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  2. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Glad you scared him off... No tricksy ladder stuff in your garden then 😉😉
  3. Bestest food day EVER!!!

    loving your story Tara! tell mommy ,you were just trying to be a good little helper
  4. Bestest food day EVER!!!

    Oooh Tara you sure did clean up good and help to get to the good dinners faster! you’re right you shoulda got Lots more chicken for being such a good helper! Poor Cato, sorry you got sick sweetie but you sure figured out how not to eat that chicken/beef meal you don’t like, didn’t you?!
  5. Our Walks!!

    Thanks Aunties we have some Great walks here and yup we just walk from our home! Mommy takes us someplace everyday even though she’s Still got a big mess in the house and boxes Filling the garage... she just says ‘let’s go girls we Gotta take a break’! Ooh and Sammy (the squirrel) runs and plays on those logs, soooo sniffy!!
  6. Our Walks!!

    Those fields and leaves and logs and paths look sooooo fantastic! And sniffy! do you go there in the car? Or do you walk straight there from home? looks like you had a great time
  7. Our Walks!!

    Oh your new walking places are soooooo pretty and Big too to go exploring. all those sniffy leaves...... bet those logs have some good sniffy critters hiding in them too. Glad mommie got unpacked finally so you both could get out for the big snows come brrrr
  8. Bestest food day EVER!!!

    Tara: Yes AuntieCriystal! Snot fair, is it? I'm always hungry, and he gets all that lovely chicken when I am STARVING!!!
  9. Bestest food day EVER!!!

    Oh Tara you are such a good housekeeper, aren't you....... couldn't help but laugh, I could just imagine your face as brother got the good stuff and you had to just watch
  10. Tara: Oh Aunties, yesterday my tummy was sooooo full. It was FAB!!! It started off with breakfast. Cos Mum was doing chicken wings, and she knows that I like the pointy triangle bits wot are on the end. So she skissers them off for me. There were some on the floor, so I hoovered them up. Cato missed out cos he doesn't like raw chicken bits. He is weird. So then it woz breakfast proper time. And Mum puts our food in the bowls and stands back. Only she made some kind of mistake, cos there woz less food in my bowl than usual?!?! Cato's bowl had the normal amount, and mine was half empty! But I ate it anyway, cos you never know when the next food is coming, do you? Meanwhile, Cato is sitting there blinking at his bowl, cos he was just waking up, and he doesn't really like chicken/beef and we have been eating the chicken/beef dinner for 2 days now. I keep telling him the faster he eats up his chicken/beef dinner, the faster we get on to the tripe and lamb and venison ones. But he is stupid. So, then the doorbell goes, which is very exciting! And we all rush to the door to say hello to the nice parcel man, and Mum won't let us bounce on him, and has a chat with him. And I suddenly remembered that there was a food bowl with food still in it! So I left Cato and Mum dealing with the parcel man, and I went back into the kitchen and tidied up the left over food. Cos I am good like that. Then Mum comes back and says 'Oh Tara!' in that weird voice that she uses sometimes when I am supposed to have done something wrong, but I woz just tidying up, wozn't I? And Cato didn't want it. So then a bit later Cato does his silly sicky bile throwup and gets hand fed cooked chicken! Not fair! I was still starving, and I only got one piece of cooked chicken, and he got lotsandlotsandlots. He is such an attentionseekar. Mum gave me a cuddle and poked my tummy a bit and said 'I am surprised you haven't burst, young lady!' And then I went to sleep cos I woz suddenly veryveryvery tired.
  11. Our Walks!!

    Hi Aunties, Missy here! I member Auntie Jo asked awhile back bout our walks and what they were like at our new house, so we wanted to show you! We been beggin and beggin mommy to take some pics and show you! Sooo she’s taken some and well there from different days, you’ll see some were Real cold! anyway I get to start!! Here’s one of the spots I like to go, you’ll see why! Thered some logs and i get to climb! I got Molly to go back here and she Liked it Too!! Mommy says once it’s cold long enough we can go waaay back in the woods! I can’t wait! Ok, well we haven’t got to go to the cemetery yet soo, i’m Off and Molly can tell you her part! Hey Aunties, Molly here and I got the Best part an mommy had a Big surprise for me today!! first, here’s the way I like to go! You can kinda see way down by the curve to the left is one of the fields I like! I Finally got Missy to go this way!! An see she found it Real sniffy too! Here’s our first field! It was Real sunny that day, but here’s part of the field for you to see! But here’s the Best part! Mommy keeps promising I can go all the way to the end and she let me Today!! Come see! Look at the new field me an Missy found!! An looksee- mommy says this is the area they’re gonna be expanding and putting in a Great Big Park! Ooooh I hope it’s soon cuz I can just walk on down there Any time! Hope you enjoyed seein our walks!Molly
  12. Living with Arthritis

    Oh no, how annoying. Too cold to be stood outside this time of year.
  13. Living with Arthritis

    Very disappointing, so sorry you had to postpone.
  14. more adventures

    Beautiful place and you look so adorable Archie
  15. Living with Arthritis

    edited because I’ve posted this comment in the wrong place. Sorry Crystal
  16. Living with Arthritis

    How frustrating!!!
  17. Living with Arthritis

    Had to post post my appointment to the 28th, right in from of my house they digging up the road they replace mains water pipes, only way through is foot traffic all week and I'm not about to stand on the corner in the rain and cold waiting for a taxi LOL . Oh well another week wont kill me
  18. Living with Arthritis

    Oh my Crystal this is exciting news, i’m So very happy that you have found someone who is caring and is helping you. I can’t wait to read and hear more about your experience with this patch, what wonderful news, am praying this will be the answer for you. Hugs i have been on meds for arthritis (got rheumatoid arthritis first, and then added several others with age) since I was 19 and I turned 60 this year. My pain is nothing near what you describe and thankfully in the early 90s I found a wonderful rheumatologist who helped me tremendously. She also gave me physical therapy exercises I could do at home which have been a blessing. The one thing she always told me was to walk a mile a day... I can’t tell you how many times I mumbled under my breath ‘You walk a mile and see how you like it’! It’s tremendously hard to walk through the pain but I do try to walk some every day, of course the girls help a lot with meeting that goal! Unfortunately she just retired, of course I knew that was coming as she’s 3 days younger than me! So it will be quite a new experience for me to get a new rheumatologist this year.. not looking forward to that I can tell you.. am thankfully you posted this and will be watching this with great anticipation!
  19. Stormy Skies

    Oh my I Love the storm pics but oh my gosh the old fort that’s the Best pic yet, Love it, never saw the detail and color before!!
  20. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Gorgeous pics, especially looove the duck!! Sorry you couldn’t hunt it Cato but then again not really cuz I’ll get to see him again! so glad you scared off the ladder man that would be awful if he got on your roof!
  21. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Haha! My talent is simply to point and click!
  22. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Oooh nice, it takes good pics! Oh wait, maybe it’s your talent!
  23. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Mum: Thank you! It was this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nikon-Coolpix-20-48-Optical-inch/dp/B01AO6LMGK/ref=sr_1_9?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1511041957&sr=1-9&keywords=coolpix
  24. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Cato, you sound like Sassy Mae and Willie. When I first got my camera, they would look at me every time I asked and I could get a pretty face shot. Nowadays they won’t look up from their sniffing the ground. very pretty pics, the duck pic is so clear and colors so sharp (sorry Cato). What kind of new camera did you get?
  25. Wed 15th Nov: Tunneling with Mum

    Cato: Oh no! I can't tell Mum wot you said about the duck pic. It would just encourage the endless piccing! And yes AuntieAngel, ladders are very scary. Not that I was scared of course. I was just barking to warn him wot would happen if he tried his tricksy ladder stuff in MY garden!
  26. Stormy Skies

    I thanked you in Cato's post but wanted to thank you again for these magnificent story sky pictures!!!!
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