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    • laurenspuppy


      Just a newbie dropping to say hi together with my wonderful fur baby 
      · 1 reply
    • LMXL

      LMXL  »  Summerangel

      I live in Enfield (North London) and looking to purchase a Shih Tzu female puppy for a maximum of £400. The nearest Shih Tzu breaders to me seem to be concentrated in Kent but I'm a little bit dubious of them. Can anyone help with my enquiry please?
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    • angie418

      angie418  »  Sophie's Haven

      Hi Sophie! amazing how time goes by!?!? My baby (Diamond) 12 years 13 in January. His arthritis is not much better even with the medications I have been giving him. What's the name of the  glucosamine your husband use and you give it to your puppy-baby?
      · 1 reply
    • MitzisDad


      I have written about Mitzi's gastric problems in the past. I am disappointed in all the vets I have taken her to. Even specialists, after cat scan, xrays, tube down her throat, and sonograms of her stomach etc, have basically said they don't know what Is wrong with her I thought it might get better with warmer weather but still, when she gets too excited, or goes outside, or for no apparent reason at all, she stops, starts shivering a little while her stomach puffs and retracts and she starts having trouble breathing due to a lot of mucus that comes from somewhere and gurgles in her throat and nose until the little spell passes. Then she is fine again and ready to play or get on with life. She doesn't seem to be in any pain and the episodes last for a minute to over five minutes. This stresses me out because I can't fix it. Bah, humbug..... 
      · 2 replies
    • funnygirl1960

      funnygirl1960  »  loewenthal.anna

      So sorry to bombard you with this but viewing your pics here so reminds me of myself before we lost our last big boy this past December.
      I'm New with the smaller breeds,,,,Please share your thoughts!      If you want to skip the Novel and go straight to The Readers Digest Version please scroll to the bottom.      I need help in finding a quality food that works better than the one I've been using, I'm very disappointed right now with the "Nutro.  I used Nutro Max with my big boys for decades and now I have smaller breeds and am finding Nutro doesn't  give a choice on the size bag they sell, it's 5 Lb bags or 10 lashings! and to say it's for freshness reasons is ludicrous! If you have more than two or three small breeds be prepared to make a few trips to your local pet food store more than once a month! Ive done research till I'm blue in the face and heard the same concerns, people (like me) have a few seniors and one puppy or adult and grabbing those 5 pound bags weekly gets old real quick. It seems they (Nutro) don't care enough about the customers concerns to want to change anything, you would think with the prices they ask and "rarely" offering discounts they "would" care about the publics opinion.    This year we adopted small breed seniors as we lost the last two of the mohicans! KoKo our male Pit/Greyhound/Lab mix 07-09-15 to Mass cell cancer at the age of 13, his running partner Gunner a male Lab/Shepard/Akita mix 12 years to full blown lung cancer! Before we lost Gunner he was just lost without KoKo and we wanted to adopt a few seniors as we know they rarely make it out of the shelters! Growing up I had smaller breeds and now the hubby and I were in hopes we might start to travel a bit getting closer to retirement, so having smaller breeds was a refreshing thought.  After KoKos loss in July and Gunners mourning for friend We adopted a Female Wire Haired Terrier that following week, they guesstimated her age at 6-8 years (vet and myself said closer to 10-12) and she was "Very" sick with Kennel cough, two weeks later we adopted our second senior we named Newman, a male Shih Tzu mix age was estimated at 6-8 years up for euthanasia the day we went in with our list of possible rescues to look at, we ask about one black & white mix and they had no clue where it was or went? The shelter worker led us to one she wanted us to see as he had been overlooked since the day he came in and "that day would be his last as his owners were called (I hope they burn in an ETERNAL HELL) over ten days ago and never came for him, this dog looked like a Poodle/Maltese or Mix of something? All he needed was a screw in handle and you had a dirty disgusting mop filled with Goats Heads and Cats Tails, you couldn't see between his legs & couldn't see his face, he was matted with eye snot and infection? He was in a kennel with another larger dog and obviously shutting down, the worker called to him and tried to get him to come out but he just tuned and went further back into the kennel with his head down, she had to get help to get him so a male worker went in to bring him out, this poor dogs nails just clicked all they way to the outside meet and greet kennels, when inside he didn't socialize at all, his head stayed down and he just walked the perimeter of the kennel,The worker suggested she take him back and show us the other dogs on our list, as she closed the gate to the outside kennel and rounded the corner I looked at my husband and then back at this dog asking the kennel worker to stop, I squatted down again and brushed the hair from his eyes only to see the most soulful (yet sad eyes) I'd ever seen, and very poor teeth, I stood up and told the kennel worker I felt he was much older than 6-8 years and she agreed and suggested we take him back and see the others on our list!? I told her to please stop that we wanted this dog! I looked at the hubby and knew we were on the same page, this little man was coming home!   A day later, after pleading to wait on his neuter when he's not sick with a kennel cough and if they "had" to, please PLEEEEZE clean him up and shave him down, I ask if it was due to regulations would they please consider at least shaving him down and I'd leave a sizable donation or tip!? They knew my face as I had helped with lots of rescues in that area (rural area known as a "Dumping" ground) but I was still  told it can't be done!  The next day while at home cleaning & changing bedding from the other two rescues with Kennel cough, a message was left and I didn't hear my phone, when I realized he had been ready for pick up three hours ago I wanted to kick my own butt up and down the street? When the hubby and I got there at the clinic to pick him up we were told (He's not the same dog!?) he's a different dog and my heart,,,,,,it  just sank from fear as I thought oh my Lord what happened to our baby?  Then they proceeded to say he "LOOKS" like a different dog and did not get neutered as he's too sick, they did shave him though and it looks like we've got a Shih Tzu!  They brought him  out to us and I just teared up with pride and joy for him. He was seen right away from our vet &  given meds till he recovered. Weeks later he was neutered and while under anesthesia I ask if they could do something for his overgrown nails and teeth, they said there is something called a show cut for his nails and explained in detail what they would do, so he had the show cut, teeth cleaning (8 pulled) and did wonderfully. Once at home they got along wonderfully with my big guy Gunner, Newman was a bit much! A little fireball that surly needed a running partner as it was just not fair to not have someone to keep up with him, we started looking for another senior but in this time Gunners health took a tragic turn, we didn't see this one coming at all, he didn't want to eat or drink much at all and started acting confused a times and this head bobbing etc...we have always had annual blood work drawn on each animal and Gunner had been fine other than the hyperthyroidism, we took him in to our vet and he knew immediately he was a sick boy, he was X Rayed to check for any stomach blockage or anything foreign or worse,,,,,,,cancer! The news was tragic, our precious boy was riddled with lung cancer spreading to his brain thus the reason for his head bobbing and sudden sickness, we spent the next day doing all the things he loved, letting him eat (if he ate) what ever he wanted, steaks etc... The next day we took him and let him go with dignity, Dear God that's sooooooo hard!!!!!!! So back at home with our new additions Newman and Gabby life began, poor Gabby just couldn't keep up this Ever Ready Shih Tzu ha!  both needed something!? Gabby needed to more enjoy her retirement, and Newman needed a running partner!   Four months later, after checking shelters on line and writing down kennels to check etc,,the hubby desires to go to the shelter on his way to work, he sent video of three dogs, a Jack Russel (like a Tasmanian Devil on speed) about 4-6 years, a small Terrier mix 4 years (that was just adorable) and a Yorkie Mix 3 years old that he wrote in his message to me, this is the one his eyes remind him of KoKo, I wasn't thrilled about the younger ones as I wanted a senior but as fate would have it, I went in and the Jack Russel was adopted the Terrier was pulled by a Terrier rescue & there was quit an argument over the Yorkie as one of the kennel workers (that's been there for decades) said to the girl helping me, that Yorkie has been pulled already! The woman helping me said there's no paper work on him yet and we were the only ones who have showed an interest in the last two days, after arguing over us having an interest and a rescue wanting to pull him!? we came out on the winning end! We did what was ask of us, followed the rules and he was going to his forever home with us! At The meet and greet they noticed he had a  Cryptorchidism (One nut didn't drop)  so explained the neuter would be more money etc... Not a problem, I just wanted him to be ok and healthy. We took him home and pampered him with a bath and loving home, the other two couldn't be more thrilled, the next day we took him back for the neuter, he came home with sniffles (eeeeeeeek, thank God just a cold) and setteled right in, Newman had big shoes to fill with the roll of being a daddy and boy has he shinned☺️ We named the little one Frankie, and after getting my closer look I just knew he was a puppy, the vet said he believes he's closer to a year maybe a year 1/2, he's a little cutie pie and fitting in just fine now, all have established their pecking order?     Readers Digest Version Readers Digest Version Readers Digest Version   Readers Digest Version After Newman's first grooming his hair up top was absolutely beautiful, it looked like  human hair! Since feeding him & Gabby what was left of the Nutro senior large breed (Oatmeal and Brown rice) mixed with the Nutro "Ultra" small breed, Newmans coat is dull and not much shine at all, I've always given omega 3 and flaxseed to my larger breeds as it was recommended, the omega 3 was recommended for the new babies too, Even with this "New ULTRA NUTRO I'm not seeing a difference in Newman's coat? Gabby's is looking much better, they seem to except the new Nutro just fin but I have my doubts if it's the better brand for them! Also the thought Nutro only sells smaller breeds in a 5 lb bag has me a little ticked and their just getting more greedy in my book, I thought for over a decade it was a bit disheartening they never really offer any rebates or coupons unless your wiling to offer up your first child or have a statue in their name and sing and praise it? Between buying "only" five pound bags at a time in Senior food and Puppy food I just feel I might be missing a bigger and better picture here when it comes to a great food for these smaller breeds, especially not knowing their past! Newman was believed to be used as a sperm donor till they had no use for him anymore, I wonder about that as he is so well behaved and amazing when it comes to "teaching" Frankie. Gabbys teeth are beautiful and her coat is better than it was and Frankie looks amazing.    SO,,,,,,,,,,,In closing, I could really use some sound advise on a good healthy food for my new rescues as I am not planning to continue with Nutro.   Thank you all so much for putting up with this Novel of an explanation/question of concern! I'm sure I could have (and should have) shared this story of "Adoptions" in another forum but I need some answers and felt you all needed to know this situation I'm finding myself in with three new rescues.
      · 1 reply
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