco or Shortest.  And all too often they are virtually identical.  We no longer have a Main Roads option.  So for the whole of this holiday, I was typing in our destination and then discovering that Fastest actually meant Tiny Little One Track Lanes, With Occasional Passing Places. Max speed of about 20 miles an hour, because you never know what is round the corner!


This vid gives you a flavour

I have found the next You Tube video https://youtu.be/1_plh22dzm4 (which won't embed!)  to give you an idea of what driving was like.  The lanes are now even narrower because the hedgerows have grown up and overhung the tarmac in places.

Actually, the video gives a lovely impression of the gorgeous greenery and lovely little stone cottages that cover the whole county.  Well worth watching, if you don't mind staring at a road while nothing happens.  lol.

Oh, and we had the same sort of weather too.  Some sun, some overcast, some rain, some wet roads. :roflmao:

Now imagine 30+ miles of this, at 20-30 miles an hour.  And then the same back again.

No wonder Cato was tired of the car!



Holiday 1: getting there


Hello Aunties.  Where have you been?!?!?  Mum says you all disappeared, and the blogg and all the stuff on the screen, and we had no one to tell all about our fab hol!!!

But it is OK now, cos you are back.

We had a great hol.  It was in somewhere called Cornwall, which is very green and has lots of mountains for Tara, and stuff like that.  We stayed in a very very very old place.  So old it is older than ANYTHING.  And I didn't like the stairs, but that was OK cos Mum carried me up.

It was a very very very long drive.  It took ALL DAY!!!! and we had to stop lots for pees and drinks and stuff.  And of course Tara had a squitty tummy, but Mum said that my Magic Powder would work (Tree Barks) and 'thank heavens for slate flooring!'

So we slept a lot of the time in the car.  We set off really early before I like to get up.  And we arrived mid afternoon.  Mum and Dad did lots of driving, and got tired, but it was OK cos we went for a walk when we arrived, in a town called Launceston.  Mum did a funny thing with the name Launceston.  Cos she says that people who live there call it Larnston or Lanson, but people like us who don't live there call it Lawn-sess-ton.  Mum said we had to say it properly on account of Mum's great-grandparents having come from Cornwall, so we have to do Local-speak and not Grockle-speak.  Grockles are tourists.  It is very complicated, isn't it?

Anyway, we got there too early, before we could go to our cottage-den.  So we went and found a paw friendly cafe, and sat under the table while Mum and Dad had tea coffee stuff.  And Dad had his first Cornish Cream Tea with Clotted Cream.  We weren't allowed any. :(

Then we went and had a walk.  This was the Church.  The outside is made of something called local granite.



Mum and Dad wanted to go inside, so we asked the nice lady sitting inside if that was OK.  She said not really.  But then she saw us.  And she changed her mind.  So long as we didn't do poos or pee on the wooden pews and stuff.  

As if I would!

Although Tara got bored, and tried to fight me.  So me and Mum went in one direction and her and Dad went in the other, cos Mum said that Churches shouldn't be filled with the sound of Ninja snarling.


It was a nice church, but the inside was too dark for pics (Mum says) and the outside was the best bit.



After that we got back in the car.  I didn't like the car by now, and I didn't want to get in.  But this was just a short drive to our cottage-den.

Mum says that it has architectural features dating from the late 1500s, but may be later cos building styles were delayed in the provinces.  I have no idea wot that means!  Mum tried to take pics, but they were none of them as nice as the pics on the holiday website, so you are best looking at those.



Mum slept on this side of the bed, and Dad slept on the other.  That door is to the bathroom.  Mum wanted to be near the window, but it meant she had to walk round the end of the bed to go to the bathroom in the night.  Can you see how uneven the floor is?  She said she nearly fell down the stairs which are just beyond the rug.


There were old nails still stuck in some of the beams.  Nails so old that they were made by blacksmiths.  Generations of Mums and Dads must have hung things from them.


Tara liked widdling on the broken slate, then she scratted and kicked it about.  I prefer proper gravel, like we have at home.



See the beams in the ceiling.  They are why the bedroom floor was all wonky.  I stayed on the bed, so I didn't get wonked.


Mum said it was a lovely little kitchen, but that had to be the smallest fridge ever!  There was barely room for our paw food in it.


There was parking and some green stuff for widdling on, in a proper garden round the corner.  And the doors were all about Mum's nose level (Mum: the top of the door frames were about 5 foot 2 inches!  We both had to walk around hunched over for the entire week, but poor Mr C was bent like a pretzel)

Tara discovered the stairs as soon as we got there, and went hopping up them.  But then she got scared, and wouldn't come down them by herself.   So Mum and Dad had to keep the door shut, cos she thought it was great to go up them and then sit whining at the top til Dad rescued her.  Mum wouldn't do it.  But Dad is a big softie and he let her get away with it.  I think she is silly cos those stairs were SCARY.  They were all dark black wood and creaky and the up bits were higher than my head, and they went up in a bendy way.  I didn't like them!  So Mum used to carry me up and put me straight on the bed.  I liked that.


going on holiday


Dear Aunties, I am just writting to tell you that we are going on holiday tomorrow.

Mum says we will have a great time, and it will be all sniffy and exciting, but I am worried.  Tara says I worry too much, but all the packing and stuff is very tiring, and we have to set off very very very early in the morning.  I usually have a nice lie in, and I won't get one. 

Mum says we can all sleep in the car, and then wake up when we get there.  She is going to sleep too.

Tara says there are lots of mountains in Cornwall, and rocks and moors and beaches and stuff, cos Dad told her all about it.  And Dad has a long list of places we are going to sniff.

Mum says that we are taking special powder stuff to put on my food so I won't get an upset tum.  I don't want an upset tum ever again!!!  And we will have a garden.

So it might be OK.

I just want to be wherever Mum and Dad are.  And Tara of course.  So long as she doesn't bounce too much...



Hello Aunties.  I'm going to tell you all about my Foxy Walk cos it was exciting, and Cato is asleep, so I get to bloggify!  Haha!

So, these first pics are all slobbery.  That's cos I licked the camera while Mum was lifting me out of the car, haha! and she didn't realise until she had taken some pics.  She huffed about it, but AuntieJane thought it woz very funny.  So did I!

Cameras don't taste of much.

This is AuntieJane and Cookie.  Cookie is very old and has trembly legs, but she is very friendly, and I don't mind her.  Her Dad is a bit old too, but he is very nice, and he likes walking with Cookie.  He says that her tail never stops wagging.


Can you see my slobber?

Mum says they have weeded this flowerbed thing, and next time we come there will be a surprise!


We are having a drink.  It woz a bit hot.  And I was running low on my lickystuff, cos of the camera.


Boring pic like Mum does every time, to show the green summer foly stuff.


Pic of lots of people with a ball wot I am not allowed to go and say hello to.  and not allowed to play ball with.  and not allowed to invade their pitch.  and lots of other boring rulz wot aren't fair!!!


I have yellow bows in today.  Mum says yellow is summery.



Oh, and Cato woz hot coz I bounced on him.


But then I raced him!  I am MUCH faster and bigger and stronger than him, and I got right out in front, and was super-Ninja-fast and he is so wimpy that he couldn't keep up!  haha!


But... where's he going?


Not fair!  That is cheating!  And now he is in front and I have to accelerateify my athleticals so I am a blurr, coz he didn't chase me properly, and now he is in front!  I hate it when he is in front!


But I catched him up!  The little wimpy cheat!

At this point AuntieJane was all squeaky about us running out onto the parcark, and getting splatted, and she woz worried.


But Mum said 'don't worry' Cato will wait for us', and he did.  He stopped so suddenly that I shot past him.  More sneaky cheating!  Its because Cato doesn't like being far from Mum.  He is worried he will lose her.

I don't like being far from Dad, but that is different, it is coz Dad gets lost.  It isn't coz I am a Mummy's boy, is it?


and then we came home.




Oooh it was hot.  Mum said only once round the lake today :( on account of the hotness, but in the end I didn't want to go round again.  It was hothothot.  


this is the pink Vetch climbing up the post


don't know wot those purple things are, but Mum says they are special and wild and pretty.


It was windy!  Can you see the wind doing weird stuff to the water round the island?


Look!  There are new swan pups!


Mum said 'Now Cato, behave yourself!  Mummy and Daddy swans don't like paws who are too nosey!'

But they were really sniffy and interesting.  

And I was only looking...


But the Mummy swan got cross with me, and I made a tactical retreat!  That is a technical term.  A Hunting term.

The swans didn't mind Mum.  I think they thought she had some treats for them.


Mum is v pleased with the swan pic.  Especially the one with its leg up in the air.  And the foots in the water.


This is the new bench we found.  It is all shiny new and fresh.



This is the rose that has all the rosehips in the cold weather


And all those little green blips will be Hawthorne berries.


It was still very windy


and Tara was doing her climby thing all the time.  She is pretending to look at those yellow irises, but really she is just standing on the high bit.


We were getting near the carpark again, so Tara picked a fight.  She always does this.


and then she ran off


and then she saw a mountain


and she was thinking of climbing it (of course)


only I goosed her haha!  and then we had another fight, and she forgot all about the mountain.  haha!



Sun 4th Jun: Foxy florals


Hi Aunties.  This is me standing on Cato, showing him who is boss.  (that's me.  being boss.  cos I'm on top)


Aren't I awesomely Ninja?

and this is after.  See how I am in front?  and all Bossy?


but then he wants to have another go.  Like he actually thinks he stands a chance!


Mum says you have to have a look at all these weeds.  Cos she says it just goes to show (something or other really dull MumInGardeningMode. Yawn).


Cato used to do all the yawny gardening commentatering.  But he says if I want to be Boss, I have to do the gardening too.

Not fair!



The Mum went off and sniffed these red things


While we waited with AuntieJane, cos the red stuff was too close to the road, and Mum thought I would get myself splatted.

As if I would!  Bosses don't run out onto roads, do they?


More green stuff



an Elderflower


AuntieJane wants to wine it.  To drink.

Lovely sniffs.  Cato is in front.  He is trying to challenge my Bossiness, isn't he?


So I splatted him again!  Ha!  Take that.  Servile worm!!!


But it woz a bit hot.  So I didn't crush him completely, cos it would have been a bit puffy for me.


Then it woz a bit cooler in the shade.  I like cool.


Being Boss is a bit tiring.





Too hot


it is very very hot Aunties.  I don't think i like it.

last night in the Big Bed, it was terrible hot, and i had to lie on my back to cool my tum!  Tara did too.  Although she did it sideways and tried to push Dad out of bed.  And she snores even louder when she sleeps on her back.

then this evening, i had to keep getting off Mum's lap.  Cos of the hotness.  Mums' laps shouldn't be so hot!  They should be nice and snuggly when it is cold outside, and then nice and cool when it is hothothot outside.  I miss Mum's lap.  It is important Together Time, and the hotness wrecks it!



Mum had important Mum Stuff to do, so we all went as a Pack and stayed in a hotel.  I had been there before, when I was very little, but I still didn't like it very much.  It is always very stressful when Mum and Dad put all their bags by the front door, and I have to go and sit with them, and worry in case they forget me.  I mean, I know that Mum and Dad wouldn't ever forget me.  I know that.  But I still worry.

This is our hotel.  There weren't any signs up about paws keeping humans on leads, so we didn't.  Unless we were walking inside the hotel, of course.


This bit was the posh bit.  We were staying in another bit or the hotel, around the corner, that was very nice, but not quite so posh.

We had lots of lovely trundles in the garden.  Mum said the garden was big enough to call it the grounds.  We managed to have a walk every time we went out for a widdle, so we got lots of walking and sniffing.


This is called a Water Gate.  There is a river through the gate, and when people used to arrive at the house (now hotel), they got off the boat and walked up the steps.  Mum says it is like a bus stop, but for a boat.  The river is green cos of the waterlilies.

Tara climbed on the wall, of course.


Mum is going mad for the roses.  Again.


This is us showing Dad the round about way back to our hotel room den, with the best sniffs.


there's the river again


and that is the walled garden where they used to grow all the veg stuff that humans eat.  It is all overgrown now, and full of weeds.


Tara likes bridges.  I don't.  They are a bit high.



This is a monkey puzzle tree.  It is a lot bigger than me, isn't it?


and there is a spashy fountain too


Mum said she was expecting to be eaten alive by bugs and things, but nothing bit her at all.

These are some sniffy roses


and this is us being bored, while Mum stakes the rose pics.


We had a nice trip, although it would have been nicer if Mum hadn't gone out to do her MumStuff all day. :(

But we got nice food.  There was turkey breast and roast beef, wot Mum smuggled out of the dining room for us, and we had our normal stuff too, kept cold in a fridge thing in our den-room.  And Tara didn't poo on the carpet, even though Mum had carpet cleaning stuff in the bag.  So that was OK, And apart from barking when people walked past our room-den, she was quiet.

Mum and Dad had a conversation about Tara's barking, and made her sleep in the middle of the bed, with her lead on, so she couldn't jump off and go and bark at the door.  After that, it was much more peaceful.

And she only ran out of the room once, and frightened an old lady (when Dad went out and didn't shut the door quick enough).  But Dad said it was OK, cos he apologised and introduced them, and it turned out the old lady was more surprised than frightened.  cos Tara isn't really scary, is she?  Just silly and bouncy.

I think people liked us.  We went and sat outside on the benches and had water and treats while Mum and Dad had drinks and stuff.  People stopped and said hello, and stroked us.  Some of them even liked Tara's hair.  And there were lots of sniffs.  Mum says that one lady started calling her Mrs Shih Tzu, and talked about her paws for AGES.

So I've decided that I like hotelling.  And I want a garden like our hotel grounds please.




This is me looking beautiful.  Mum says.


I had my pink bows in specially, in case I saw William.  And look, here he is.  I am playing it cool, and not asking him to chase me.


This is what Cato does when he thinks we are going back to the car and he wants a longer walk.


and this is the Rowan sprout that Mum has been piccing for you.  She says that each of those little blobble things are going to be big fat orange red berries when the weather gets all cold again.


Pink stuff.  There is a lot more pink stuff on this tree this year than last, says AuntieJane


We (Mum, Dad, me and Cato) are all going on an Adventure.  We are going to stay in a hotel for two nights, and I am to BEHAVE and not bark at people outside our den door, and I mustn't poo on the carpet.  Or widdle on it.  And I am allowed to sleep on the bed, but only if I stay on our Pack blanket.

I am not sure I want to go.

There seem to be a lotlotlot of rules and stuff. :(


Wed 24th May: Promendadoing


We all went for a pack walk, to the French Place so Mum could have a hot choc thing.  But it was closed!

So we had to go for a proper sniffy walk instead.  I like it when the French Place is closed.


Mum says you should see how brown the water is.  That is cos of the rain, apparently.  

I wanted to go on the beach, but Mum said no.  Cos of The Rules, and us not beaching til it gets cold again.

My tail looks good, doesn't it?


It was a bit grey and Mum said it was raining out on the horizon.


And I saw a CAT!!!!  It just sat there!  I had Mum on the lead, so I couldn't just run off and teach it not to stare.  It was very frustrating.



Mum said these were the first poppies she has seen this year.  But then we went home and our poppy had popped.  So they are everywhere now.



It wasn't a very long walk, but the CAT made it worthwhile.

Of course, it would have been more worthwhile if I could have chased it.  It was so rude.  It just stared.  That is rude, isn't it, Aunties?





Haha!  Hello Aunties!

We went to the sea, and it woz hot, and I bounced on Cato.  Look!


Dad wozn't with us, so I had to show Cato how to mountaineer, like Dad shows me. 


and we went all along this mountain range.  Cato just followed me, so I woz the Trek Leader.  Mum says.

She also said that if I went and bothered that family who were pickernickering (see the man in the red shirt, sitting with his family all eating interesting stuff) then she would die of embarrassment, and she would shave my tail.

That is soooo mean of Mum, isn't it?  Anyway, I didn't want to go and 'bother' them.  They didn't have any sausages, anyway.


We didn't go down there.


He does run slow.


and he splats really easily.


And then he cheats by attacking me from the side!


we both got a bit hot.


But we had a brill bounce!  Mum says you can see how much I am enjoying myself in this pic.  And I woz!  Cato was bouncing back, and it was FUN.


This is me still hot.  Mum said we had to walk for ages before we had a sit down.  She said I shouldn't have bounced so early, but how woz I to know?


We sat here


and we had a big drink and some treats.  But we didn't play truffle hound, cos it was too hot to run about.



Mum says that white thing in the distance is a Lighthouse.  and the lump in the sea is a Fort.  Yawn.


These are those horrible bug cocoon things.


and this is a very hairy bug.

I didn't eat it.


Cato was so floppy-puffed after I splatted him and we walked so far in the hotness, that Mum gave him a lift.  She carried him a longlonglong way until her back hurt.  And everyone thought he was a cute lickle puppy, and ignored me.  So when Mum put him down, I splatted him again.  It was fun!


just before we got back to the car, the sun went in, and it got all dark, and Mum took a pic of this.

It is a Snowy Egret, she says.  Can you see it?  At the edge of the pond.





I found a BONE


I found a BONE.  It is very very big.  And it is all MINE.

Mum has been messing with bones up at the top of the kitchen.  Something to do with drying them slowly so they don't go too stinky (Mum: using dehydrator and venison ribs) and today, when I was coming in from my mid morning Garden Patrol, I saw it.

In the middle of the kitchen floor.


It was difficult to carry.

But I couldn't leave it there for Tara to find.

So I picked it up and half carried and half dragged it over to my bed, and settled down to eat it ALL!

Tara wants it.  She keeps staring.  But she can't have it.  It is MINE.

There is another bone on the kitchen floor if she wants that.  But it is littler and not nearly as good as MY bone.  So she doesn't want it.

My bone is DELICIOUS.