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Tricksy Mum



Cato:  So Mum hasn't been blogging like she said she would, has she?  So I told her off.  She still needs to catch up lots and lots of adventures.  Including my terrible tum!!!

But she says 'I can't blog every day, Cato.  No time.  But I am going to try and blog when I can.  And sometimes that means we may be able to do more than one blog in a day.  So that means we will catch up.'


That just sounds like Mum is being tricksy, doesn't it?  I think she should bloggify every day, and tell you about all our walks and stuff.  It is like when she says, 'you had a big breakfast, so you don't need a big dinner.'  That is bad tricksy logging, isn't it.  It is more loggical to say 'have a big breakfast and then have a big dinner, cos your tummy is expecting it.'  Isn't it?

Mum just ain't loggical sometimes.


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Hope to see you both when time allows but I understand work comes first. Hope you tummy is better Cato

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Cato, I love the way your mind works........perfectly logical!

We will take anything we can get.......cuz they are always gems.  Mom's time spent on walks is more important than her reporter duties!

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Tara:  Yes!  Walks are better than boring blogses.  Although I like showing you my athleticals, and my bows, and how to beat up Cato.  And it is important that you see how brilliant and clever I am, and that you see William.  Cos he's gorgeous.

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