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  2. Welcome, Piper! Now your mommy and daddy get to join the Failed Fosters Club. I bet there are quite a few members here.
  3. Welcome, Piper! I'm sure you and Missy will get it all figured-out before too long.
  4. Missy, I know what you mean, mama and daddy said we would be going on vacation soon,and I got really excited.but then they told me that mean ole Dolly would be going too.i got real mad! I guess we need to get used to it Missy , think we are stuck with them. I know you want like me saying this, your your sister is pretty....I know, I know, you did t want to hear that,lol
  5. Look at you in th car seat.. such a grown up girl. I'm glad the vet gave you something for your itchies. Hope it starts to work real soon.
  6. Oh my goodness... I didn't see this coming... But what a wonderful surprise 😘 Hello darling and welcome to your extended family. Sending you a big nose rub... 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Donte and Lacey want to say Hi Missy will come round soon... don't worry πŸ˜‰ Missy darling, we love your new sister and we love you too
  7. Piper.....your story is a lot like Shorty's. I was flabbergasted when my husband said "let's keep him". Welcome to the world of foster failures! I'm even worse than that.......I'm a transport failure. Shorty never made it to a foster home.
  8. Finally I get to see you and I am smitten too. No wonder daddy said you weren't going no where, you absolutely gorgeous my dear one and your new name too well that just made me cry happy tears as Piper has found a fur ever home.....
  9. Love that your big sister let you borrow a coat and escorted you out to the vets. You are DEFINETLY a keeper,...... so what's a keeper? You have hit the jack pot my love and have a forever and forever home with all the loving you deserve.
  10. Looks like a successful dr's visit, rain and all! Piper and Missy, I'm happy to see you two being good to one another. Missy, you are such a great sister!! Piper, I can't wait to see your new raincoat! I love watching the two of you in your car seats! Looks like you were really enjoying the ride! Just think of all the adventures to come!
  11. Welcome again sweet Piper! Awwww your first outing πŸš— even in the Awwww and I can tell your new Sister deep down is adoring you Oh boy, I knew it would happen , you are already being spoiled with a fabulous πŸ‘— wardrobe. Bet your Daddy will be building you your own closet next to Missy's huge one That's wonderful you were such a good girl at the vets. What was for dinner? Are you a lover of all foods or a picky eater? You are going to love to visit your sister's bunny 🐰 and turtle 🐒. Enjoy the rest of your day Missy and Piper Maybe I can take you two on a date sometime soon? πŸ‘‘πŸŽ©πŸ‘‘
  12. A keeper she is..........what a cutie. Love the picture of them both in their booster seats. It is fun watching their reactions to things that they have never experienced before.......your in for some good laughs.
  13. What a exciting a new addition to the family. Love the name......her name fits her. How cute that she won her Daddy over so quick. Give it time Missy will come around.....after all she has been #1 for a bit and now she has to share the attention. One day she will surprise you. It took just over a year for Lexie to be accepted they Sophie, Bailey and Missy they just ignored they are chums.......
  14. Piper- So last night I have to go to my first dr visit, see I still scratch like crazy and mom says I need to get some meds... Missy Says she's going for moral support... should I be suspicious??? it's pouring down rain, and we All know Missy won't go out into the rain.. I learned the hard way, I stayed out in the rain and worse when I was on my own so I don't care and me an mommy go out in it so I can do my business now, but not Missy... Anyway Missy kindly says I can borrow one of her raincoats to go to the dr... This Must be Missy's idea of a joke... Missy- What?? I seriously Don't see the problem Piper! Hey Look! I ain't never seen one of these before! Mommy says it's a booster seat so I can see out! Me and Missy are ready to go now! Oh and yeah I ditched that coat and mommy ordered me one of my own that fits! Hey- Where'd Piper go?? Did somebody call me?? I thought I was just supposed to nap in here! Oh hey I can see mom & dad now! Oh Wow looky, I can see Lots out this way! Oh Yeah This is Great!! Sit down What? Why Mom?? This is Great fun!! Oh yeah Life is Good! Well yeah the fun Did end when I saw we went to the dr... But Missy did stand up for me and protected me And put in a good word- ok Lots of words- to the dr for me.. she talks a lot to the dr!! The dr said I was a Keeper, I dunno what that meant but it musta been good huh? He said he thinks I'm about 3 1/2 yrs old, I weigh a bit over 12 lbs now and he said I could stand to gain to about 14 - 15 lbs. so I never will be as big as Missy, he said she had bigger bones! Oh and best part he gave me something for my itches! Mommy says we get to go on a Real Outting, and not to the dr, tomorrow! Can't wait to ride in my new seat again!!Piper
  15. Thank you Auntie Jo, I Am still in charge aren't I, and I let Piper know it all the time! Missy Thank you kindly for the welcome and I sure hope you're right that Missy comes round Soon!Piper Oh yes I'm a girl! I know I have a funny name don't I? It was the name I had and daddy liked it so I kept it! Mommy has a hard time remembering it though!! Thank you soooo much for the kiss!Piper thanks a million BB! I was beyond stunned that hubby agreed to foster much less wanted to adopt, a super great day for me!! Thanks so much Auntie Amy but it's Not Ok right now let me tell you! She's taken over most of My beds and even had the nerve to growl at Me the other day! YES can you believe it?!! I'm the Only one who has anything to growl about here, right?! Mommy said not so... Ok soooo I did get close to Her Only bed and Her treat, it Still wasn't right was it?! I sure hope you're right and it does get better!Missy Thank you sooo much for the kind welcome and I Do love being here already it's real nice, cept for Missy always growling at me... and blocking my way... I sure hope she gets over this soon... I keep Trying to be her friend. Mommy and daddy, specially daddy make it all better- mommy has to keep soothing the pouty one here.. Piper oh I know Amy, she had such a hard life and her story just tore us both up, we just couldn't let her go. She's such a sweetheart too! Give Hannah an extra hug for me, she's too cute!
  16. Hi there, Miss Piper! It is very nice to meet you! I can tell you that you are going to LOVE living with your new family. Your Mommy and Daddy (and Missy) are wonderful people and are going to take fabulous care of you! I'm so glad that they found you and have agreed to adopt you! You are in such good hands! Don't worry overmuch about Missy. She'll come around and, before long, you two will be the best of friends. Welcome to the family sweet girl! MIssy, it will be ok. I promise, Sweet Girl! You've got a brand new sister!!! You will soon realize how WONDERFULFABULOUS this is!!! Someone to play with and snuggle with all the time. Trust me when I tell you that your Mommy and Daddy have enough love for both of you! To your Mom: I couldn't help but tear up while reading your post. I'm so happy that Piper has a good home now. I'm so happy for all of you because there will never be anything quite like a dog's love!!! Well, except maybe a cat's love~ Hannah told me to add that part! She is my sweet kitty!
  17. Oh "He/She" is adorable! β™₯οΈπŸ’™ A big welcome to you sweet Piper! You have moved into a PERFECT loving home 🏑 You will be fed 🍼well Play well Hugged well and sleep with finest softest blanket in the land P.S. So happy for you MM Please give Him/Her a kiss for us. 😘
  18. Well hello, Piper! i can tell you now - you have certainly fallen on your paws! Life is just going to get better and better! You chillax and get your paws firmly under the table. Missy will come round. Yes she will. Just let her think she is in charge, while you and your new Mommy and Daddy get things organised. welcome to Chatter Tzu! and Missy! You know you are still in charge, dont you? And you are still Top Pwincess in Daddy's heart. And Mommy's. There is nothing, but NOTHING going to change that!
  19. Hi my name is Piper! I thought I'd introduce myself cuz well... I don't think Missy will... Anyway here's My story! I came to live with Missy and mommy and daddy this past Saturday night! See mommy and daddy had agreed to foster me cuz I needed a home. Yeah the rescue place where mommy volunteers told her about me. See I was found as a stray down in SC, they don't know how long I was out on my own... I do but I ain't tellin! It sure was long enough to get in Really bad shape though... I was totally depleted they say~ I don't know what that is, but I sure was hungry... mommy says you can still see my ribs.. And I got a Really bad skin infection and lost a lot of my hair and my ears hurt really really bad... they put me on lots of meds when they found me in late February. I stayed with a foster down there for a few months cuz they couldn't even spay me for over a month, till I got some better. Heres the picture they sent mommy and daddy when they found out about me! They did a good job placing me in this pic you can't see all my bald spots and mats... ohhh yeah I had big ole mats, mommy spent hours the first night cutting them out... feels a lot better with them out now! Mommy's worked a lot on my coat and finally just cut me short cuz there was no way to hide these bald spots! I don't care, I feel better and mommy says it'll grow back! here I am now! I was sooo happy to be home on Saturday night, I just cuddled up to daddy and he was, well... smitten!! On Sunday morning he told mommy I wasn't going Anywhere and that Missy would get used to me! Soooo they Adopted Me!! I am Beyond happy!! Well cept for One thing... Missy, she doesn't seem to want to be my friend... I Don't know why... Maybe you guys could put in a good word for me?? She says she wants to talk to some one on here called Bristolle???? Ooooh wait.. She comes.... Pipe Down there Piper Girl... this is My Bog, My friends and I can speak for Myself... Missy here- Hey Bristolle Noel, I'm feeling your pain over here...text me girlfriend.. we need to talk and I don't want mommy to hear!
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  21. Tara, your pink bows are fabulous! You look so cute (not that you don't look cute any other day, but especially in these pics). Looks like a fabulous walk. Sorry your Dad could not come. Cato, I don't blame you for steering clear of the bees. I do the same.
  22. Ugh we call them gypsy moths, hate those webs once they get in a tree they spread and take over all the trees and it's so hard to get rid of them..they actually spray for them from planes they are so bad here... love that you got to go to the center of the universe, sorry dad had to miss it and you didn't get to climb your mountain Tara. But love your pretty pink bows! glad you avoided the bees Cato they sure are mean, we have a bunch that are all around our door out back right now.. we fight them every day just to get out..
  23. Wow. thank you! found this too: awesome. your bee encounter sounds nasty!
  24. The nest thingy in the bush is what we call in the Ga., Tent Worms (caterpillars)...mainly because their webbing reminds us of tents. We have them real bad in pecan trees and the tiny caterpillars hatch and eat the more here if you want to learn about them Tara...... Sorry you missed you dad on your walk but you do look so darn cute in your pretty bows. Yes and do watch out for those bee' landed in my chair this week and I didn't know it......till I sat down.....He bit me twice before I could get up...nasty ouch things ....they are so stay well away
  25. Tara.....your ponies look particularly cute today! Cato - you are smart to stay away from bees. They ARE mean! Love that pink blooming bush/tree. For my birthday, my daughter sent flowers. There were small branches like that with buds which opened up to pretty pink flowers. Loved them!
  26. Cato: Hi Aunties. We have done lots of sniffy walks this week, but mainly with Dad, and he is dodging the camera (so Mum says). So the only blog pics we have are when Mum took us to the Centre of the Universe today. It was a bit grey, but it was warm and lovely and sniffy. There is pink stuff EVERYWHERE, isn't there? Mum doesn't know wot this is, but she says it is pretty. Yeah, well... This is Tara at the beginning, wanting me and Mum to hurry up. We usually bring Dad on these Centre of Universe walks, cos he likes to go mountaineering with Tara. But he didn't come today, cos he was working. and Tara missed him terribly. she didn't even go up the biglongtall mountain range and walk along the top. This is one of Mum's weird pics. It is some kind of bug thing. There were lots of them. And she thinks they are bug nests, but not spider nests. Something to do with the caterpillar things. They were a bit too high for me to see, so I don't really find them very interesting. This is Tara doing one of her sneaky tail attacks. I had to tell her off. This is in a gap in the attacks. We both got a bit hot. But it was fun chasing her. This is her cooling her tummy on the grass. There were lotsandlotsandlots of dandelions! We came along this path on the way home. It was sniffier. And there were some bees. I think bees are a bit... um... mean. I try and stay away from them. When I remember. I stopped running about when I got hot. But Tara can't help herself. And then she goes all floppy. So we all sat down and had a big drink.
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