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Just been watching an episode of Elementary.  There was a scene in a cat cafe, with a male tabby sitting bolt upright proudly  recieving worship.

It was Sidney.  Size, posture, head angle, markings.  Hit me like a bolt form the blue.

of course, it wasn’t him.  As soon as he turned his face towards the camera his face was wider, and the eyes narrower.

but my goodness, do we ever get over it?


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Oh no :o that would spook me for sure, i’m afraid we never do get over it... hugs:throb:

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missy dawn


No, we sure don't...whenever we see a Minnie look a like or a Molly, it sinks our heart...hard ...it's hard...(((hugs)))

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You never get over it, ever... They take a piece of our heart with them when they leave...

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