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    Ahh I too am glad he has a home but too wish he'd come to you. Hope you find your forever home soon Bernie!
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    While I'm disappointed he didn't come to you, I'm very happy to hear that he does have a place and possible furever home. Sounds as if this little one has been through so much already...
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    Well.....he didn't come to me. Here's why: I was the first to respond to the need (and everyone agrees my home would have been best) but I had to be honest and tell them we are leaving for Oregon in about a month so told them if he wasn't snapped up immediately, let me know and I would come and get him. Here's why he needed a foster home ASAP: He ended up in a shelter over a year ago. After the mandatory time he was put on the euthanasia list. On the last day, a kind woman pulled him but was not able to foster him full time. She took him to her vet......and there he stayed for a YEAR! Somehow my Shih Tzu rescue pulled him and brought him to their office. Their most urgent plea was that he not go into boarding while waiting for a foster home. Why would my home have been best? He was 8, nearly blind, skin and ear allergies and not housebroken. I'm a Shih Tzu Mom, have belonged to a blind Boxer for 11 years and fostered 3 blind or nearly blind small dogs (2 Tzus). But all is well - another foster Mama answered the need and went to pick him up immediately.......and he might even have a ready adopter I would have loved to see what I could do though........
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    My vote is "Yes."
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    Oooh I Love Bernie, can’t wait to hear more and see more pictures!!! Best wishes for all of you!!
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    Fingers crossed for you. And Bernie. fab name, and fab personality shining through that photo! What do Sophie, Shorty and Mr M think?
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    To be determined. Bernie
  10. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    My goodness you’re eating like royalty. And I don’t believe that you would have really bad flatuence... 😘
  11. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    We ALL went out today. The WHOLE pack, and Mam too! Mam is Dad's Mam. Which is different from Mum who is my Mum. We love Mam. She doesn't know how to walk on a lead though. No idea! She thinks you have to pull all the time. I don't let her do that. She needs to learn to let me steer and sniff. Have to sniff. We went to somewhere called Beverley. It is a longlonglong way away in the car. Mam and Dad sat in the front doing driving stuff, and Mum and us sat in the back. I had a nice snooze but Tara was over-excited about sitting with Mum and didn't sleep at all. It was raining in Beverley, and I kept asking to go into dry carpeted shops, but Dad and me and Tara had to stand outside in the cold wet shivery rain. But eventually we went to a pub. It had a big old flagstone floor wot Mum said was so old it must be over 300. Weird, huh? Anyway, the 300 floor was stonecold and I was all wet from the rain. Tara was doing her silly shivery thing with big eyes and sorry-for-herself but Mum wouldn't let her up on the bench. She said 'We aren't at home now! So no doglets on furniture!' I didn't want to sit on the bench. I wanted to sit on Mum. But she said no to that too! On ccount of me being soggy. So Mum put her coat on the floor and me and Tara snuggled in it and snoozled all warm and comfy til it was time to go outside and have our burger and chicken bits. Delicious! This time I got more burger than Tara! Haha! And she got boring chicken. Mum says I am a special little soldier and cooked chicken makes my tum all squirty, so I got the burger. Yum!
  12. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    It was kind of funny when I bought the fish heads in the grocery store......... My FIL was a career Navy officer, served mostly in the Pacific. He attended a lot of "state-type" dinners and was served some interesting things. In the Phillipines, one was fish head soup, a common dish in that country. So he always terrorized our kids they were going to have to eat fish head soup when we came to their home. The clerk who checked us out didn't bat an eye but the bagger (also a young woman) lookd slightly horrified. The clerk who was Fillipino just quietly asked me if I was going to make soup? I told her yes, but it was for my dogs. She seemed to think I was wasting perfectly good fish heads (and PAYING for them!) when WE could eat it ourselves. Shorty is disappointed - he thought they were in training for pulling a sled through the snow.
  13. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    Cato: Oooh! salmon head soup sound GORGEOUS!!! I just had a bit of mackerel as a treat. That was nice too. But not as nice as your soup. Tara has stopped farting. Mum is happy. I would be happier if there were more burger ribs, but it is back to boring raw starvation rations now, and having to watch Tara get bigger portions.
  14. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    Shorty says: Hooman Beans are crazy! My Mama does the same thing........makes us yummy food and then complains at the results. Lately we've been eating a deelish batch of salmon head soup she made JUST for us! This morning I jumped on her lap after breakfast and she said I was STINKY!! Then she pulled out the babywipes and washed my face, chin and ears. She doesn't pick on Boxer Princess Sophie as much cuz she doesn't have fur that drags through the broth ambrosia. Hoomans! I tell ya! Can't live with 'em! Can't live without 'em! Go figure.......
  15. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    Cato Molly here- it’s Totally Not fair that Tara And Missy get Much More to eat than us is it?! I’m on Your side Cato, stinky poos and all I Want More Food and tummy rubs Too!
  16. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    Cato: Yes! You are right AuntieMM! A tummy rub would have been MUCH better than all the squeaking and fidgeting and wafty hand waving. Maybe Tara should get a tummy rub too. She did a really stinky poo this morning. I didn’t. I think that means she got more beef rib than me! That doesn’t seem fair! Does it?
  17. Burger, beef rib and sleep disturbance

    Oooh what goodies mom and dad brought back! You are sooo right Cato you must have total uninterrupted rest and perhaps a nice belly rub to digest properly, silly mommy!
  18. Cato: hello Aunties! How are you? I am very well thank you! It was all wet and soggy today, so Mum and Dad said ‘no walk!’ but they said they would go out Hunting and bring some prey back. i wanted to help, cos i am an excellent Hunter, but i think they were sensible to leave Tara behind, cos she always mucks everything up, and doesn’t have proper Hunting Instincts, like me. So then I had to stay with her! Cos she always gets silly if she is left alone. But even without my help, Mum and Dad did some excellent Hunting! They brought back some lovely 100%-beef-burger and some juicy-beef-rib-off-the-bone. Me and Tara had it for tea. It was lush! and now i am trying to have a nice snooze on Mum’s lap while my tummy is full, only Mum keeps moving, and saying ‘i can’t stand this! You are never having that again!’ And ‘this is unbearable! How is is possible for 2 small paws to produce Such horrendous flatulence? Never again!’ it is very disruptive. I will never get my tea digestified if she keeps on fidgeting like this! it is very important to follow the right way of doing things. Hunt. Eat. Sleep. Mums should respect the tradition, shouldn’t they?
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  20. My Physical 🐻

    Oh boy me an Molly will be there with bells on for shrimp! But maybe not today... did you see it’s gonna Snow Again Today! We may Really be snowbound! Stay warm!
  21. My Physical 🐻

    I know what you mean about being in the house a long time, it’s kind of like “snowbound” isn’t it ☺️ Put on your 🧥🧦🧣👢👙—- oops hit the wrong emoji not 👙😘 but boy do I wish hubba hubba ❤️ and call a 🚕 taxi or I could 🛩 and pick you up and we can get some 🍤 we are so happy you are feeling better sweet girl .... tell Sweet Molly we were asking for her ⭐️
  22. My Physical 🐻

    Ooh thank you sooo much Auntie BB, i’m Better today. Mommy made me some salmon and rice and my tummy feels lots better. but then my little eye was all gunked up an Didn’t feel good, and I still had a cough, mommy says she thinks I have a cold too... it’s been in our house for a very long time now... I think it needs to leave! mommy made me my special cough medicine and doctored my eye and I feel much better now. Thank you!
  23. My Physical 🐻

    Yippee your Daddy 💖 is coming too..... I will have lots of POPCORN TOO... you wait and see I forget to add how is my Missy doing? Is her tummy all better? She is such a special girl to me so I have to know? Thank you Auntie.
  24. My Physical 🐻

    Aww thanks so much Auntie BB but I could Never Ever be stuffed, i’s Always hungry! Oh and yep i’m Bringing Daddy, ya know he’s my special valentine too, even if Missy says he’s hers too!!❤️
  25. My Physical 🐻

    Hi There Sweet Tzu Family Molly that is wonderful about the doctor commenting you have a waist! Keep up the good work and don't eat till you are stuffed, that's the key 🔑 I knew the doctor had to comment on how sweet you both were dressed up. Don't that make you smile and then you really don't mined being there Missy I give this for that SALMON - great job! When Spring comes around.... tell your Mom Please don't cut off too much of my gorgeous fur. Just show her your beautiful eyes and wink a little - she will soften up big time I thank your family kindly for commenting so sweetly in my Yippee Baby 🏡Thread on my pretty Valentine Photo..... We still have cupcakes to share with you three....and your Dad too (hope he wants to be included)..... So don't eat too much save your appetite OKAY?? I am so happy you all will be my VALENTINE
  26. My Physical 🐻

    Thank you Auntie BB! But I forgot to tell you what I weighed! Mommy was sooo happy I was 12.8 lbs at home, she’s been callin me a sausage lately so she was happy I lost a little! but on the baby scale at the dr I weighed 13.1 lbs which I guess is Ok too! The dr even said I had a waist - so there mommy I ain’t a sausage! the dr liked that we wore our Valentines collars with the bows for her, i’m So glad you like them too! oooh Thank You Auntie BB, I love my wavy hair too, I hope I keep my waves when I get my warm weather cut soon! All my salmon that I eat sure keeps my hair shiny huh?! oooh Yes sweet Carrera we’ll be Your Valentine and we’ll share our mommy with you too! daddy thanks you for asking her too, he says that’s More chocolate for him! Can’t wait to see you and have cupcakes and Valentines Fun! We Always look forward to seeing your pics! Oh Thank You Auntie Jo, it has been quite a year huh?! That’s why i’s Always sooo happy, Every Day is like Christmas for me when I wake up and I’s still here! Well that’s till Missy pulls my ears an my Blankie out from under me anyway! But yep that physical was a Lot, I wasn’t expecting That, I slept all the rest of the day an just woke for dinner then back to sleep! The dr couldn’t believe i’d Lost All my hair she kept putting her hand through my hair and saying wow what a change! I am Blessed and on top of it all I have lots of Great Aunties like You! Ooh thank you Auntie Angel! Yep time has flown, in 2 more months i’s get to have a bday party! Mommy an me are starting to plan it, i’s Real excited!! I was Real glad Missy went to, first Daddy wasn’t gonna go then Missy couldn’t but he got his stuff done early and went so Missy could come! Missy Does protect me alll the time, real good too! But I think she overdid yesterday, she was up sick with her tummy alllll night and now I feel bad she went, i’s didn’t want hers to get sick... thank you for the hugs too Auntie Angel, that’ll make Missy feel better for sure and I Love your hugs too! Tell Lacey we’ll get through this toothies brushing just so we don’t have to have tooth work at the dr, that makes it worth it!!
  27. Bath day at last

    Yes it can hook up to a leash. But I only use harnesses for walks. This is just purely for looks 😍 Thank you, she did pose beautifully. I’m so proud of her. We haven’t had a harsh winter.. Although I’m not keen on winter, and in my opinion - all winters are harsh! Lol 😂 Awwww thanks. My Daddy loves my tail too, and Auntie Crystal is always telling me I have a beautiful tail.
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