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Town Park and Stinky Flowers




Hi Aunties!!!!  We have been off doing interesting stuff and sleeping and eating and everything, so we've been far too busy to blog.

But today we only had a visit to Mam (that is Dad's Mum) and a walk round the park, so I get to blog for you and show AuntieCrystal flowers.  :)

Did we tell you that Pop died?  It happened in a hospital near Christmas.  We are all sad about it.  He used to mess up my sprouts and call me a boy, but I did love him.  Mam is sad about it too.  So we go and see her lots, and we give her lots of lap time, and she gives us chewy sticks, and says I am a silly whiney little girl, and gives me ear rubs wot I like,  and pretends that we only like her for the treats.  But we don't.  We like her for her cuddles too.

Anyway.  This was our park walk.  It was a bit grey and manky in the sky, and Dad kept making 'gonna rain!'  noises.  But we didn't mind.  And it was good and sniffy.

Here is Cato watering the crocyusses.


And this is a crocyuss wot he hasn't widdled on yet.


And these are lots and lots more purple ones.  Mum was all 'Oooh!' and 'Aahhh!' and 'Can't believe I haven't seen these before, cos they are soooooo booooootiful'.  And Me and Cato just stood about being bored.  And Dad said 'Can we walk on the path, please, cos of the mud.'



These are some daffydils wot Cato didn't tinkle on.


And then Mum spotted some stinky blossom flowers up high in a tree over the path, so me and Cato went off and said hello to lots of people while Mum took EVEN MORE pics.  She says we should be grateful for every flower on account of all the snow.  Yawn.



There were old people who bent down really creaky and patted me on the head.  And little people with bobbles in their hair like me.  And we saw lots of dogs too.  Cavaliers, Bull Terriers, cousin Shih Zhus and a very FAST Yorkie.

We went right round the park two times til Dad said the Snooker was starting on TV, so we came home.

But Mum says that before I go and sleep, I have to show AuntieCrystal these roses.  Because she loves Roses.  These are very special Roses on account of it being March (Mum says), and it being all snowy last weekend.  So they are super special endurance roses.  A bit like me, only flowers.  So not as pretty as me, of course.




This is us waiting for Mum to finish her rose piccing, and come and play Truffle Hound and give us some water.

And that red car is our car, waiting for us on the road.  Can you see my yellow bows.  Mum and me chose yellow cos of it being Spring.


And - at last! - this is the best pic.  Mum took this one specially.  Isn't it beautiful?  That is special Snow Mud.  It is LUSH!!!


That is Cato before he ran in the Mud.  Haha!


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That "super endurance" rose is PERFECT for Crystal!

Out of bleakness, worry the rose will be lost to life's storms.......a new rose fiercely and beautifully blooms.

Thank you for updating us Tara.......someone has to let us know what's going on!  What with piddling, piccing and snooker :signthankspin:

Sorry about your Dad Crinkley.  Will Mum be able to keep up his magnificent garden?  

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Mum:  Thanks Marlene, but it was Mr C’s Pop who died.  We all miss him.    My father is still going strong I am delighted to say.  Sorry if Tara didn’t explain clearly.  Sometimes it is like grasping bubbles trying to get any sense from her...

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Sorry to hear about Mr C’s Pop. Lovely to hear read about Cato and Tara upto all sorts. I’ve missed you guys 🌺

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Tara:  We’ve missed all of you too!  You apreccate my bows and mountaining and pirating and everything.

Mum has LOTS of pics of my adventures, with Cato tagging along.  Haha!  There was a pheasant bird in Grandad’s garden!  I want to show you that one!  And the snow. Lots of snowy stuff.  I wouldn’t go outside and widdle.  I held onandonandon... 

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Oooh I Love your walk an all the pretty flower pics! Sure missed the flowers with all this snow! An Yes Tara I saw and Love your yellow bows, you Do look Just like Spring!!:throb: me an Missy an Molly are so very sorry about Mr C’s Pop we know you all miss him very very much and know your gram is extra special happy for your visits. Can’t wait to see all your other pics, we really really have missed you! :throb::bear:

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