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Sat 18th Nov 17: Our FAB stormy walk




So, this walk happened AGES AGO, but I was too busy being me and sleeping and stuff to blog it before now.  I mean, we have been on holiday and stuff, and I want to tell you all about that, but Mum says I have to tell you about our stormy walk first.  Booorrrriiiingggg!  But I am going to, cos I am a good girl.

Mum says she put the stormy skypics up already, so I just need to tell you about my benches and my mud and my mountains.

This is the firstest mountain of the day.  Cato stayed on the boring sand.


And this is some science stuff in action (Mum says).  Sedimentary deposits depositing their sediments in layers.  Muddy layers.  But not nice squishy mud.  This stuff is hard.



And this is one of the groins (Mum says) wot has been stormed until it broke.



This is Cato when he realised that we couldn't get around the end of the next groin-thing and we were going to have to mountaineer.  He wasn't happy!  Haha!


We were looking at this.  It is cos the water channel-thing has moved itself, and now the slope down to the water is all slippy and muddy and squelchy, and Mum says if we try to go around it we will all go splooosh into the cold water.  I wouldn't mind, cos I am an olympific swimmer (as you know), but Wimpy Cato would probably sink.  And Mum would get all muddy-cross.  Sigh.


So we decided to go up this lumpy concrete mountain onto the Dunes.  :(  I like the mountain.  But it would have meant the beach walk was over.


Only half way up, Mum could see this - and said 'Hold it troops!  I think I can see a way over the groins at the top ends!  But it will take some clambering.'


Well, I love clambering.  Only it isn't really clambering - it is mountaining, isn't it?

This is looking back at the mountain after we had gone over it.  I went first!  I let Mum help me a bit, but only over the top bit.  Then Mum came over carrying Cato.  She put him down on one of the big rocks in case she fell over and squished him, and he didn't move.  He just stood there shivering.  But them Mum got down on the sand again and lifted him down, and he woz OK again.  I woz OK all the time.


We did more groin mountains, and I found this extra mountain too.  Mum said I wozn't to cause an avalanche with my heffalumping, so I didn't.


This is the sign saying how clever and brave we are mountaineering on this beach.


And this is a sign wot Mum read out to us, telling us how we have to be boring-sensible and boring-stick to the safe bits.  


And look!  There woz mud too.


And memory stuff.


It woz a nice walk. Especially with the rain bits and the stormy skies, and the wind and my wet fur.  We haven't been there for AGES, and lots of the sniffs had changed.  At one point me and Mum were sitting on a bench, and Cato woz on the ground, and Mum woz drinking her drink, and Cato had some water.  And a woman came running by.  She woz in funny running clothes, and bounced on the spot while she had a boring Mum-chat all about the weather and the plants and then she said that she had moved back to this area cos she loved running by the sea.  I liked the lady.  She woz even bouncier than me!  And she liked running!



This is the path to the stickingoutplatform


And this is a memory stone beside the platform, there is paint on front and back of it.



and this is the view from the platform



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Wow what a gorgeous walk! I’ve never seen anything like that science stuff you saw, thanks for explaining it to me Tara, it was fascinating to see! Loved your mountaineering Tara!:D

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Wow that was a fab walk! So glad you got your mountaineering in Tara, you are ace when it comes to climbing

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Yes, I am brill at mountaining, aren't I?

Next bloggification is going to be our holiday, but Mum says it is Cato's turn to blog, so he will tell you lots of uninteresting history stuff instead of my fab mountains.  But it is OK, cos then I get to tell you all about my SNOW!!!

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Snow- Yes!! Can’t wait to hear all bout it!! We’re expecting some this week, will be the first time we’ve seen Molly in snow!:D

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