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  2. Mum: I'm afraid Tara is totally unrepentant. She is incredibly proud of herself and thinks she is the cleverest paw alive. Cato, who stayed with G&G (and the treats) thinks she made a huge fuss about nothing. He would have preferred to have had Dad or myself on the walk, but he thinks G&G are Pack, so Pack Walks are fine. the people I was sorry for were G&G and the car drivers! My father is 83 and had a painful knee at the time, and the little brat had him haring off after her as fast as he could. It must have been nearly half a mile, at top speed. not being there myself, I can only go by what I was told, but apparently at least one car had to stop when she dashed across the first road (quiet village road beside the green). So bless that wonderful driver! Thank you! and then when she reached the other road, crossed it and ran along it, the lovely 'pawnapper car driver' stopped, called her, she ran off again, and (wonderful man!) he crawled the car along slowly to follow her to see she was ok. When Grandad caught up, the man was parked in front of the house, leaning out of the window. And he told Grandad 'she went in there!'. wasnt that kind of him? there are some lovely people in the world. What amazes me about the whole thing is that I might of expected this of Cato. He is bright, with problem solving skills and a high IQ. Can't say the same about Tara! Yet I have clearly been underestimating her. Independent thought. Navigating skills (G&G took a route she has only ever seen twice before, 6 weeks earlier!). Determination. Distrust of strange drivers... when I told a friend about it, her response was, 'Well Tara obviously belongs to the Think Fast, Act Slow school of thought.' I thought it was a perfect description! (and yes, next time there's a G&G Pack Walk, it will be leads ON all the way!)
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  4. Wow you and Grand have a beautiful garden. Maybe I should hire Cato to design me a nice garden like that
  5. I'm husband is old.......this is what you have to look forward to. That and getting up 4 times a night. ME to HIM:.......again!?!
  6. Oh my goodness Tara you silly girl, you could have been killed so very easily. I had to speed read your blog so fast once I got to the part about you wouldn't let grand catch you.......I had to skip to the end real fast so I knew you made it to G/G home safe cause I was scared for you....Poor Grand bet he feels so bad about it all...hope you said sorry
  7. Marlene I nearly peed my pants laughing at you
  8. Marlene,you crack me up!
  9. Oh, Tara, you really scared me! Now, I know why Mama tries so hard to teach me the "Come" command. I think its fun too to run off when I'm called. So far, it's been in the house when I don't have a harness/leash on. I think maybe I'll try harder cause I kinda see how dangerous it could be. Please dont do that again. Willie
  10. Another goes to my Auntie @Marlene
  11. My first thought was it looks like a bunch of old guys lined up at a urinal........trying to "go" and passed away while trying.
  12. Yep, agreed, it looks like something that would be on a horror show, where they have killed people,rofl
  13. Oh dear Tara! I know you were a bit worried even though you were enjoying yourself.......but tsk tsk tsk. You might have given Grandad a heart attack! Across roads.....with cars!?! Oh my! I may have a heart attack just reading about it. Tara - that was naughty. I had very few spankings in my life but one of them was reminiscent of your "adventure".........a friend and I walking far down a beach at sunset and Mama not knowing where we were and when she found us (playing on a big conveyor belt that had to do with collecting sand) she was huffing and puffing and crying. She spanked me, sent my friend home and then gave me a bath. Betcha Grandad doesn't let you off leash again.
  14. SO many interesting plants to look at - many I recognize but many I don't. I've never seen or heard of a is awesome! So, so jealous of the Clematis. I used to have a big white one growing up the trunk of a ornamental Pear tree with some vines wrapping on the lower branches. My neighbor has a spectacular white one. The yellow Broom is interesting (we call it Scotch Broom) but forbidden and considered a "noxious weed" here on the coast of Oregon. We can be fined for not removing it. I agree it's magnificent though and wish I could have one/some :-(
  15. G&G have a fab garden. Glad you guys were about to led a helping paw! We used to have a Tamarisk, I loved it. Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I've missed your blogging!
  16. Tara: Finally! Mum has catcheded up enough blog for me to tell you about my Big Adventure! I woz AWESOME!!! And there aren't any pics cos Mum and the camera were left at home. So, first off, Mum and Grandma and Grandad had this big boring conversation, all about walks, and were there poo bags, and did G&G have water, and yawn stuff like that. I wozn't listening, cos Grandad had the leads in his hand and my ears switch off then. Then it got really exciting, with leads and G&G and going out the door, and the gate and stuff, and it wozn't til we were outside and across the road, that I realised we had left Mum behind! She wozn't with us! For the longest time, I thought she woz going to catch up. Coz she does that sometimes. Or she is waiting for us. So I kept looking. And Cato woz with us, so that woz OK. And all he woz interested in were the sniffs. I kept looking for Mum, but she was gone. And we were being dragged off. Well, I was. A bit. But I didn't struggle much, cos I am too clever and cunning for that! We walked for ages along the road path thing. Then we crossed onto the green. Then we crossed the green and another road. Then we went along the lane and into the gate and along and along until we came to the field. The one that Cato likes cos of the mole hills. Then Grandma PawNapper got some treats out, and we had some. They were OK for PawNappers. Actually they tasted just like OUR treats. So maybe they TreatNapped too! And they (G&G PawNapper) made a fuss of me and then they let me off the lead wot they had used to steal me away from Mum!!! So I was clever and brave and a Ninja Pirate, and I danced out of their PawNapping reach! I told Cato he should do the same, but all he wanted was another treat. G&GPN tried to tricksy me closer, so they could grab me again, but No! I foiled their dastardly plan! And when GrandadPN tried to catch me to trap me, I decided that I wanted my Mum, and I wanted her NOW. So I set off for home. I ranandranandran. I ran out of the field and along the path and through the gate and down the lane and across the road - the cars all stopped, but I was running too fast to notice - and then I ran all the way across the green. I was a bit puffed by then, so I stopped for a bit and watched GrandadPN running towards me calling me, with a treat in his hand. But I am lotsandlots too smart to be PawNapped like that EVER AGAIN. so I waited til he got nearly close enough to grab me, and then I was OFF! And I ranandranandran again. I ran off the green and across the road, and a man in a car stopped and called to me! But he woz a PawNapper too - I can tell - so I just ran on down the road til I found GranandGrandad's house, and I could smell Mum on our car and our path, and I went and sat on the mat until GrandadPN catcheded me up and opened the door and I could find Mum. Aren't I clever!!!! And then there woz another yacky human conversation, with hand waving and fussing and I fell asleep cos I had run so far, and cos PawNapping is really exciting, and foiling PawNapping is heroic, and I needed a snooze.
  17. Cato: When we go and stay with G&G I get to have a whole new big garden, and to supervise Grandad when he does plant stuff. Although sometimes he doesn't do stuff like he should. Mum says I shouldn't be so bossy. But it is hard not to be when I see Grandad doing stuff that is wrong. This is him on the bald bit. It is good for peeing and pooing, but he is fussing with it, and keeps digging holes and filling them with plants. I don't mind the holes, but why does he want to put plants in them? He says it is a new flower bed, but he has enough flowers already. This is our door. Mum leaves the slidey thing open for me and Tara to go on patrol. Only Tara had to squeak and whine to ask Mum to open the slide more. Cos she is fat. That bit of carpet is down cos Tara doesn't really understand about doors. She is good with catflaps, but not doors. And last time we stayed at G&G's she pooed inside the door, cos she didn't ask for the door to be opened. So she is silly AND fat. This is my 'Tara is silly, isn't she?' face. See? Nice holes and sniffy stuff wot I am inspecting. And then there are plants appearing. This is me coming to tell Grandad he is doing it wrong. Mum says this is a Ceanothus I widdled on that plant. Grandad and I had a bit of a chat about it. But he shouldn't have left it there, should he? Black plant pots need widdling on. They just do. This place is GREAT. There are so many sniffs. Grandad told me about compost and stuff, but he wasn't listening to me when I showed him all the sniffs. He says that compost needs to be messy, or it doesn't work properly. I like compost. There are bugs and worms and beetles and crawley things. And I like widdling on those brick things too. This is called Tamarisk. Grandad says. He and Grandma are usually on holiday when the Tamarisk flowers, so they haven't seen it for ages. But they did this time. And we are on holiday too. So we get to see it too. Tara likes this garden cos there is lots of PINK in it. That is the Tamarisk again. The tall frilly thing at the back. Sorry it is lying on its side. That is Mum piccing sideways. This is Broom. It is a bit stinky, so I would like Grandad to take it away. It made me snuffle. and this is from our slidey door again. With the Tamarisk frilling in the middle. I'm not allowed to go in the Front Garden, cos of the road. I wouldn't mind the road, but Mum says 'No Cato, too dangerous.' I bet it is sniffy out there though. Mum took some pics of Grandad's front garden for you. Mum says maybe we can go out there next time, if I have her on a lead, to be safe. I will remind her.
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  19. Smart mommy, Birthday cake for later
  20. Thank you Auntie Sheila, my cake was good, mommy just froze all the rest of it!
  21. I'm so glad you had a good birthday and your cake looked so good!
  22. Ooh Love your lake, so glad you got to go to grams again, looks like you had tons of fun!
  23. "that that grandmother woman trying to feed her kids to the swans again." That is so funny!
  24. Mum: Now that is a nice piece of editing Crystal - lovely job! Cato: Pythons! You must be right AuntieCrystal! I love python hunts. And I am very good at them! We have pythons at home, so now I can go hunting round the lake too! I'm so glad you sorted Mum out. How did she spell Python wrong? Very confusing!
  25. No wonder you love going to G&G, the lake walk is the best isn't it? Such a beautiful, peaceful place.....I'd stay there everyday if I were you sniffing, hunting and playing...... You must have heard mom wrong, maybe she said pythons like your toy.....cause I don't see any pylons in the sky anywhere, Do you? Hahahaha http://
  26. Our surgeon requires you go to a class, it's conducted by their technicians. It was actually very good, it went through the procedure and all of the dos and don'ts for before and after the surgery, the types of lens that you have to choose from and the costs, etc. They also went over the forms you have to fill out before surgery since nothing makes sense then! Lol! They let my hubby come which was great since he now knows I can't clean, cook, do anything but be a woman of leasure for ummm I'm thinking they said months maybe even a year, especially the no cooking and cleaning part!! Of course he'll probably say he missed that part! Just kiddin, but I just might try to get by with that! it really was great so he knows what to expect too and what I really can't do. Unfortunately I can't lift the kids or bend my head down for a few weeks so he really will need to learn to groom them and now he knows that for sure... thanks a million of your prayers bb, that means the world to me! Hugs
  27. Will be thinking of you and sending you prayers Auntie MM and MM ♥️ I didn't realize some go to lots of classes before having it done? Is there a lot you have to learn besides talking to the surgeon?
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