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November holiday - Whitby part 1




Hello Aunties!  And especially AuntieCrystal @PipsMom, cos we are blogging so that she has something to read when she feels like it.  And for UncleMartin @megabit so that he can read it too.

So we went away on holiday.  It was AGES ago, so I don't know if I can really remember all that much.  But Mum says she will show me the pics and then I can try and tell you all about it.

We stayed in this place.


You have to click on the linky thing and have a look, cos there are lots of pics there that you can see, and it tells you all about our holiday cottage.  We liked living there.  Tara had no neighbours to bark at, and we slept on a Big Bed called a Four Poster Bed.  It was great.  And it was so high up that even Tara didn't like jumping on and off it, and had to be lifted up and down like me.  Didn't stop her whining and fussing though!

There was a pub in the village with a very nice barmaid who made lotsandlotsandlots of fuss of me.  And she had a chihuahua who had just had puppies, and she sniffed really interesting.  And we had gammon and egg there.  I like gammon and egg.

And we went to Whitby which is a cold blowy town by the sea.  Don't think that just cos the sun was shining that it was warm.  It wasn't.  It was very very very cold.  I wanted to go into a warm place, but Mum wasn't listening and made us go out onto this pier thing.  It was very high, and Tara wanted to stand on the edge and jump onto benches and be all silly,



but I wanted Mum to carry me cos it was scary high. See:


This is the pier thing.  There was water on both sides.  And the wind kept trying to grab me and blow me off.  It was horrible.


There were a few things to sniff.  A bit.  But I never forgot how awful-dangerous it all was!


You can see the sea rushing and pushing and being a LOT bigger and stronger than I liked.  See how the sea is all churny in one pic and not in the other?  That is cos it is scary and any Tzu with any sense doesn't want to go anywhere near cold wet churny water sea stuff, do they?



Of course Tara wanted to go swimming.  Or diving.  Or skydiving.  Or swimdiving.  Or something silly.  She was standing right on the edge!!!

This is a tall tower thing.  Mum says that the wind has made the stone all interesting and melty.  Just goes to show you that wind is dangerous too. :(


this is a gate on the pier thing.  They shut it during storms so that silly people can't go out and get blown off and drowned, like wot nearly happened to me and Mum and Dad and Tara.



And this is when Tara nearly pushed me off into the sea!


She says I have to tell you that she was wearing her pink coat.  Like that matters when we were all nearly blown to death!  And I was wearing my manly brown cableknit.  I did look good though.  Very rugged and fisherman-like.

Nobody believed me when I told them how dangerous it all was.  Then Mum saw this, and she believed me then!


So we went back on the land.  Thank goodness!  And I led everyone to a nice warm pub and we had burger and I had a little restorative snooze in Mum's coat under the table.  And I felt better then.  

This is Whitby.



And this weird thing is a plant hanging thing.  They hang baskets of stinky flowers off the hooks, and then the black pipes water the plants.  Mum said she was very impressed with it.  So I widdled on it.


And I widdled on the lobster pots too.  There were lots and lots and lots of lobster pots.  I ran out of widdle.



Dad did take us up the 99 steps to see the Abbey too.  That was good.  I went on strike on Step no 20, so he carried me up 21-99.  But Tara walked all the way leading Dad up by extending lead.  She liked it.  The Abbey was interesting and sniffy and old, but Mum had forgot to charge the camera (haha!) so it died and we don't have any pics.  Mum brought the car round so we didn't need to walk down the 99 steps again.  I wouldn't have minded.  Cos Dad would have carried me.


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Wow what a Great holiday you had! Love your cottage,  did you play on that pool table Cato? Now that woulda been fun!! Loved all the pics, that sea was roaring wasn't it, I'm glad you took everyone to the pup Cato, that sea was scary, pretty but scary! What a pretty town too, loved those lobster pots! Thanks for taking us with you!

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Oh no, AuntieMissysMom!  Don’t let Dad hear you call it a pool table!  It’s a SNOOKER table.  He says snooker is a much sniffier thing than pool.  Pool is like a tiny little dried up bone, and snooker is a big juicy fresh yummy bone.  He says.

not that i play snooker.  But i do like snooker tables!  It is fun trying to trip Dad up under the table, and collecting my toys right in the middle where Mum has to crawl under to get them! Haha!  That is extra fun, cos then i get to play with Mum when she is crawling.

i want to go on holiday there again.  So does Dad.  He wants to do his snooker every day.  He likes snooker.

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Oh No sorry, we don’t have snooker here, or at least I haven’t seen it - will have to google it, have to see this big juicy bone!!:roflmao:

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Such a lovely holiday you guys had. 

Awwww Cato, hope Tara didn’t scare you too much , nearly pushing you in the sea. 

We went on holiday in July and stayed in the North York Moors. We did go to Whitby but I found it really busy in July, so didn’t stay too long.

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missy dawn


Y'all are very lucky babies to get to go on all these adventures! Love seeing the pics and reading the story with it

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