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Missy & Piper's Outting to the Dr

Piper- So last night I have to go to my first dr visit, see I still scratch like crazy and mom says I need to get some meds... Missy Says she's going for moral support... should I be suspicious???

it's pouring down rain, and we All know Missy won't go out into the rain.. I learned the hard way, I stayed out in the rain and worse when I was on my own so I don't care and me an mommy go out in it so I can do my business now, but not Missy... Anyway Missy kindly says I can borrow one of her raincoats to go to the dr...

This Must be Missy's idea of a joke...


Missy- What?? I seriously Don't see the problem Piper!



Hey Look! I ain't never seen one of these before! Mommy says it's a booster seat so I can see out! Me and Missy are ready to go now! Oh and yeah I ditched that coat and mommy ordered me one of my own that fits! ;) 


Hey- Where'd Piper go??


Did somebody call me?? I thought I was just supposed to nap in here!


Oh hey I can see mom & dad now!


Oh Wow looky, I can see Lots out this way!


Oh Yeah This is Great!!


Sit down What? Why Mom?? This is Great fun!! Oh yeah Life is Good!


Well yeah the fun Did end when I saw we went to the dr... But Missy did stand up for me and protected me And put in a good word- ok Lots of words- to the dr for me.. she talks a lot to the dr!! The dr said I was a Keeper, I dunno what that meant but it musta been good huh? He said he thinks I'm about 3 1/2 yrs old, I weigh a bit over 12 lbs now and he said I could stand to gain to about 14 - 15 lbs. so I never will be as big as Missy, he said she had bigger bones! Oh and best part he gave me something for my itches!

Mommy says we get to go on a Real Outting, and not to the dr, tomorrow! Can't wait to ride in my new seat again!!:bear:Piper


Missy's friend ?? Piper

Hi my name is Piper! I thought I'd introduce myself cuz well... I don't think Missy will...

Anyway here's My story! I came to live with Missy and mommy and daddy this past Saturday night! See mommy and daddy had agreed to foster me cuz I needed a home. Yeah the rescue place where mommy volunteers told her about me. See I was found as a stray down in SC, they don't know how long I was out on my own... I do but I ain't tellin! ;) It sure was long enough to get in Really bad shape though... I was totally depleted they say~ I don't know what that is, but I sure was hungry... mommy says you can still see my ribs.. :( 

And I got a Really bad skin infection and lost a lot of my hair and my ears hurt really really bad... they put me on lots of meds when they found me in late February. I stayed with a foster down there for a few months cuz they couldn't even spay me for over a month, till I got some better. 

Heres the picture they sent mommy and daddy when they found out about me!


They did a good job placing me in this pic you can't see all my bald spots and mats... ohhh yeah I had big ole mats, mommy spent hours the first night cutting them out... feels a lot better with them out now! Mommy's worked a lot on my coat and finally just cut me short cuz there was no way to hide these bald spots! I don't care, I feel better and mommy says it'll grow back! :) here I am now!


I was sooo happy to be home on Saturday night, I just cuddled up to daddy and he was, well... smitten!! On Sunday morning he told mommy I wasn't going Anywhere and that Missy would get used to me! Soooo they Adopted Me!! I am Beyond happy!! :cheezy:Well cept for One thing... Missy, she doesn't seem to want to be my friend... I Don't know why... Maybe you guys could put in a good word for me?? She says she wants to talk to some one on here called Bristolle???? Ooooh wait.. She comes.... :surrender:

Pipe Down there Piper Girl... this is My Bog, My friends and I can speak for Myself...:blowup:

Missy here- Hey Bristolle Noel, I'm feeling your pain over here...text me girlfriend.. we need to talk and  I don't want mommy to hear!:nonono:



My Easter!

Hi Aunties,

i hope you had a good Easter, I had a wonderful one and thought I'd share my day with you!

It started with a friend coming by! Look who came to see me- Touché, I haven't seen him since last year!


Then I got to go on a Great Easter walk to see my friends! Oh, almost forgot- I got my Spring cut this weekend! I'm sooo much cooler and moms happy to report my big purple area on my chest is down to one little red spot now, almost all gone now!! :) 


I had a great walk but it was pretty hot, high 80s, so not many friends were out...but I did see my boyfriend next door, that made me very happy!! 


And some of moms flowers were in bloom- here see!

her peonies 


And an azalea that hasn't bloomed in years!




some of our wild dogwoods


now for the Good part! We came in and mom made me a Roast!! See Aunties, mine's on the stove and I ain't movin till it's Done!! ;) 


Mmmm that was good!


oh and bunny brought me a fun new toy!


wow that was over way too fast...guess I have to wait till next year to get to do it again Aunties! :) :throb:Missy



Hi Aunties, today was our March Outting and family day!

Well I gotta tell ya first that I'm only gonna post the exciting parts, well exciting to Me that is! ;) see this month was mom & dads 26th anniversary and mom does all this silly memory lane stuff so we had Lots of that today, They Really enjoyed it... it was Ok but I'm not gonna bore you with it! :D

sooo now for the Good stuff, Best stuff first!

Here we are Aunties, bright and early at my Favorite breakfast cafe!! Mommy finally brought my food!


Mmmm that was good! Egg with that great Vermont cheddar cheese- I'm ready for this day now!!


Ok Lots of memory lane stuff edited out... and Here we are, at the park!


Where to start... let's go this way Aunties!


There was lots of wood areas and lots of good sniffs!


Lots of boats, daddy said they were putting them back in the water at the marina, and hey this guy was out in his speed boat!


Even some pretty wild cherry trees in bloom!


I gotta tell ya Aunties the weather man didn't tell us bout this wind, just bout blew me down!!


And it Did blow down this branch from a magnolia tree, Great sniffs! Too bad they aren't blooming yet I'd Love to sniff that!


Hmm where next Aunties, there's Lots to see! How bout this way!


Looky here Aunties, it's a bat box and a beaver dam!!


Let's keep goin!


oooh Look a little bridge!


Pretty cool under here!


Ooh and a nice area to sit here!


Mom says she could look at this little stream forever!


But Not me... Aunties we got something serious goin on here... I hear them but I haven't found em yet...


Not here, but this is a pretty neat huh?!


Ah Ha there they are tryin to get Away!! Geese!!


And Looky here's some more!!


Let me at em! I can reach these!!


Ummm maybe not they're in the water now... mommy says we'd have to go off this... nope not me! We're outta here Aunties!


Hey Aunties Look!! A Race, a Prison BreakOut Race!! Oooh Don't Make me go down their memory lane stories Please Aunties!! Ok Just this one!! There used to be a prison here, yeah they closed it now.. and there was a house that was by it with a sign out front that said 'Prison View Estates'! Ok well... probably had to be there huh?! This is kinda how My day went with their stories!! ;) 


I'm happy girl Aunties! I sure hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did, memory lane and all! 


And now Aunties I'm Beat! Nightie night! ❤️Missy





Feb family day- Occoquan!

Oh Aunties today was family day and mommy and me planned a trip to a little town called Occoquan, I can't Wait to tell you all about it!!

heres the sign that tells you some bout it! It's an old town from the 1700s, you know how I looove history, the best old smells in the world! ;) 


This way Aunties!


it's really only one Main Street, no lights or nuthin! And brick sidewalks, very nice on my paws!! :) 


This is the Main Street, but they didn't call it that probably cuz of the mill! Anyway lots of old places, but see the sign says there was a big fire and lots of the places aren't here no more. 


But what's here has some Great sniffs and lots of places hidden down small walk areas!


Ooh an looky at this Aunties- mom an me thought this was something else-they used this rock to help us ladies outta the buggies back then! 


But I Really wanna tell ya bout the smells round here, they're Great guys! I wanted to spend a lot more time checking out the history of this tree but we gotta move on! ;) 


Check out this old mansion, I wanna go up there and check out the sniffs but lots of guys are working round it...


So we'll check out this guy instead! They used this bunker to store carbine, they used that for the lights back then!


The next few pics tell ya bout the history, if you wanna read bout it.. if not just move on to the next pics of Me, they're waaay more interesting anyway! ;) 




Hey looky guys, I seen Lots of doggies down here today but here's one like Me! I ran over to meet him but ooh he doesn't have real good manners, he kinda scared me.. but his mommy says he's still a puppy that's why he's all bouncy!


Oh Aunties the lady here at the museum was soooo nice, she let me come in with mommy and daddy so I could see the museum too! It was very nice with Lots of history that mommy an me read- daddy got us a couple of books too so we can read more! :) 


We're coming up to water area now Aunties. Cato I know, as a hunter, you're gonna be interested in this and following the water for the game! This town is on the Occoquan river, which then flows into the Potomac river, which then goes into the Atlantic Ocean. So yeah the birds you hunt, when they run and get away, which I Know isn't often ;), they just go cross that Ocean and maybe, just maybe come here! We saw Lots of eagles, and geese and all kinds of other birds today- you woulda loved hunting them! :) 


Heres the bridge they were talking bout in the history thingy above Aunties! And it's a foot bridge so we coulda walked cross it, but we didn't, maybe next time!


Instead we went down to this Great park!! And waaay at the end, where you see that black thingy, that's the dam! There was Lots of water works stuff an daddy told us how it worked, cuz he's smart like that! :) 


All I know is it's Gorgeous out here Aunties, such a nice breeze and oooh I Love looking at that water, very pretty!


Ok Aunties- breaks over! Cuz I'm on a Mission now, come on!! 


Oh first mommy wants to show you this gate, cuz she just Loved it!


Ooh Finally, here we are, at the bakery!!


This is what I'm talkin bout Aunties! A Bakery and Store just for Meee! Well mom an dad can come in so they can pay and carry my packages! ;) 


Oh Aunties I got some delightful fish treats! I just had one, yummmy!


An now for Lunch! I had a choice of 4, yup 4 restaurants that would serve me! I chose this one!!


And I was such a good girl, I laid right here and let mommy and daddy serve me my turkey! 


Ooh what a Wonderful day Aunties!


I'm happiest girl in the whole world right now, I had such a Great day!:louise:hope you enjoyed it too! ❤️Missy




Blowing in the breeze!

Hi Aunties, it's been a real busy week an mommy's behind in doing my blogs so this is from earlier in the week. but I Had to share cuz it was a first for me, it's something for my book so I wanted to share with my favorite Aunties! 

Mommy an daddy have been real busy doing things round the house and we need to go visit my favorite handyman store!


I know that's not a first, I Love going there and today was no different, Lots of Fun!! :) 

it was on the way home that was different and New for me! It was real nice out, not cold like it had been and I said 'daddy it's hot in here!' Soooo he opened my window- yes he Did Aunties! I ain't Never rode with the window open before! Nope Never!!


well when momma told daddy that it was my first time then it was a whole nuther experience for Me!! We was in daddy's truck and boy was he going fast or what Aunties - Look!


he just bout left me behind! Ugh I Thought this window thing was supposed to be fun??! 


mommy told daddy maybe I had too much wind or maybe sloooow down!! 


well that's better but looky at my hair Aunties! 

Here we go that's more my speed, oh yeah this could be Fun!!


thanks for sharin my first time experience with me Aunties! I think though maybe I'll let daddy use the AC the next time! ;) ❤️Missy



Who dat??

It's Me - Missy-  Aunties! I thought I better reintroduce myself so you'd recognize me!


See mommy found a big red spot on my head and 3 red bumps below that had been bleeding... and soooo she cut my topknot bout all off, yup she did.. she combed it different too so hopefully I could keep a little of it...whatcha think??  :uhm:

She said if it don't get better she just may shave me! Yikes, let's hope the P&K works!:o And I stop scratching it... :( 


well bunny recognized me, he just kissed me again!! ;) and I ran after my other boyfriend too! I got Lots of energy today must be lighter without my topknot- so I made mommy run, you shoulda seen it!:hysterical: 

Hope my hairs not shorter yet next time you see me! :throb:Missy


Be My Valentine?!!

Happy Valentines Day Everybody!!

I have the Most important question Ever.... Will you be My Valentine????



WHAT... NO... you Won't..??? Well All I can say is...


 Well... I Know who Will.. I Think...?? :sad?:

Bunny... I have a REAL important question... will you....


Will You... be My Valentine???


YES!!! He Kissed Meeee!!!! I Have a Valentine!!!! :louise: I Love You Bunny Valentine!!! :dede:


Hope you have a Wonderful Valentines Day with Your Valentine sweetie!! :throb:Missy


Hair thingy!

Hey Aunties guess what mr mailman brought me this weekend?!!

My hair thingy! Ya know the one Auntie Sandra told us bout! See, ain't it pretty! They didn't have the pink one so mommy got me purple! :) 


Sooo here's mommy first try at using it! Whatcha think Aunties??!


i know she needs to watch the video again and maybe get me some small clips or bows... but I still felt real purdy and went out! I had to go show all my friends!! 


All the boys thought I was purdy and bunny George Kissed me again!! I just Love bunny!! 


Well, mommy was behind in posting this and I'm glad it was this weekend cuz we aren't going for a walk in the snow today! I'm too busy playin in it to get all purdy!! ;) 

Thanks sooo much Auntie Sandra for tellin mommy bout this hair thingy, I really like it!! ❤️Missy


Jan Outting- Cemeteries

Oooh Aunties what a day I've had! Mommy says every month we're gonna have a family day an do an outting! So today was gorgeous just like spring so mommy changed our holiday to Today!! We got up early and went to my favorite outdoor cafe for breakfast, so I could have Lots of energy for our outting!! No pics cuz well we were too busy eating!!

Then we were off to our Church cemetery, we like going there, it's real pretty and peaceful!


Mommy didn't take a lot of pics here but you can see the old Chapel in the background of these! I'm sure we'll go there again and I can show you more, we just stopped here quick today!


The Real treat was this other cemetery that momma's been dying to go to... Get it Aunties..dying to go to... I just crack myself up!!:hysterical:

anyway.. It's a real old cemetery, from the war! Here you can read all about it!!


here's the entrance!


And here's what the sign says-


oooh and Look Aunties here at the base of the flag- that's pieces from the old Church that fell down...


Here Aunties, this way, let's Go!


Heres some really neat old headstones! Daddy says this ones from a guy in a way old war and you can see what unit he was in! Daddy knows all that stuff, he's smart like that!


And look at this Aunties, me and mommy never saw one with bars around the sides like this- neat huh?!


So whatcha think these 'B' thingys mean Aunties? We saw lots of these with different letters...


Oooh an look at this, very pretty!


Ooh an look at these!


Wait what's that?? Over there by itself!


Oooh it's Lord Fairfax! WOW he's a Really important guy around these parts, he's a hero from a really old war, they even named a city after him! I didn't know he was here, this is special! Daddy says he's buried way away from his city cuz he can't afford the taxes to be there!! :hysterical:


Look Aunties, here's bigger pieces from the Church that fell down, they said these were 'Angel' stones. I dunno what that means cuz I don't see no Angel, do you???


Ok Auntiies this is where it gets Real interesting... See that house over there? Yeah the orange one.. We didn't wanna get too close... So the story goes- after the original Church fell down they built again and this house is it...

Oh let me back up... So ya know that old Church that was here? Ya know the pieces in the pic above, the one that fell down.. They say it was taken over during the war an made into a hospital to treat the soldiers, right? Soooo they Say that when they had to amputate they threw the body parts All into a grave... Somewhere around here.... Me an mommy figure it's Gotta be somewhere by this house, Right?? We looked an looked but we didn't find it, all the ones we found had names... But Maybe they put a name on it to trick us, huh?


LOOK Aaunties this headstone is Cracked... Do ya think that's where them body parts are??? I ain't never seen a cracked headstone before...


And Look, What's This??? Mommy says this is where they put little doggies who walk on graves... Gulp! She says I was a wild child today cuz I hadn't had a walk in so long cuz of the cold and snow an an I Forgot my Cemetery manners.... :( 


Mommy says the ghosts are gonna come after me tonight and I'm on My Own, she ain't gonna protect me cuz I was all over the place in the cemetery.... Ooooh I'm soooo outta here Aunties!  :death:


Still I Did have fun and I hope you enjoyed my cemetery tour as much as I did Aunties!


I'm off to sleep Now while it's day light... I think it's gonna be a looong night with those ghosties tonight...:teary: :throb: Missy




Oooh Aunties I woke up to Snow, I'm soooooo excited!


I got to run and play but it Really wasn't much snow was it??!


so I waited and waited and mommy made me a big snow breakfast, ya know so I'd have Lots of energy to play! An then she said it was time to go play!!

shes Really gotta be kiddin Aunties, she wants me go to out in all that??! I know I got my snow suit on but seriously, she bought somethin to take care of this for me! She needs to get busy First! ;) 


Ahhh that's better mommy, ya got my path cleared now?! This is Mr snow cleaner, he's gonna take care of makin my path from now on!! :) 


OK this is what I'm talkin bout! Let's play an eat some Snow!!


Aint nuttin like a snow stash! 


But Seriously mom, it's Freezin out here, lets gooooo!


Mommy made me stay out there waaay too long Aunties, she's like a little kid out in the snow... I got some business to take care of here now... Ya know what I'm doin Aunties??? I'm takin away all my good chews that I gave to mommy... Yup I am, it's like 20 out there Aunties and they say it feels like 7, I coulda turned into a Popsicle... She don't deserve my treats no more... :( 


There that's better now, this is My idea of what to do on a cold snowy day! :) 


I'm exhausted Aunties, I'm just gonna snuggle in my blankie now with my friends and wait for mommy to make me some nice soup!! :) hope you enjoyed my snow day! ❤️Missy



Christmas Day!

Oooooh Aunties I had a Great Christmas! I gotta tell ya all about it!!!

It all started when mommy got outta bed, I snuck My prized chew over to give to momma for Christmas!  Then I pretended to be asleep to watch her surprise when she came back in!! I couldn't help but peek and Boy was she surprised I gave her present First!!:cheezy:


So here we are Aunties, Christmas day with No Snow...Again... :( may as well go back in....


Ahhh Look Aunties--SANTA CAME!!!


Let me at these toys! Oh and i gotta put my toys from the hospital down here too!! Yeah they gotta meet my New friends!! :) 


Whaaat?? i'm in here playing... Why do i gotta go to the other room????


Whhhhaaattt IS That??? What Mommy??? Now that's bout the dumbest thing,.. Why would i wanna play with something By MySelf??? I Want YOU to Play With Me, may as well take it Down off that pole thingy Now and Let's play tug Together!!:cheezy:


OH BOY, time to go tell my Friends what all Santa brought ME!!


I sang Merry Christmas at the Top of my Lungs!! an told all my friends bout My gifts! Ooooh And bout my Roast that was cookin!!:cheezy:


Daddy didn't think he could make it on our walk today... so me an mommy went... WAIT, what's that??


What Daddy??? I was barking soooo much you Had to come see???!! YAY a Christmas walk with mommy AND Daddy!! That's the Best!!:clap:

OOOH Aunties what a Great Day!! Then we came in and had Roast!! Mommy made me my OWN roast with carrots and taters! Yum! AND a PupCake for dessert!


I'm Stuffed Aunties!! Can't believe Christmas is Over now.. What a Great Christmas I had!! Hope you did too! :throb:Missy



It's Almost Christmas!!!

Oooh Aunties, we been Real busy gettin everything ready for Santa to come! We got the trees done, daddy even helped!! See he did this one! OH see my new stocking, it looks just like me, huh?!! Mommy still put my old stocking on the fireplace so Santa could find it too!!:ohyeah:


And I supervised to make sure daddy didn't overdo!


While mommy put up my tree by the fireplace! I think I like daddy's tree better, don't tell mommy! ;) 


Ooooh then Santa sent the surgeon to fix all my toys in the hospital!! That's My favorite part!! Gee that surgeon must be awful busy cuz he only comes once a year... I'm Sooo happy to have my rocky triplets back, see here are the twins, they been in surgery for a looong time but daddy buys me a new one each time so I gots 3 now- I Love rocky the raccoon!!! Ya know we have real Rockys that come in our backyard, mommy and daddy raised them when they were babies and lost their mommy and they still come back!! :) 


Oh and guess what Aunties?! That surgeon also fixed my other pair of jammies, ya know the pair I been waitin a year to wear! 


But mommy says I still can't wear them, the surgeon messed them all up... Hey mommy is that Eggnog?? Is That why the surgeon messed up my jammies???!:lol_2: mommy says she's sorry it's blurry but she had to make sure I didn't drink it... Dern it sure smelled good!


Then me an mommy spent the last few days baking Santa's treats! Whew that was lots of bakin hope I get some!! We even made mommys chocolate covered cherries, wow they smelt better than that eggnog! Daddy said they gonna cure him fur sure! ;) and I talked with 6 of Santa's reindeer yesterday, yup I did! They came right in the front yard an were Checkin out the rooftop so told them which was My stocking so they could tell Santa! 


I've even had my Bath and I's real tired now Aunties, I'm just gonna lay here quiet just like my mouser and wait for Santa!


But I'm real worried today Aunties cuz it's raining, actually it's pouring... I gotta figure out how to turn that into Snow, it's rainin soo hard that'd be Tons of Snow!! Mommy says if we all turn our jammies inside out tonite maybe, just maybe it'll Snow! Hope we all have a White Christmas Aunties!:merrychristmas::throb:


New house??? Who's idea was This???

Aunties I gots a problem and I need your help please...

see a big truck came here the other day and all this stuff came in the house...mama got Real busy then she showed me... Look


A New house... I mean it's real nice, it's got carpet and a nice blankie like my new one but.. But... I has a house.. The one I've had since I been here... Why do I need a New one??? 

Has you seen my other house? See Look..


See there's my other house, geez I dunno what to do... Mommy says I gotta stay in here soon, when her an daddy go to the dr, an I don't wanna...  I think mommy's upset that I want my old house back... I won't let her move it out.. I mean I Liked it.. It's the Only house I ever known.... Do I gotta move Aunties?? It ain't My Fault mommys old hands can't work the latch no more... :( ❤️Missy 

note from mom: sure wasn't expecting this, she's just pinning for her old box... Which rusted out from someone slobbering on it, so it's not an option.. Even tried bringing her towel etc over....sigh kids! ;) 



Oh Aunties it's sooooo cold, this is crazy stuff!


They said somethin bout an artic front, all I know is it's like 0 out there!  I had to spend all day yesterday inside, my pawpaws freeze out there, the ground is all crunchy!! Hey Aunties, is Artic like where Santa lives???! Maybe it's cold cuz Santa's coming!!!!


It was kinda boring stayin in all day since mommy did mommy stuff... But then me and mommy made some vege beef soup, mommy made mine special! Mmmm it was good! And I hurried off to bed cuz it was supposed to Snow!! 


But here I am today, still in my jammies... No snow... Still freezing... Geez I was hoping to wear my new snowsuit and play in the snow today.. :( Mommy got me one Aunties cuz member all the snow we had last year an I got sooo cold an wet out playin in it... Well Maybe it'll snow tonight and I can wear it tomorrow and go out an Play!! Maybe we'll make cookies for Santa today or decorate and get ready for him!! :cheezy:Hope you're nice an warm Aunties or maybe you have some Snow you can play in!! :throb:Missy



Aunties, member how me an mommy were gonna go see Santa this weekend? Well guess What?? Daddy wanted to go, YAY!  ya know it woulda been ok cuz I know he needed to stay down an all but Wow to have him go too was Great! I couldn't imagine doin it without him... Mommy drove and all and so daddy still took it easy And he got to see meeee!  I was sooo excited to go now!!! :ohyeah:



But ya know Aunties I dunno bout this Santa stuff.. I mean I Really wanted to talk to him but gee there was so many doggies and ya know they were outta control.. Not like me... Everyone said how well behaved I was and how pretty, they made a real fuss over me! Which was Ok but they wanted to Touch Me.. An an this little boy he just came outta nowhere and touched my Paw... yikes, then his mama started yelling at him, wow-- it scared the beejeebees outta me... right before it was my turn to see Santa too... :( 

I was Sooo scared Aunties I backed away from Santa and almost fell off the bench, cept mommy came and caught me ... Sooo another year with No Santa pic... :crazyeyes:
Oooh Santa, that was SOoo stressful and I'm so upset...will you please still come see Meeeee.....


Then me and mommy shopped some and guess what?? A bag of stuff came home and mommy said it was from Santa! She said he knew I had a hard hard day and needed something soft and cuddly to rest up in, ain't it pretty - I Love Santa! 


An know what else Aunties?? Santa said I was such a pretty princess and he wanted to be Sure to find me Sooo looky what else he gave me, so he could Be sure to Find me! thems diamonds Aunties I just Knows it!! Sorry it's blurry Aunties its mommys camera thingy Not me! ;) 

 I's gonna lay on my blankie by the fireplace an just Wait till Santa comes!! ❤️Missy



One Week...

Wow Aunties, mommy and daddy and me were just talkin and we can't Believe it was one week ago today that I was in the 'hotel' and daddy had his surgery... Wow! This week is sooo much better we're all home and daddy has been getting better every day!

Course we had some tough times... it took him understanding just Who was in charge around here...ummm that would be Me! :cheezy:

Seriously Aunties just look at this face, would you want to mess with me??! This is when daddy done somethin he wasn't supposed too...then i told him 'No daddy', he looked and saw my face and knew i meant business!  And daddy said, i Better follow Nurse Missy's orders!! ;) 


mommy and me just used my 'uh uh' command on daddy when he'd get close to doin a no no... and see he was close here Again! i had to say Daddy knock it Off!!


See Aunties daddy doesn't like for me and mommy to have to do everything, ya know all his chores right now... it's hard i know~ well umm i Don't Really know cuz i sorta Like mommy doin All My Chores!! :judy:But i just Love my daddy, most the time i just watch over him and tell him how much i Love him!:throb: 


us and daddy thank you all soooo very much for all your prayers, he's doing sooo much better and we Know it's cuz of you! Daddy says he's so very humbled by all of your love and prayers! i told him your the bestest Aunties in the whole wide world!! :throb: Missy


Hotel, daddy and Sooo many thanks!

Oooh Aunties I have Wonderful news, my daddy and me are Home!! :clap:
First MY news!! My hotel was OK, mommy made up my schedule for them, made my food, took my blankie, coat and harness so I had some of my stuff... but I was soooo happy to see mommy and daddy I just couldn't stop kissing them!! They said I was good there but mommy saw my super wet beard and knows I was stressed, I thought I got left again... :( But nope they came and got me And I got Gifts!! Oh and I got a mannie pedi, and other stuff at the hotel as well as Playtime! But the Bestest was coming home!! Look at What I got besides mommy and daddy back!! 


A special thanks to Auntie Pawz for these Wonderful bully sticks mommy got them where you told her and they're Great! Cept mommy bought the wrong size and now she has to cut them! Tee hee! Not too bad for the thin ones but she also got thick, jumbo and Monster ones, she hasn't figured out how to cut them yet!! :hysterical:


I'm gonna let mommy tell you about daddy I just know it's good and he's home and I get to be his nurse!! For at least 2 weeks daddy has to stay down so mommy got an extra special gift for daddy, the Whole Doc Martin series! Daddy doesn't know it yet cuz he's sleeping but he'll be soooo happy, I Love when we get to watch him! Thank you, thank you aunties for thinking of me, it made my stay Sooo much better but I still hope I don't ever have to go stay again!! ;) :throb: Missy

Many many thanks to everyone for all of your thoughts prayers and well wishes! Hubby was in surgery 3+ hours and they stopped to check cells several times to make sure they got all the cancer. The dr said they got it all and he's hopeful it won't come back! All good news, so now let the healing begin! We know the recovery won't be a cake walk for him but we made it through this tough time and have such a humongous relief right now! We can't thank all of you enough, all of your love and caring has meant so much to all of us, it's been such an emotional time and your love has carried us through it- you guys are the best and most wonderful caring people in the world, super big hugs and love to all of you from the bottom of our hearts! :throb:


My friend!

Hi Aunties, mom said I could get on and tell you bout My Friend! She said I had to be quick cuz it's a busy week, I really don't know what she's talking bout something bout me going to a hotel later this week... and daddy having his surgery, I promise to get on and give you an update when it's all over and we're all home. But Now for My news!!! :D

Aunties member when that big doggie came and wasn't nice to me a few weeks ago? Well I haven't wanted to go off our property since then... And mommy was Ok with that, she even let me go in the woods! She said she didn't think the ticks were still out but even so they weren't as bad as that mean doggie!

Sooo that was Ok, but I Missed my Friend! See I go check on my friend just bout every day, mommy wouldn't let me get close cuz she thought I might upset him... But I wanted to go off our property the other day and see him and mommy was happy bout that too! And it just Wonderful cuz his mommy was out and said I could go see him Anytime I want!! His name is George and I Love him! :throb::throb: Mommy didn't get a pic of us kissing but we did! Isn't he Gorgeous?!! He's much more My size and Sooo nice!! :ohyeah: Gotta go so I can go see Geoge!! :throb:Missy





Vet visit

Hi Aunties!

i wanted to get on Real quick and give you an update! Mom said I could have a few minutes, I Really miss being here so mommys trying to let me be on more! Anyway I went to my new vet this week to get my second flu shot so I can stay there! About 2 weeks and I'll be going so I had to check it out again. I Love that place Aunties I just go in there like I own it and Everyone there likes me and says I'm pretty and guess What Aunties I weigh Less there too- ooooh I Love that place! :D 

Anyway mommy had him recheck my ears and they're doing Great and my new meds work and I don't chew on my feet and oooh its been a great change for me, I hope mommy lets me keep going there, so much different than my other vet.. And he looked at my unicorn horn too, I think mommy told you about that already and Auntie Pam told mommy the right name! But I Like unicorn cuz mommy says they're beautiful magical creatures just like me! Mommy tried to take a picture after my bath yesterday so you could see it but I really didn't want her to... It's on the left by my eye.. See it? The dr said it was ok something called benign, it would keep growing and I think when it gets bigger I'll make it Pink so I can be a Pink magical unicorn! ;) Mommy says we gotta go now! Hope to be back soon! :throb:Missy




Not around much

Aunties, me and mommy haven't been around much and probably won't be for awhile... We Really miss being here and wish we could be around more but see daddy has to have a big operation. We found out he has a bad growth, mommy said it was something called malignant, I don't understand but I know it's not good... And they have to go take it out and maybe some other stuff, I don't know..

And I have to go be boarded cuz mommy can't take me and will be gone a long time. Yep I gotta go get a flu shot today cuz the only place mommy trusts to keep me says I need one, well two really, this is the first one today.. I'm scared to go Aunties, I never been away from home before or sleep without being by mommy before.. Mommy's gonna take something that smells like home for me though. Guess I gotta be a big girl for mommy and daddy..

Anyway things aren't very normal for us right now, Mommy's all over the place. She's learning to do a lot more daddy stuff and even is going to learn to drive the tractor! Now that should be funny aunties cuz her feet don't reach the pedals, I think I need to operate them for her!! See it's getting cold here fast, it's in the 30s in the mornings! And mommy and daddy have to get everything ready here for the winter and mommy has to learn it all too, there's Lots she doesn't know and never did before..

Yeah I had some Great blogs to do, mommy even took all the pics but she hasn't been able to put them on here... And now they're old... 

I didn't get to go to my dogtober fest Halloween party neither cuz well daddy wasn't up to it.. But mommy let me dress up anyway and make this to wish you all a happy Halloween! 



Will see you when i can, hugs to everyone!❤️Missy (and mommy)


Snakes in the woodpile, Bones in the woods!

Oh Aunties I just Have to tell you about all the excitement I've had the last few days! 

But First mommy says I Have to warn you cuz this stuff is normal to us around here but it may gross some of you out, so you may want to stop now and Not look at the pics, except of course the last one of Me! ;) 

Ok now for the excitement!! 
Well first you know daddy is Still working on those crazy wood piles! I now have 6, yes count them 6 in my backyard and two out side my yard... Soooo he was moving wood from one of them this week and guess What he found! A snake, yup a snake in the wood pile! Ya know the ole sayin, well we have em! Daddy kept finding this one cuz he wouldn't kill it! He said it was a 'good' snake, mommy says there isn't such a thing and if he killed it he wouldn't keep finding it! ;) 

Here ya go a picture of a 'good' snake if you've never seen one! This one is the biggest one confused with a copperhead so they say but it's not poisonous... But he's still poised to strike- Yikes good thing it's mommy there and Not me!

Ok now Aunties mommy says if you haven't stop reading yet and are thinkin well..that's not so bad... You May want to stop here! Last chance!! ;) 

Sooo I went for my walk yesterday and I member Aunties you said you wanted to see what I find on my walks soooo here it is, my big find! It was just like on Bones Aunties! Do you watch that show? I Love it! And I was Bones cuz I'm smart like her!! And here's what I found!


And here's a close up. Poor Bambi... :( 


Mommy was the picture lady, she could handle that cuz duh how hard was it to identify?!! And daddy was the bug man, he was tryin to determine time of death! But silly daddy he said 12-24 hrs but that Can't be right! Know why?? Cuz the day before the FedEx man got stuck in our drive, he was here almost all day, at least 5 hours to get him towed outta here. Yup I went and told All my friends, mommy let me walk through the neighborhood just like the town crier tellin all my friends! :) Sooo see Aunties it Had to be less than 12 hours old, That's why I'm Bones, I'm Smart!!

Well Sooo then mommy did a full doo, haircut, b*** word and all on me But right Before I went in the b*** guess what daddy found?! Another snake in the wood pile but this time it was a Copperhead... Ick.... And while I was in the b*** daddy was wrestling with the copperhead... Daddy won!! Here ya go Aunties, look he's still tryin to Bite! Daddy said this makes his 42nd kill and member he doesn't kill those 'good' ones... Just the bad poison ones that would hurt me.. :( Like this guy...


It sure was a long hard day so mommy let me have a nice rest on my warm blankets just outta the dryer to end my day!! Hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did Aunties, I just Love being smart like Bones! I'm a bone findin bad snake killin Tzu! :D ❤️Missy



What WAS he thinkin???!

Aunties, member how I told you that mom & dad were doing all these projects gettin ready for the herriccanes and winter??

Yeah well looky here would ya? Daddy went and put this, this contraption in MY yard.. What WAS he Thinkin?? :yeahrite:


I mean Seriously Aunties, how does he expect me to look out and see Touché, Bambi and All my other friends??image_zpsqh6mcfkz.png

Yowza, this things soooo wobbly l can't even walk proper on it like Tara does! He says somethin bout the wood holdin it down.... 


WOOD, he's gonna Block my Whole view with WOOD???! :o


Uhhhh NO! :noway: I Don't Think Sooooo! This has Gotta go, right Aunties?!! He shoulda asked Me first! Mom says dad put a lot of hard work into movin this in here... Ya don't think Mom coulda been a part of this too do ya Aunties?! Naw, that's her plant she wouldn't want it wrecked too, right?:sad?: Well I say dad can just put more hard work into Movin it!! He shoulda asked me, I don't ask for much Aunties! I mean they have the Whole house, I get Sooo little ... I just Gotta have my yard and my fence to see my Friends, Right?? I may need a New home Aunties... :sad_2:Unless Daddy moves this Thing Quick! ❤️Missy



What Are these Turtles doing???

Aunties I saw the derndest thing today, Really!! Mommy said it wasn't for my eyes and that I better put a warning here for all my paw friends Not to look! :yikes:

look over here...


No, no Wait, over here... You can see better over here... WHAT?!! 


Oooh aunties cover my paw friends eyes...LOOK Aunties!


Seriously i Never seen nuttin like This before and Right by My fence! I tried to get mommy out here sooner, I Barked and Barked.. Daddy saw It though he told mommy... Disgusting! :blush:


Hey, you two, yeah You with them orange spots!...Knock it Off!!


I Don't Believe This!! I've been out here Forever tellin them to Stop It!!


An an Look, I got the stink eye!


Mom keeps telling me to leave them Alone but but I just Can't! There take that Touché, I just goosed em Aunties!


WOW well I don't know if You've ever seen somethin like That but I Sure Hadn't, and hope I Don't Again! Mommy's Right that's Not for My Eyes!! ;) ❤️Missy


My Projects!

HI Aunties! I think I mentioned that me and Daddy are working on a project! Yup we are!! And it's a surprise for mommy!  :o That makes it even More fun!

See Mommy's been upset cuz she lost a lot of her plants that she'd just planted before that nasty ole tick got her... Soooo see Mommy's Always been a spring planter but me an Daddy well We Think, since she's getting better now, she should plant some flower stuff this fall, yup we do! So we're gonna help her with that! :)

We're fixing up an area in the garage for all her yard stuff!! There was actually a nice day, yeah just a couple of em... But we got out on one of them and first daddy swept out the garage, I couldn't be around for that -- I could be allergic ya know! ;) 

So I went and climbed the dirt hill! Much better!! :D


Then I got to go in daddy's shed, I Never get to go in here!


And I found all our building stuff for daddy!


And I even brought some stuff back over to the garage!


And now, I'm just waitin on Daddy!! Hey Daddy here I am!! I Know he'll be here soon.... Won't he?!! :sad?:


Daddy put stuff up on the wall for mommy to hang all her garden stuff up but then it happened... Yup it got waaaay Hot again and so there we have it Aunties it's a work in progress! Hope it gets nice again and we can finish Before fall planting! ;) 

Meanwhile mommy had a Big surprise for me, a package! Oh boy! See mommy can't find my favorite food at the stores here so she started ordering it from chewy! Here's my box, oh boy, what did I Get?!!


And of course she gets me other goodies too and I got a great big box Full! 


Now I just go round to my favorite stores for other stuff, and you guys Know I can find Lots of Other stuff!! ;) sooo happy I got Lots of goodies to eat!


Oh oh the other Big thing we're doing Aunties is the Best!! Me and mommy are working on our book for the football season! Ya know it starts this week!! Well the preseason anyway, so I gotta get ready!!! Cuz we all bet on the games, yup we do, me, mommy and daddy!! And Guess who Won last year?? You got it Aunties, Me!! I got my very own whole Steak, just for ME!! Oh boy I gotta Win Again this year!! I'm a happy girl, I Love football, so does mommy and we watch All the games! I know my buddy Bailey likes College ball, we do too, but it doesn't start quite yet.. I Really love when it does cuz then I can watch games the Whole weekend!! And eat popcorn!!  :mf_popcorn: Me and mommy we got our book Ready- soooo happy- let the games begin!! ❤️ Missy