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PET Carpet cleaner

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Product endorsement:
We are getting ready to close up our beach cottage in Oregon and go back to CA (boo hoo). I always try to deep clean before we leave.....what if I die while we're gone and the church ladies come in and find dirt in the corners?!?  We have the carpet cleaned every year but didn't get to it this time......I have 2 stains in front of the sliding glass door (from a foster Boxer) that have always wicked up even after steam cleaning. Last time I had it done (and the guys that do it know I have dogs)  suggested this Resolve product. It's been sitting in the laundry room for 2 years and I decided to try it this week on the stains, not holding out high hopes. I did one to start and decided it did a good job - so decided to do the other spot a couple of days later. It really did a good job! Now.......we'll have to see if those stains wick up again - but it will be next April until we're here again. I would definitely recommend it.



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