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Bath day at last

Well I actually found some time to bath Lacey. She has had a haircut too. 

Donte always wore orange and since I’m missing my little man so much , I put Lacey’s orange collar on her. She had some pigtails today with orange bands and I’m loving her look. 










Growing my piggies

Mummy is growing me two piggies. The hair is still a bit short in the middle and by the end of the day it’s falling out of my bands. 

I wanted to share this photo with you all. I’m love owning this arm of the sofa, it’s near the window and I can sit and watch the world go by! 

Oh and excuse my dirty legs. Daddy took me for a muddy walk and now I need a bath.





Hi Aunties, just a short blog to say we are off on our holiday today. North Yorkshire moors here we come... 

Mum said she'll take lots of photos to share we you all 


Our birthday bath and trim

It's a bit late for a birthday bath and trim.... 

Here they are smelling sweet and looking gorgeous 💖💙


I used the #1 SS comb attachments for a closer cut on Lacey's body, but I don't like how her chest bone sticks out! ☹️





After these pictures were taken I touched up both their muzzles as I wasn't liking how they looked. Also made a few adjustments in a couple of places here and there. 


Before I sleep my birthday cake off. I have some news... 

We are all super excited as Mummy has just told us she's booked a cottage that allows paws... and we are all going on holiday together... 

I hope there's beaches that allow paws to go on them in the summer. We love to paddle in the sea. 

Mum is sticking to her diet thing! What's one of those Aunties? She's weighing food out and logging it in my fitness pal. She bought herself a new Fitbit.  Guess what Aunties--- mummy is shrinking, I'm sure it's not my eye sight 👀 


3rd birthday

 It's was our 3rd birthday on Friday. Mummy was at work for half day. Our brother was at school all day and Daddy's been working a lot lately. 


We are having our party today because Daddy's been very busy at work. He has gone in this morning but we're waiting to undo our presents when he returns home. 

Mummy took some photos of us this morning. She knows we won't sit still long enough when Daddy gets home. 


Mmmmmm that cake looks yummy! Can we please have a little bit? 


These bones around the side taste delicious. 

Ok then, a bone each. 



Hmmmmm Lacey, wait for Daddy before you help yourself... 


More photos later of us opening our presents when Daddy home! 



James and I are a little gutted today.. 

we spent most of yesterday in the garden keeping an eye on two sparrow fledglings that had left the nest , but couldn't fly. We watched the paws while they was in the garden. ( not sure if you remember last year Donte caught a fledgling in his mouth and I had to prize it out. It died later..  We encouraged the fledglings to hide under the rhubarb in a safe area of the garden. Mum and dad sparrow kept feeding them throughout the day.  

This morning we woke and rushed out to the garden and there they were amongst the rhubarb. A bit later Mum and Dad was encouraging them out and they were trying hard to fly. Still not managing it very well. James and I watched from his bedroom window , but we both had to get ready. He was off to school and I was going to work. We noticed one sparrow had landed in an empty pot that was in the veg patch and we left Mum to encourage it out.. all this from the bedroom window. 

we both left the house. When James arrived home from school he went down to the veg patch to check all was ok.. He was gutted!!!! The fledgling had landed in a pot, but rain water had collected in the bottom ( 2 inches) and it had died!!! The water was so cold, today has been cold. We are both gutted... if only we had gone down to check it was ok when we had seen it fly in the pot... Absolutely gutted and sick in the stomach. I know these things happen but I could kick myself... 

I'd like to think the other one was able to fly away as it's not in the garden anymore. 


Super excited (beach tomorrow)

Oh Aunties and Cousins, were a bit excited. When Daddy came home from work today he asked me (I'm the boss) if we wanted to go to the seaside tomorrow. He said we could take our balls and towels and stuff to the beach too. 

I said to him yes please , I didn't ask Donte cos he has to do what I say!!! Cos I'm bigger than him.. anyhow I think he was excited too... he was jumping up and down and bundling with Dad too.. 

Mummy had a big smile on her face cos she loves the beach. 

We is so happy we going on a mini trip tomorrow...  

Mummy likes to joke when she gets in the car.. when we reach the end of our road she says...  Are we there yet!!! 😂😂😂😂 apparently we have a 2 hour drive to get to the beach... but we know it will be worth it... 😍😍😍 


Poorly tummy

Came home from work at lunch time today and was greeted by a poo on the kitchen floor. Can't remember the last time they did that. Wasn't sure who had left me this but upon cleaning it up I could see it had some mucus on it. That would explain the poo on the kitchen floor. 

As soon as I saw the mucus , out came the tree barks powder and they both got a dose because I wasn't sure who had got the poorly tummy. Then Lacey asked to go out and I realised it was her. This time it was softer than before. 

Hopefully the tree barks powder will kick in and she'll soon be ok.... 


The King


Donte: I was telling Lacey that I'm the King of the castle and she had to listen to me. She was sitting all beautiful and kept her eyes on her subject ( thats me being the King) and then..... we I got down she pounced on me!! Like a good un.... 

Mummy let us outside to have a run around. But even being the King doesn't stop you getting a Royal telling off for coming back in with dirty paws!!  🐾🐾 

Love Donte 



Bath day and haircut

Bath day today 

Mum was very busy today giving us both a bath and we had a haircut too. 

Mum said that she's still got to trim some more off Lacey's muzzle because she's not happy with how it look. 

But we smell so sweet and feel so soft 




Here I am  practising 'leave it' with a treat on my paws! 





Happy New Year Chatter family. 

We had an awesome day today. 

We was waiting for our older brother (Matthew) to come today to visit with his girlfriend, but the lovely thing is, his girlfriend has a 3 year old daughter from a previous relationship. She didn't come and see us on Christmas Day because she was spending it with her daddy. 

Anyhow so we had the lovely pleasure of her visiting today. And Aunties, we was on our best behaviour. After dinner we helped Eliza unwrap her Christmas presents. But we couldn't wait for her to unwrap one special present from us. We had our name on the gift tag and everything. 

You should of heard the squeals of delight when she saw her gift. 

Mummy was that busy enjoying Eliza opening her gifts that she didn't take any pictures. So Mummy found this picture of it. 

It was a black and white puppy like us... it felt so soft ..... 



We had good fun with Eliza. Eliza kept throwing my ball for me and I would fetch it, bring it back and let her put her hand under my mouth and I would drop the ball in her hand.  Mummy said I was a very good boy. 

Lacey sat on her knee and wanted cuddles with her, there wasn't room for me on her knee at the same time, I had to wait for my turn. 

Love Donte 🐾 ..... 




Christmas Day 2016

Mummy got up bright and early, something about putting the turkey in the oven. 

We saw two stockings by the tree. Mummy said they were for us. 

Mummy put my pigtails and my bows in.  







We had some good sniffy toys. We had squeaky animals, balls a fluffy toy and a hedgehog. We also found some treats in our stockings... 

after we had opened our presents and helped mummy and daddy with theirs we were all pooped out.. 

we had to have a sleep on the new scatter cushions that mummy and daddy had for Christmas. They are were very comfy. 




My eldest brother was coming over with his girlfriend for Christmas dinner and mummy said can you see Matthew.... where's Matthew. So I was on look out waiting for them to arrive. 



Heres Lacey, trying out the new cushions again... 



Here I am, I've had a very busy day. And loved every minute. 

But I need a rest now.... zzzzzzzzz



I love treats

Hi Aunties, 

Mummy has a new toy for us. It's called a treat dispenser... 

Here's a picture of me eating some kibble. 

I tap it with my paw and it bobs about and drops kibble or treats out and I eat them all up. 





Mum got all grumpy

We got all excited today. Mummy said that a new dog field had been opened in our little town. It's part of the field behind the cemetery. Mummy read somewhere the council were going to fence it off so it was secure and let us doggies meet and greet and play with each other. 

So off we went all excited, I may add. 

But when we arrived at the field, Mummy turned all grumpy... I know you won't believe us, but she does get grumpy sometimes. 

She said that the grass hadn't been cut for a start and there was dog poo on the grass... yuk, we have a slave to pick ours up!

And brambles... what are brambles??? 

Anyway Mummy said she wasn't going to let us off because she knew we'd want to run and play with each other and she was worried we would get caught up in the brambles, and get prickles in us...  

Mum... Slave, I do it because I love them 😂 

I didn't take my phone so I haven't got pictures. There was odd bushes growing in the middle and around the field, which I thought I was lovely and they could leave... but there was a few tiny hawthorns bushes starting to grow and brambles were popping up all over the grass and around the field. I was going to risk letting them off and then having them running through brambles.. Think I may fire an email off to council .. don't know why they bothered if it's going to be half hearted... so yes, I was a little grumpy... 


We are still around

Hi everyone, we are still around.  I keep popping in the read posts, so I must try to catch up with everyone..... I'm all recovered from the operation. I went back to work 6 days after the op, but after being at work for 3 half days, I had to get in touch with the doctor again as I wasn't feeling well. She gave me some more tablets to help with the bleeding and I had a few more days off work. I didn't realise how much I needed those days off until I took them. I worked my first full week last week and I feel so much better now 😀 

Some more good news..... that I'm very proud of..... The weight has slowly been creeping on and I decided enough was enough and Im trying to change the way I eat...... AND..... I've dropped 2 whole dress sizes... I'm so very happy....  so watch this space.....

Donte and Lacey had a bath and tidy up on Friday, so they are smelling very sweet now... we have just got in from a walk and they are flat out on the floor, worn out... peace for a little while 😋 

Now to catch up with everyone 😘



Cheered Mum up...

We have been giving Mummy lots of kisses and cuddles. Its been a day since I had my topknot brushed and redone. I was such a good girl today, I sat beautifully while she put my hair up and gave me a lovely new bow. She said I make her smile.... she also looked at Donte and said you do too 😘 I thought I was her favourite... 😉 


Donte was trying to pull it out when we having a buddle. But Mummy wasn't taking any rubbish off us today and told him to cut it out! 


Mmmmm we smell so fresh. Updated, I'm home


 It was bath day for me today. Mommie has been wanting to bath me since I had my op and said everything was all healed last weekend but she wanted to wait until today ..  I must admit, I was a little smelly! Lol 

She tried a short trim around my muzzle and left my ears and topknot.  Daddy says he really likes it. 





Mommie has to go into hospital on Tuesday to have a operation. So we plan on giving Mommie lots of kisses and cuddles when she gets home. The best bit is, she'll be taking some time off work to recover and that means she'll be at home with us.... yay!!! :cheer:

 I had a bath and a haircut yesterday... I feel so soft. 

We are so fluffy and sweet smelling....Mmmmmm  We wish you could smell us 😋 


This is hard work being clean and sweet smelling 




Feeling loved

It's been bath day at our house. 

Lacey has had a trim as well because she's booked in for her spay on Monday. So I thought it best that I took her fairly short so I won't have to bother her by brushing her. They smell so lush.... 💕




Sweetheart Abbey ruin.


While in Scotland we visited an Abbey Ruin. It was very pretty indeed. I could of a sat in the grounds all day... 



I can only describe this next few pictures as stunning... 











Another view and some work being carried out. 


My daughter is 5' 7" inches.. The headstone is really big. 



Lacey trying to read the inscription . 



Plants growing on the walls.



Saying hello to the cows 










Seal beach

Oh my!!!! Today Aunties we went on a another journey.. It was a lovely surprise.... 

Mummy and Daddy took us to the beach... It was over 2 hours drive to the beach, but when we got there it was worth it... SEALS... Aunties, SEALS.... They were swimming in the sea very close to shore and while we were watching them, they were watching us!!! 

Lacey was talking to them.... Woof, woof, she kept saying. I think they knew what she was saying because they kept popping the heads up and looking at us... 

Can you see them?? 


Look... A seal 


Seal so close to us 


With our big brother 😘


Good sniffing post


Mummy loves his picture 


Donte rolling his tongue


Resting on the beach








Mummy was planning to keep you all updated over the week, but we was only allowed so much internet data and the older kids used it all up within a few days. And mummy could only get 3G on her phone if she hung out the top window. She said she couldn't keep doing that because it didn't look very good and the little Scottish midges would eat her! We don't know how they would manage that because they are very tiny...  

We had such a lovely time in Scotland. We visit a ruin.. 

It's a triangular Castle. Caerlaverock Castle 

We loved running on the grass and up and down the hills. 


We were very brave going up and down the stone staircase. 



Walking over the wooden bridge.. 


It's very nice here. 


Ewwwwww it's dark and dirty in here... (Mummy bathed us when we got back to the cottage, she said we were very dirty) how dare she!! 


We all went for a walk around the moat... It looked very deep. 


Me... Posing on the steps... 





We made it up here 😀

We sensed something was going on, Daddy wasn't at work and Mummy was rushing around then she made us take a travel sickness tablet. Then in the car we jumped and we were OFF!! On our holiday.... 

We made it up here on Friday. It was a fairly long journey but Mummy and Daddy said we travelled really well. We are staying in a beautiful cottage. The inside is lovely, it's been newly renovated,  the outside WAS a different story. Long story.. The refuse bin was full and there was bags on the drive beside the bin and the grass needed cutting. Mummy emailed the owner, he was on holiday. He sent someone to clear the rubbish ( the previous holiday people didn't put it out for collection) and when he arrived home today and he came round and cut the grass. So that's all good now. But Mummy was not happy to start with, but she's happy now 😀

We went for a drive the next day (Saturday) to try and find a nice beach. But Mummy said she's a little sad because it hasn't got a beach like we went on last year. We found two beachs but they wasn't to Mummy's liking.... When Daddy had driven about 80 Miles,( Mummy used to google to help her find another one) but when we found it- the tide was in! Oh dear... so we have a walk on a little but of sand. We all enjoy the ride and stopping in little towns along the way. 

Here's our cottage 

Grass is cut now 😀






My best friend

I wanted to share one of my favourite toys. I love my frog, Mummy and Daddy bought it for me when we was on holiday last year. I think I'll pack him in my bag when we go on holiday this year. 

When Mummy puts me to bed, she always gives me toy to cuddle up too, but I don't take him to bed though, he's my play toy.