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    Pip: We had a Spa Day too Aunties ( seems a lot of that madness going around with my cousins too)....but it wasn't so bad as our shorter hair means mommie gets through a lot fast...then its treat time and a sleep. Mommie went crazy and clipped off all of Abby's top knot as it was all broken in front from her rubbing it constantly then kept falling into her eyes and she looked like she was crying all the time...She never did like her top knot this time around so guess she will be happy and not cry so much This is us afterwards smelling all Panteney and think we will take a nap now, spa day is hard work ya know
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    * Mum nods understandingly * apparently the trauma runs both ways. Dad says he spent more time away from the computer than he expected but enjoyed the hours of tv snooker, however his hand aches from the endless chest rubs, he felt stalked when he went to the bathroom, he is impressed by the horrendous farts that his pink bowed daughter produces and shocked at how long it takes for their food to defrost. Oh, and he is tired of eating sandwiches. i think it is good to leave them to their own devices once in a while.
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    Cato: We have been walking, and Mum has been piccing a bit, but we thought you would like these flowers, AuntieCrystal. cos you are having a sad time. We did lots of sniffy interesting stuff at the park that day as well, of course. Oh, and I have to tell you that Tara is silly. She was all fussy and fidgety on the sofa with Mum this evening, and now she has got two legs that haven't been brushed. So she is walking all lopsided. I have been brushed everywhere, cos I am a Good Little Man and I lay on my back in Mum's arms and let her brush all the nooksandcrevices wotever they are. I like it. Tara is nearly 3 and she still has ticklish foots.
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    Mum: For someone with a very sloooooowww learning capacity, and a rather small brain, Tara is astonishingly tenacious when she wants. This morning we went downstairs, as usual (a wee procession of me, Cato in my arms, and Tara bringing up the rear with a series of hoppy thumps as she bounces down hitting all four feet at once, front paws on the lower step, back paws on the upper step, bounce bounce bounce pig tails flying) and out to wee. Then the Little Madam comes screeching in through the catflap, gallops through the kitchen and back room, does a racing turn at the bottom of the stairs, and nearly crashes into the stairgate which I had remembered to close, this time. so then she mooched over to her bed-crate and huffed as she flopped down. She does Love her Dad.
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    Cato: it was terrible! Mum and Dad went out, and only Dad came back! Dad came and sat on the sofa and we watched snooker stuff. And we had treats and more dinner than usual. But she hadn't come home by the time we went up to the Big Bed. It was very worrying! We went out for breakfast, and i wanted to get home really fast in case she arrived and didn't know where the pack was! But she still didn't come home! Then all of a sudden we could hear her! And smell her! And then she was on the floor saying hello! And it was all OK again. I'm going to sit on her ALL DAY in case she disappears again. Tara: Mum's home! she woz gone for EVER, and we had sausages and Dad watched TV with me, and my hair fell down, and the Big Bed was even bigger, and i missed her and Cato was all soppy. I am glad she is home. I am going to wear my red bows next. I like it when Mum does my hair, cos i can get really close and look at her, and she brushes me, and it is lovely.
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    Oh my goodness! This is why Mums always have a worried look on their face when leaving their cherished lovies and Dad is in charge. On the other hand........you get more junk food, get Dad's lap full time, get to hear bad words and have messy hair. And she DID come back :-) My husband was not great being in charge of the kidlets. My daughters still remember the time I was sick (and I must have been pretty sick) and Dad fixed dinner........boiled spaghetti pasta with catsup on top.
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    Awwwwww you Mum got lost.... Oh no, how worrying. I think you need to teach Dad how to keep an eye on the pack when out and about. I mean, he came home without her!! Awwww Tara, I bet those red bows are going to look real pretty.. enjoy your Mum and daughter time 😉
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    Awwwww Tara and Cato, the flowers are such lovely thought. I love the colour of the bottom rose, so very pretty.
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    What a wonderful surprise and my favourite flowers too...You made me smile so big. Thanks you for the Birthday Wishes and the flowers Tara, Cato and Jo (((((Hugs))))
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    It's morning here........an omelette minus the haddock but with a side of sausage sounds good right now. Glad you found a new place that welcomes you and Cato :-)
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    Tara: you know how clever I am? I mean I am clever all the time. But i am extra specially clever climbing stairs. And this morning Mum helped me down off the Big Bed and we went downstairs for out widdles. Of course Cato has to be carried down cos he isn't stair-clever. so then we came in again and boring Cato just got into his crate bed to sleep. He sleeps all morning if you let him. And Mum did her boring drink making and computer sitting. Yawn! but - remember i am so clever - i went for a sniff patrol, just to see wot had happened over night. In the garden and the front room. All over. Anyway, i found the stairs! And that horrid gate thing was open! so OBVIOUSLY i had to show how clever i am and go and see Dad. He was still on the Big Bed all snortley and snuffley and snuggly. And i went up and woke him up cos he was missing all the lovely morning sniffs and widdles and clevernesses. and he was sooooo pleased to see me climb on his middle that he said a Rude Word! But then Mum came and got me and we had to go downstairs again and the horrid gate clanged shut and Dad went back to snortleing Sometimes Mum is such a spoilsport!
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    Tara: Hello AuntieAngel! Today I am wearing my Blueberry collar and lead, with kerry green bows with white bits on them And we are going out for breakfast! Dad has found a new sausageplace wot has outside tables and we can sit under the table! And Mum doesn't have to computer today on account of it being something called a Long Weekend woteva that is. We are going as soon as Cato comes in from his garden patrol Bye!!!
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    Oh dear, oh dear Tara. I'm sure you meant really well when you went upstairs to see Daddy. And he used a rude word! maybe he was just a little shocked that you woke him up... lol Awwww, that gate clanged shut. Have you tried jumping it? I don't think I'm helping much, am I?
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    I expect all it's going to take is one rainy day and these two will be back to the proper look too
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    You both look lovely! And i bet you smell lovely too. All soft and snuggly and cuddly. Cato and Tara have recovered from their Spa Day on Friday, and have now gone on 2 walks, so the crisp squeaky clean look is fading a bit (to their relief) and they are looking 'proper' again, rather than 'straight from salon'.
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    Can't wait to see the new do on both of you
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    Cato: Mum went out again this morning. but she came back this time. AND we spent all night as a proper Pack on the Big Bed, and I snuggled up to Mum's knees ALL NIGHT. So that was OK. I still don't think that Mum should go out alone. It is very worrying and she might get lost again or something. But it is very very very good to have her back.
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    You never know how deep a heart can love till they greet you at the door after some time away licking and loving.....Glad mom found her way back home sweeties, now keep a eye out for her from now on since she rambles away from the pack so easily
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    Tara: Cato wanted his sausage too, so he came in quick! I had proper sausage off Dad's plate! Yum Cato had boring home sausage from the icyfreezing place wot melts in Mums bag, cos it doesn't have that gluten stuff innit. Dad had eggsnbaconntheothersausagenpancake things and Mum had a posh eggy omeletty thing with haddock and Gruyere (Mum spelled those for me!) And then we went for a hothothot walk and slept all afternoon, with Cato doing his TooHotSnore, and Mum saying she shouldn't have walked us cos Wimpy Cato overheated. But I woz fine! So I don't know wot all the fuss was about. Do Donte and Lacey get Sausages? Cos they should. Sausages are THE BEST!!!
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    Hi Tara, wow your blueberry collar and lead sounds lush! Awwww breakfast sounds amazing at a sausage place. Did you get a treat? Oh yes the long weekend, sounds fab doesn't it. Mr F has had to go to work this morning so my two are waiting for him to come home , whenever that will be! Hope Cato didn't take too long on garden patrol.
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    Haha oh dear, she was hoping you'd forgotten and left it open then! It's funny how they pick up on what does really interest them, anything else can pass them by! Lol lacey is so much like Tara, and Donte Cato. It makes me smile. Tara, what colour bows are you wearing today? Pig tails or topknot today?
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    Oh Tara you are indeed so clever......I had to laugh that dad said a rude word....good thing you don't understand human talk all that much isn't it. Have fun little one and keep on being ever so clever
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    Awwww don't you two look adorable. Abby, Lacey has been scratching her topknot as she had an ear infection (think Daddy been feeding her too many carrots) I'm thinking of cutting hers off too.
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    Cato: Aunties i am worried. i heard Mum and Dad talking about it. They said the we are due those horrible stinky flea drops and then they said they would wait til after our Spa Day! Not today. And not when we wake up. But the one after that. isn't that AWFUL? there will be Mum going away. And horrible wet stuff bath stinky bubbles. And hot blowy noisy air stuff. And those horrible buzzy bitey clippy things. Tara doen't know. Cos she was chewing a pigs ear. Not that she listens even if she isn't chewing a pigs ear. But i know, and i am a bit worried.
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    This "is what it is" - what we go through at the spa. Imagine if you were a Kardashian! I know you guys are now "perfick" and after a nice dinner (tea?) and brekkie you will forget all about it.......until the next time. I can smell your sweet, soft smell from here.
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    Cato: We survived, Aunties, though it woz touch and go! We are now nearly bald. My tail has been chopped and Tara has a lopsided sprout But Mum says we look fantastic and smell even better, and I agree it is a bit cooler. I had to get off Mum's lap last night cos of the hotness, but I won't have to tonight, which is good, isn't it? My ears haven't itchified for ages, and Mum and MrsG had a long chat about what foods make them itch. When we got home we had a good fight with the python and then slept with Mum for ages on the sofa. I feel better now. Tara: It woz horrible! I thought we were going out for a walk! But we went to MrsGroomerLady and Mum LEFT US THERE! Mum says she can tidy my tail and sprout tomorrow, cos I've had enough today. And I have! But my tummy is all lovely and clean and soft, and we had aloe vera shampoo. And treats. I like the treats. Mum says I am now perfick weight, and Cato is nearly perfick weight but not quite as perfick as me.
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    Your lucky Cato, us humans don't even get a treat after we go to spa day. Bet you two will look fantastic after groomer lady pampers you both.
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    Cato: Thank you Aunties! I knew you would make me feel a bit better. Our Spa Days are horrihorrihorribubble but they are better than having a perm! Mum showed me these pics, and reminded me that AuntieLesley our MrsGroomerLady makes her own delicious liver treats! And she likes cuddling me. And she hasn't killed us yet. Tara still hasn't realised that we are going to have a Spar Day, but she has decided that she wants this perm
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    Cato, I can't top what Auntie Marlene has said, but she's right you're naturally beautiful and it won't take long, sit back and try to enjoy it. Hopefully mum will get you a nice treat to make things all better again and you can forgive them... Are you going to tell Tara??
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    Cato....I know it's hard going for grooming.........but have you ever had a perm? Sitting for hours and hours and hours with tight rollers/ papers and stinky nasty smelling stuff on your head. Your head with all that stinky stuff and tight rollers is wrapped in a plastic cap and sometimes they even make you sit under a helmet hair dryer with all that stuff your head. And then there's "highlighting" where they put a swim cap on your head and then poke a crochet hook through it to pull out strands of your hair and put dangerous chemicals on there - and they might make you sit under the helmet again. Not to even discuss the things they do to black Nubian Princesses hair.........chemicals, heat, straightening! Cato - in the grand scheme of things - you and Tara are naturally beautiful.......it's not that bad. You will feel so clean and fluffy and soft - strangers will stop and want to pick you up for a snuggle.
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    Cato: This was in Foxy Park again. With Tara being a pain again. See, my tummy is furry, NOT fat!!! Mum says this year they have let the grass and wildflowers grow up properly, so they all grew and flowered and seeded and stuff. She likes this. But then she doesn't get seeds in her knickers, does she? Last year the man cut the wildflowers down, and Mum and AuntieJane got cross about it, cos the buzzy bugs had nowhere to go. This is baby Rowan berries. They will be bright red later. More Ninjaing. The view in High Summer The Hosta The rose wot Mum loves. And then we went again with Dad, a few days later, so you get to see the tall grass again. And us running about, again. And the Buddleia again. And these Marigold things. They sniff funny. Oh, and this bit has been mowed. But Mum doesn't mind about that.
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    Cato: Aunties I'm sorry. You know how I like Mum to write wot I say so that you can see my tail, and see how silly Tara is, and see our adventures? Well Mum has been doing so much stuff that she hasn't been taking dictation! There was the office chair Thing, where Dad's chair broke, and Mum's chair went to live with Dad, and Mum now sits on the grooming stool, which is hard, and her bum hurted until she got a cushion. And that meant she didn't like sitting at the desk for dictation. Though she always sits at it for her horrible Work Stuff. And there was the Lost Camera Thing, where Mum and Dad both thought they had lost the pic camera, but it turned up under the passenger seat of the car. That is on Tara's side, so obviously that was her fault. And there was the Lots of Boring Work Stuff Thing that has been going on since before my birthday! Agesandagesandages. But I have telled Mum that she HAS to start blogging again, or we won't let her come on our walks with us. And she says she will. Anyway, here are some of the pics that you have missed, from the lotsandlotsandlots of walks we haven't bloggified about, cos Mum is a BAD Mum. That is Tara slobber on the lens again, says Mum. Me having a pee on the buddleia Bees on the Buddleia. Do you think they are weeing too? This is elder. those bobbles are going to be berries. Tara being a pest. a lot and a lot more I just got bored, in the end but then she went for my tail!!!!! the Entmoot